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“Over a six-part web series, in episode three, we see more of Nikhil’s dating life (p.s. we reviewed episodes one and two — also in the link above). It shows him dating men and women and in some situations being paid to go on dates. These dates reveal constantly interesting and varied takes on modern dating life and what it entails. 😂🤷🏽‍♀️ — From one encounter that speaks volumes about the concept of bi-erasure and its presence in our society to an interesting date with a woman who hires Nikhil — the show sheds light on many layered, complicated issues. When asked why she hired Nikhil, she explains while she could find a hookup in other ways, women are rarely ever the ones in a position of power. Hiring Nikhil in this situation makes it so.” — Anubhuti Kumar aka @anubhuti_kumar ✍🏾💪🏽 — Vishaal Reddy’s “Insomnia” is the first of its kind, a belly laugh inducing, relatable and necessary insight into the life of queer desis and all the things that accompany that journey. 💃🏽 — Link in bio to read Brown Girl’s Anubhuti’s take on episodes 1-4, and stream the full series!💯

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“I’ve seen that chronic relationship stress can aggravate depression or anxiety for one or both partners. Additionally, relationship problems can affect a person’s self-esteem leading to feelings of guilt, shame, or anger. Sometimes, one or both partners employ substance abuse to cope with the conflicts rather than confronting the source. ✍🏾 — The specifics of each person’s relationship vary, and no relationship is perfect, but simply put: A healthy relationship makes you feel confident, respected, and supported. Some characteristics that define the health of a relationship is mutual respect, compassion, trust, honesty, safety, and effective communication. While some of these characteristics seem apparent, it can be challenging to put all those into practice.” —Steven Jacob aka @stevenvjacob ♥️ — Therapist Steven Jacob talks tribulations of desi relationships and provides solutions! 🗣 — What are some of your relationship tips? . 🎨: @zhkdesigns

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“A few weeks ago I felt quite claustrophobic on Instagram. It was increasingly getting filled with shallow, temporary, inconsequential, fake, negative noise and messaging and it felt heavy and dense. While there were certainly positive rays of light that so often can put a smile on your face, there were equal or more of the opposite. I felt sad and quite literally like I was wasting my time. Like I was stuck in an episode of ‘Black Mirror.’ — And all that foreshadowing of a disconnected future starting seeming real. I started becoming acutely aware of young kids and adults experiencing beautiful destinations in the world only through the limited lens of their cellphones. All for the 'Gram'. I wanted to shake them out of their daze and remind them to stay present and use their eyes! But quickly realised it wasn't my business! And surely as much as I hate it, I have done it too. “ — @freidapinto 🙋🏽‍♀️ — Freida talks all things social media and her tumultuous relationship with Instagram. 📸 — Recently Instagram announced their conscious efforts to make this online community one of safety, inclusivity and positivity. While tech makes efforts to change- what are your thoughts on IG overload? Tell us below. ✍🏾 — 📸 @go_dwells

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“The film ‘Because we are Girls’ felt like a coming together of many important issues: it was a commentary on the importance of representation of South Asian diasporic stories, on the secrecy, the shame, and the deep trauma that so often accompanies sexual violence, and on the ethics of filmmaking. In other words, in subtle ways, it was a reflection of who gets to tell a particular story, who should tell that story, who is included/not included in the storytelling, and what that means for the production of a film as a whole. — The entire film was, in effect, a beautiful yet tragic illustration of the ways in which the personal and the political are mapped onto the bodies of South Asian women.” — Amrita Kumar-Ratta aka @amritakumarr ✍🏾 — To learn about the film “Because We are Girls,” Amrita sat down with director Baljit Sangra to discuss the inspiration behind the documentary and the importance of reducing share associated with sexual harassment and violence, link in bio for more on the interview. ♥️ — How can we all reduce the stigma in our own communities?

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Every week, #BrownGirlMag ’s food bloggers bring you recipes, easy-to-implement hacks and meal planning ideas. Grateful to have an ever-growing team, we thought it’d be cool for y’all to learn more about the food bloggers themselves. What inspires them to cook? Who taught them and what is their favorite kitchen tool? Read on as we dish out on each of their favorites. 🙌🏽 — Meet Megha Patel aka @chocolateandcheeseplease 🧀 🍫 — “My thing to cook? I can’t decide just one, so I’d have to say Italian & Mexican! My favorite thing to eat is ANYTHING with cheese, clearly I love tacos and I loveeeee pizza! I love using a big knife when cooking. Chopping is probably my favorite thing to do. (Does that make me creepy?)🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ — Honestly, I cook because I love to eat. It turned into me wanting to explore different variations of recipes, and that turned into what I do now!” — Megha Patel🍝🥦 — #linkinbio to learn all about our favorite foodies! Happy Friday! ✨🙌🏽

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“To every aunty who told me I would never get married over 30. That I was getting too old to have kids. To stop being so independent and career minded. That I should just settle before it gets too late. And, of course, the old saying log kya kahenge. And today I get to say, this moment isn’t for you — it’s is for us!” — @kamanabhaskaran 💪🏽✨🙌🏽 — All too often women are measured by marriage and children, as if procreation will forever be their sole purpose. It’s #bossbabes like Kamana who inspire us to go at our own pace and prioritize what we see fit for ourselves. ♥️♥️♥️

