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19 hours ago

“Working in a luxury male-dominated space was where I learned everything I know, it was also where I felt harrassed courtesy untimely run-ins in the coffee room, events where folks wanted a different kind of experiential service amongst other occurrences. Because the extent of the taunts was something I felt I could handle, I resorted to keeping it to myself and just categorizing them as creeps. - If I had used the , perhaps it would have changed the scenarios and at the very least prevent future instances for someone who perhaps could not handle such treatment. - As a woman, per a traditional narrative I always thought my vocal, seemingly pronounced personality would spare me from seeming tempting, what I didn’t realize is I was just normalizing my fears. As companies redefine their values, I imagine an app of this nature would relay to their employees that they are interested in their safety whilst making perpetrators rethink their choices.” — @jashimaw 🗣 - We recently partnered with the folks at because when we create an environment where individuals are empowered to speak up against harassment, where they do not have to fear to lose their jobs, where anonymity (under certain conditions) is eliminated and all parties are held equally accountable, we send a clear message that harassment is being taken seriously. Click on the link in our bio to download the app today. 🔑🙌🏾✊🏾 - 📷 @adaywithdivya

1 day ago

On Monday, February 25, #BrownGirlMag presents a book reading with our dear friend @palakvani — anxiety coach & and C.E.O of Curated Goals, in New York City at 7PM. 🏙⚡️ - She recently self-published her book, ‘vlnrbl,’ in which she shares vlnrbl, aka vulnerable, thoughts to reduce the stigma associated with vulnerability. On each page, Palak tells a short story about how anxiety used to impact her. She then explains how she stopped being mean to herself and began utilizing acceptance instead. Through this book, she hopes that those who experience similar thoughts feel less alone after reading her book.☎️💜✔️ - On Monday evening, Palak will share her own experiences with anxiety in her career, relationships, friendships and much more. Additionally, she will share anxiety reduction techniques throughout the event, which she utilizes herself and also teaches her individual clients.🔑🙌🏾 - Reserve your $5 ticket today — pinned in our bio. The evening includes small bites and drinks, and Palak will be selling and signing copies of her book. We can’t wait to see you there, y’all, and if you want to see Palak in your city, comment below or DM us!📌⚡️🖤

1 day ago

In an open letter to London-based designer, @seraulgerldn , @sejalsehmi expressed her unfiltered reaction to some of her designs, not only addressing the cultural appropriation, but also the clearly inappropriate use of Hindu religious iconography (echoing the feelings of many of the Hindu audiences who had the unpleasant experience of viewing the Goddess Durga graphically printed onto swimsuits).👙 - "Goddess Durga’s place of residence is in homes and people’s hearts, not across someone’s cleavage or buttocks." — @sejalsehmi (P.S. read the full letter in our bio.☝🏾) - We're happy to report the designer — whom we spoke to as well — will take down the swimsuit from the ‘Goddess' collection, which proves the power of our collective voices. We appreciate her statement and are sharing it with you in the hopes that we take this as a win and a step in the right direction.✔️🙌🏾 - “SULDN would like to thank those of you who have expressed your opinions towards our latest collection, Goddess. We are a small fashion brand in East London and, as a designer, I thrive on finding inspiration through different culture and arts movements. It was never my intention to cause any offence or upset to anyone, my intentions were only to share my passion for different cultures, religions and intricate designs." — @seraulgerldn (📷 is via📌 - Through this post, we want to inspire more non-South Asian brands to take inspiration from desi culture in a way that's respectful and collaborative with the South Asian community.✊🏾✊🏾

2 days ago

Meet Umama Khan — a Pakistani-American living in Connecticut. She strongly feels that cultural acceptance is very important in the world we live in today, as it is only getting smaller. She enjoys spreading knowledge about her Pakistani culture, Indian roots and about Islam in order to enforce equality, and strongly believes it is time we unite and realize that we are a one big family. The differences and fights that have been going on for many years are only creating a distance that hurts everyone—especially those who have nothing but love to show for one another. It’s time we come out of the illusion and step together as one. These so called differences do not exist only the love and the strong bonds do. #WeAreOne ♥️🙏🏽 - Through this photo series, @DesiVibesMedia will highlight South Asian-Americans from different regions living in Connecticut and celebrate what makes them one. Watch this space to see more. #WeAreOne. 💯⚡️ - Concept: @OfficialKrishnaParekh Model: @cameracoffeecandles Photography: @Jessproutphoto #DesiVibes #WeAreOne #DesiVibesCertified

