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13 hours ago

This is a slightly older picture but I never posted it here! I really like this bra but unfortunately it doesn’t really fit anymore because my boobs have gotten bigger. 😘🤷🏼‍♀️

5 days ago

I think I can hide the puppies pretty well 😜

1 week ago

My baby shower dress is a little snug now... I shouldn’t have bought it months ago, my tata’s have grown too much!

1 week ago

Just thinking about food 🍕🥨🍝🍩

1 week ago

Yes, pregnancy is indeed magical, miraculous and maddening, which, when you think about it, is the perfect preparation for that other big “m” word: motherhood. I can’t wait to meet my baby boy! #maternityphotography #pregnant

2 weeks ago

I love playing around with Snapchat filters 🤳🏼

2 weeks ago

Baby bump appreciation post 🤰🏼

2 weeks ago

This mama to be is tired. BUT soon I’ll be working from home and can catch up on things. Such as taking more pictures for my accounts 🤗

3 weeks ago

So glad I was able to get this account back so fast! I thought I wouldn’t have access for a much longer time. Either way I am back so here is a new photo taken with my new camera!

1 month ago

I know I’m late but earlier this week Marvel legend, Stan Lee, passed away. He will always be remembered for his greatest creations such as my favorite marvel hero, Spider-Man! Rest In Peace Stan Lee... ❤️💙

1 month ago

Getting ready for the day. It’s Friday!!!

1 month ago

Missing the warmth of the sun on my skin 🌞 I’m not ready for winter.