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As a first generation Indian-American, artist and graphic designer @bybadal realized there truly wasn't tasteful stationery for second gen South Asians living in the diaspora. She also wondered why it was so hard to find wedding invites that had fused her culture and modern aesthetic. And that’s when she started designing her own line of stationery for weddings and upscale events, @adara_paper. 🎊♥️Now you shouldn't have to fly across the world for wedding invitations because @adara_paper offers beautiful east-meets-west designs for those who love understated paper goods.✨💥

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For this year's Menstrual Hygiene Day, we celebrated our menstruation cycles louder than ever before because it’s TIME to eradicate the stigmas and taboos associated with periods. We shouldn’t have to hide sanitary products at work or school, girls around the world shouldn’t have to stop learning because they’ve hit puberty, and we should celebrate our periods as a beautiful, magical and natural biological process.♥️🙋🏾‍♀️🥊 — To continue with our mission of engaging and empowering those in our community, we partnered with the nonprofit @DesaiFoundation to co-host our first-ever ‘Period Party’ in New York City— where we denounced period taboos, shed light on the Desai Foundation annual Sanitary Napkin Program and shared never-told-before period stories (which was literally a surreal feeling to say the least!)💯‼️ — A huge shout out to our partners starting with food @desigalli + @chefpalak , dessert by @rosevalleycakes , @cookiedonyc , and chai was courtesy of @chaishaiusa. Gift bag goodies included @sanayaset , @daily_gem , @herocosmetics and @vidaality. Last but not least, raffle prizes included @meetblume , and @dotcupand !✨✨And our fav @themusicaldoc performed an a-cappella to make the evening more special.👯‍♀️✔️💛 📸 @kramdeen

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“Director Gurinder Chadda is right when she claims she wants to present a different side of Indian history, as this more complicated picture of fragmented power is rarely shown, but beyond this, what is really different about this new apparently ‘radical’ depiction of India? Given Gurinder’s incredible contributions to the community, I was sure the Indian characters in this series would be portrayed respectfully and tastefully, and above all, humanly. Shockingly, I was wrong — there is absolutely nothing new about ‘Beecham House.’ 🤦🏽‍♀️ — The series is supposed to be one that smashes stereotypes, but the caricatured Frenchman, General Castillon (Fitoussi) plays right into current anti-European sentiment and is the clearest example of how the creators of “Beecham House” have no interest in getting into the heads of real human beings. Some took to Twitter to complain about how English and French subtitles were provided, but the Indian languages were disrespectfully dubbed. An ideal version of India is presented, with a distinct lack of interest, in reality, it might seem. 🔍 — Such romantic beliefs in a larger evil colonial project but the existence of individual good men are really problematic, and not good history. History is not about casting back an eye and judging people’s morals, but we do get to choose whose stories we tell and give air time to. We could have chosen to focus the series on the direct experiences of the servants themselves, rather than yet another dreary saga of an elite white man and his petty dreams. Do we really need to try and show that some colonialists were, in fact, good, when #Brexit shows a lot of people still haven’t been convinced that empire was bad to start with?” — Arisa Loomba aka @arisaloomba ✍🏾 — Brown Girl Arisa dives deep into the U.K.’s new show #BeechamHouse and provides insight on the series lack of justice to Indian culture and heritage. #LinkinBio ☝🏾💛🇬🇧

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From handpicking little treasures in the narrow streets of our motherland to ordering jewels online hoping they ship safely to international borders, we partnered with Canadian-based jewelry company to highlight a homegrown brand that has ties to our motherland but handcrafts its pieces on their home turf. We collaborated with engineer and model Seema Hari ( @seemahari ) to showcase  @banglez_jewelry  shine through with her personal style and hyphenated identity. 🇺🇸🇮🇳🇨🇳 — “I was born and raised in India and then moved to China for work after I graduated and then moved to America seven years ago. I always felt like an outcast in India because of my appearance. But in America, I feel like an outsider too, because people immediately identify me as an immigrant and are always curious about my nationality. So, I have realized that I don’t actually belong anywhere in particular, so I belong everywhere. I am, and always will be a nomad. 🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️ — My hyphenated identity has made me more open and empathetic. Your nationality doesn’t matter to me. Your values do. It doesn’t matter which country you are from, if you need help, I will help you in any way I can. If you are spreading love and creativity in the world, regardless of your cultural background, I will love you and respect you. Similarly, if you are Indian but you are spreading hate, profiting from discrimination and abusing human rights, I will never be able to respect you even though we share the same nationality.” — Seema Hari 💛💕 — We LOVE the way Seema seamlessly blurred the lines between the east and west in a beautiful way by the ocean. Link in bio to learn more about Seema and☝🏾✨ // 📸 @pavithraphotos

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@Allbrowneverythingnyc has turned thought into action — instead of waiting for others to give South Asian artists a platform, they have decided to develop a showcase for musicians and artists to refine their craft and share it with the masses themselves. ✍🏾 — In order for artists to grow our community must embrace one another and start being the driving force of support. 💪🏽 — Catch us on July 25th at @chelseamusichall for the third edition of #AllBrownEverything featuring @Muza , @iamramvir @SAgrooves and brown girl ALL the way from Australia, @amritha.shakti. 📸 #Linkinbio — Come catch a vibe and support our artists.♥️♥️ — A whole lot of love to our partners @DJUSA , @DJSharad , @DJJuicy , @queens_bully , @hafandhaf , and last but not least @rootsgearofficial