3 days ago

United Kingdom-based singer-songwriter @ishanichakra drops her newest single 'Stormy Emotions,' which brings together her dark, alt-pop and trip hop beats mix with contemporary gothic visuals. ⚡️⚡️In the video — pinned to our bio — we see Ishani as three different girls. The first cries crystal tears whilst wearing a white, cloud like dress. She sings of love and an apparition of happiness. The second, dressed in oceans of black fabric, with dark piercing eyes, speaks, as if she is were an ocean, warning of the dangers to come. And the third and final girl is Ishani herself, a twirling ballerina, caught in the throws of the storm. She is finally submerged in water, overwhelmed by emotion, and resting in peace.🖤✌🏾⚡️ - “This song and video is about light and dark. It is about the death of a relationship and the overwhelming pain that can come with that. It is also however about moving into a new phase of life, from the darkness to light." — Ishani🖤⚡️ - And just yesterday, she walked down the runway to her own song at #LondonFashionWeek for the amazing @Hellavagirl — who also dressed her for the video (swipe left to see)!!📌💛♥️ - #representationmatters #stormyemotions #IshaniMusic #browngirl #browngirlmag #beingbg

4 days ago

The founder of @sheplantslove , Far Momin struggled with years of hyper sensitive skin issues. Cosmetics and skincare products with their extensive list of unknown ingredients did not help her situation. She was a regular visitor at the dermatologist and went through countless so called "miracle" products until she became concerned over her skin health in 2014 and took a deeper look into the industry. Seeking natural alternatives, Far learned the craft of plant-based skincare and launched her skincare business in the spring of 2018. Far believes that we all deserve to know what's in our products and what we are getting whenever we make a purchase. Her motivation comes from her own skin sensitives, wanting transparent, result driven cleaner options that won't cause adverse side effects. Also, knowing the power of plants she set out to create her offering through she plants love.💯💛 - The ‘butter’ not only moisturizes the skin all day but also supports skin health through it's botanical composition of plant nutrients, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and restorative properties.🌱🌱 • Everyone deserves a little self-care in a jar — and that’s why @sheplantslove is offering 15 percent off to the #browngirl fam with discount code BGLOVE — click on the link above.💕💕

4 days ago

Our friend and amazing vocalist @rianjalimusic ’s debut single ‘Make You Mine,’ off her upcoming debut EP ‘Home’ is out now and y’all need to watch/listen. It’s the culmination of years of words and melodies she's been holding onto until this very moment. A sparse, acoustic production accompanies heartfelt lyrics that are made more powerful by their simplicity. Amidst an ever-changing, fast moving world, the video forces you to slow down and really take in the beauty of the song.🎶💛 - You can stream and download it on @spotify , @applemusic , and watch the full video on Youtube — pinned to our bio. ☝🏾🎥💕 We’re here to support independent artists and give them the platform they deserve, and would love for you to do the same so share this post in your #instastories. 🌹💯

4 days ago

“There is a way to be alone, but never lonely. It is a way that is often spoken about, but rarely practiced. It is a way that society and media often don't lead us toward. It is a way that celebrates the traditional kind of love while also embracing the pathbreaking love stories and the simpler kind of love that is closer to home.🔑♥️ - This kind of love happens when you look in the mirror and are able to love everything you see, including the curves, scars, wiggles and folds. When you get a job offer and negotiate for the money you are worth. When you get your heart broken and find it in yourself to channel your love a little differently. When you go someplace new, and drink it all in. When you're able to look back into flashes of your life and are able to forgive others, but more importantly, yourself. When you do something for yourself or for others, and truly expect nothing in return. When you bury your head in the sand, in avoidance, and then stand up and face it. When you stand in the balcony (or the bathroom) and sing your heart out, even if no one can hear it. When you smile through tears, and cry through laughter. When you fill your calendar, your bank, your heart, your soul, your mind, so much that you don't need anyone else (whether or not you secretly hope someone does come along!). 👑🌹 - Find the poetry. Find the wonder. It is all within you.” — @dharpooja 💕 - On this #SinglesAwarenessDay , we’re spreading positive vibes to those who are single (regardless of whether it's by choice or circumstance!). You do you, boo.💕💕 Swipe left to read @dharpooja ’s poetry to honor the day, and we’ve dropped an #InstaStories template for y’all to fill out for funsies!!! 🤗🤗 - 🎨 @zhkdesigns

