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4 days ago

Atlas moth / Scientific name: Attacus atlas Department: Entomology, image © California Academy of Sciences The Atlas moth is one of the largest moths in the world in terms of wing surface-area and wingspan, and perhaps most famous for the markings on the upper corner of their wings, which bear an uncanny resemblance to cobra heads (in profile). While not all entomologists are convinced of that visual mimicry, there is some convincing evidence. Cobras live in the same part of the world as these moths, and the moth’s main predators—birds and lizards—are visual hunters. Plus, species related to the Atlas moth have similar but less defined versions of the snake’s head, showing a pattern that could have been fine-tuned by natural selection. #scientificcollections

1 week ago

Our staff are all extremely intellectually high-minded & none of us are even a little excited about being invaded by ANIMATRONIC DINOSAURS!!! 🦖❤️🦖❤️🦖❤️🦖 (Psst: “Dino Days” doors roar March 22!)

1 week ago

Look for @maggiewest ’s newest collaboration with #CASNightLife tomorrow night! She recently visited our Ornithology & Mammalogy collections to photograph a range of scientific specimens, and we’re thrilled (us: 😍) to see them through her surreal lens. This is a mountain lion skull (Puma concolor), recovered and collected by the legendary Ray Bandar, whose incredible contributions to science continue to live on.

1 week ago

Yes, our green tree python may be looking straight into your soul, but at least it’s not using its built-in sensory organs to look at your infrared heat and hunt you down, right? This beauty, found in “Color of Life,” was 📷 by @mrjoemorgan.

1 month ago

For all you penguins who haven’t found love yet, but are going to be okay. (More #PenguinValentines in today’s story.)

1 month ago

Gulf sun star / CAS-IZ 67966 Scientific name: Heliaster kubiniji Locality: MEXICO: Gulf of California Collection date: Mar or Apr 1940 Collector: E.F. Ricketts Department: Invertebrate Zoology & Geology, image © California Academy of Sciences

1 month ago

Giraffe / CAS-MAM 15337 Scientific name: Giraffa camelopardalis Locality: AFRICA: Kenya, Kedong Collection date: 12 June 1930 Collector: L. Simson Department: Ornithology & Mammalogy, image © California Academy of Sciences

2 months ago

👋 Red-tailed green rat snake. (Photo by @aaltmann3823 )

2 months ago

Gorgonian coral / CAS-IZ 73805 Scientific name: Pacifigorgia Collection date: 19 Jul 1990 Collector: Gary C. Williams Locality: MEXICO: Baja California Sur: Gulf of California: Mulege (Punta Prieta), 26 54'N, 111 58'W. DEPTH: 5 m [Sta. B1] Department: Invertebrate Zoology & Geology, image © California Academy of Sciences

2 months ago

How a butterfly biologist marks the holiday! Wreath of blue morpho (& other) chrysalis by the joy-filled @timtast1c —beautiful today, even more beautiful free-flyers in ~2 weeks. 🦋