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4 hours ago

Due to its intense #bee attraction, 'Lemon Queen' is the #sunflower used in the Great Sunflower Project, a study to gather information about native bee populations. Learn more about the project in our story. Shop organic 'Lemon Queen' sunflower seeds 40% off at the link in our bio.

1 day ago

Did you know there are over 4,000 native #bee species in North America?! Some are generalists and will pollinate various plants and some are specialists, pollinating squash and pumpkins. Learn more about these fuzzy, hard-working garden heroes at the link in bio.

1 day ago

100% of the proceeds of our I Love Pollinators mix goes to Pollinator Partnership, @pollinatorpartnership , whose mission is to promote the health of #pollinators critical to our food and ecosystems through conservation, education, and research. This mix creates a pollinator-friendly habitat with annual and perennial flowering plants that supply pollinators with nectar, pollen, and shelter. Help pollinators in need and shop the mix at the link in our bio.

2 days ago

Beginning today, ‪June 17th‬, ‪through June 23rd‬ is pollinator week, and we’ve teamed up with Pollinator Partnership to bring you a giveaway! There are two chances to win; follow the rules below on our post and on @pollinatorpartnership ’s post. RULES FOR ENTRY: 1. Follow both @botanical_interests and @pollinatorpartnership on Instagram. 2. Like this post. 3. Tag a friend and tell us what your favorite pollinator is in the comments. Contest open to U.S. residents only. Contest ‪ends 11:59 p.m. PST June 23rd, 2019‬. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ WINNER WILL RECEIVE: 1. A 2019 Pollinator Partnership Pollinator Week t-shirt 2. Butterfly Banquet Seed Collection 3. I Love Pollinators Seed Packet 4. An “Endangered Pollinators and Their Habitats” 36" W x 24" H poster 5. An I Love Pollinators bumper sticker Let’s get the buzz started about #PollinatorWeek ! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #pollinator #pollinators #bee #bees #nativebees #bumblebee #bumblebees #honeybee #honeybees #butterfly #butterflies #birds #bats #months #wasps #flies #flowers #garden #gardening #habitat #pollinatorhabitat #nature #wildlife #conservation

2 days ago

Make your own watering station for #bees ! Often overlooked, a clean, shallow water source for bees is a great way to help them out in the heat of summer. Learn how to make your own bee watering station at the link in our bio. 🐝

4 days ago

East, west, or somewhere in between, you can help save the #monarch ! Take a look at our Eastern Breeze, Western Glide, or Midwest Flutter butterfly collections. Each collection includes varieties specific to each region and lists the states they’re intended for. Link in bio.

4 days ago

Get a free "I ❤️ Pollinators" bumper sticker in every order placed through Thursday, June 20th!

5 days ago

Lavender makes a perfect substitute for other #herbs , especially rosemary! Get our #lavender -inspired recipes for three common kitchen staples—sugar, butter, and syrup—which you can then add to a multitude of recipes!

6 days ago

'English Tall' #lavender is the old-fashioned, wonderfully fragrant lavender that is an extremely valuable and easy-to-use household herb, in addition to being a perfect pick for flower arrangements or craft projects! Shop 40% off this heirloom lavender variety and over 250 other items at the link in bio.

6 days ago

Lavender makes a perfect natural dye for wool fiber! Learn how to dye your own wool using flowers you can grow from seed at the link in bio.

6 days ago

A lavender list of loveliness: 1. Lovely in crafts 2. Attracts pollinators 3. Vibrant purple or blue 4. Excellent cut flower 5. Notably relaxing fragrance 6. Drought tolerant 7. Edible flower 8. Resistant to deer What’s not to love about #lavender ?!

1 week ago

Make a luxurious sugar scrub using #lavender and rosemary! You’ll enjoy the aromatics and the cleansing properties of this DIY sugar scrub. Learn how to make it at the link in our bio!

1 week ago

Hidcote Blue Lavender: This English variety of #lavender is a must! Very compact, attractive plants are slow growing to 18". Dark purple, fragrant flower spikes attract butterflies and bees. Use it to make sachets, wreaths, and dried flower arrangements. It also makes a wonderful short hedge, potted plant, or rock garden plant!

1 week ago

Picking #lavender for any craft project makes us feel blissful—as though we’ve just picked the lavender from the fanciest field in France! Learn how to make this dried lavender floral wreath in our latest blog. Link in bio! Let us know in the comments if you like the wreath with or without the bow. 🤔

1 week ago

Relax after a day in the garden with the soothing fragrance of #lavender as the natural plant oils and butters treat your skin to rejuvenation! Limited time: Shop 30% OFF Gardener’s Scrubbing Soap, four garden-inspired scents to choose from. Link in bio.

1 week ago

Make sowing and growing #lavender a (wonderfully scented) breeze with our sow and grow guide! Get all of the details you need at the link in our bio.

1 week ago

Lavender is lovely in sight and in scent! Not to be overlooked for fragrance sachets and potpourris, #lavender is also an excellent cut and dried flower for arrangements, making it useful for innumerable craft projects. It is perfect for rock gardens, or as a short hedge, and attracts pollinators! Shop lavender seeds at the link in bio.