4 days ago

This Valentine's Day, we’re partnering with @dilmilapp to empower the world to find love. Whether it's a relationship or a driving force behind artistic passion, inspiring hope in others, and strengthening the bonds of our incredible culture, we’re inviting you to explore love and its various meanings within our diverse community.💛💕🔑 - Through collaboration with @humblethepoet , @bfunk , @ritualbydesign , @samicamusic , and @raaginder , Dil Mil has highlighted the different meanings of love and how passion and culture truly tie back into our community. Check out the full campaign via @dilmilapp — *linked above* — and tell us — what does love mean to you? #Loveis ♥️📌☝🏾

5 days ago

“We both knew after a few months. I went home and told my dad that I think I’ve found the guy I want to get married to. He said: ‘okay, tell me more.’ ‘Well, he’s white.’ ‘Alright, okay.’ Then it all went quiet. He said: ‘give me a couple of weeks to think about it.’ 😯 - I was expecting a lot worse. In a couple of weeks, he came back to me and said: ‘bring him home, I want to see him.’ Three months later, we married. 💯♥️ - I wouldn’t have married Steven if my dad hadn’t supported it, Steven knew that too. It will only happen if mom and dad were 100% behind it. There was no way I was going to leave my parents. Thankfully, it was smooth. And they had a fantastic relationship. - I was brought up a certain way, Steven another. He was very open with everything and I was brought up in a more closed family. They didn’t know I had a boyfriend or anything. As my girls have gotten older, it’s something I’ve had to let go of. For me, to talk about these things is so alien. I had to learn to let go of how I was brought up, to be able to talk openly. Steven helped me a lot with that." — Naazneen♥️ - Cue this couple's favorite song "Time of my Life," as we dab our teary eyes and long for the day when we can say we've been happily married for 31 years as they have! 😬💛 - Our #VDay gift to all of you, is more reasons to believe in love.💕This is a series of beautiful couples from the United Kingdom — their story, how social, cultural and family pressures never crumble their love, and their power to find themselves in each other time and again.🤞🏾🌹 - Brought to you by Zainab Khan / @_zaikhan 📌🇬🇧 — the full series is pinned to our bio.☝🏾☝🏾 - Couple: Naazneen & Steven Photo courtesy: Ragib Choudhury / @iragib

5 days ago

“I’m South Asian British Muslim and he’s White, Church of England, and when I met him he was 43 and I was 22, at the height of the HIV/AIDs crisis and section 28. When I was coming out, we couldn’t talk about being gay or talk about anything at all, I had that to contend with that and also my father was one of the founding members of Birmingham Central mosque, so I experienced a lot of religious guilt. - There were periods in my life where I had to just look away. My mum would ask why do you not talk to your two sisters anymore and I could never really tell her why. - When mum passed away, 8 years ago, I faced some financial difficulties. I went to one of my brothers for financial support and he wasn’t forthcoming. The real reason came out, he said it in a round about way, that to way to resolve your financial issues is to sell up your house and go your separate ways (from Trevor). At that point we had been together for 20 years. That really rocked me. I chose to step away from the family. - The very forms of discrimination, brought us closer. The loss, of my parents, the financial difficulties and more were all make or break situations. It brought us tighter together and I realised that he is truly my soulmate.” — Khakan 🔑 - Our #VDay gift to all of you, is more reasons to believe in love.♥️ This is a series of beautiful couples from the United Kingdom — their story, how social, cultural and family pressures never crumble their love, and their power to find themselves in each other time and again.💕🤞🏾 - Brought to you by Zainab Khan / @_zaikhan 🇬🇧📌— the full series is pinned to our bio.☝🏾☝🏾 - Couple: Khakan @khakanqureshi / Trevor @brumsasianslgbt Photo courtesy: Lina Maryam Karuvetil / @linakaruvetil

5 days ago

Valentine’s Day and the messaging around it has always been so gender-normative and exclusive. But part-time illustrator and full-time badass @bydivya puts a spin to the holiday in collaboration with @oxfaminternational + @vice , and we’re all about it.☝🏾💛 Let’s look at love differently, and how it impacts those around you, and what the power of your love can do for others. #HappyValentinesDay , brown girl mag fam. Watch this space for more content throughout the day. 🌹💕