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36 minutes ago

Trying to find the holidays? You’re getting warmer, warmer, warmer, and now free standard shipping! Get free standard shipping with all orders through November 26th! Shop all gifts at the link in bio.

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Today is your last opportunity to get your Kitchen Garden Kit or Sprouter AND receive two free seed packets! These also make great holiday gifts! Link in bio.

2 days ago

Sprouts are delicious on a sandwich! What’s your favorite way to eat #sprouts ? 🌱

2 days ago

✋Raise your hand if you’re following along with our sprouting story! Link in bio for our tips about growing and harvesting #sprouts at home. Reminder: When you purchase a Sprouter or Kitchen Garden Kit online through Nov. 15, you get two free seed packets!

4 days ago

What exactly is our Sprouter? It includes 2 plastic growing trays, 2 tray dividers, 1 water-diffusing lid, and 1 drain base. The removable tray dividers allow you to grow up to four varieties of #sprouts at a time. The water-diffusing lid is designed to hold optimal moisture for sprout success. Detailed instructions and recipes will help you enjoy nutritious sprouts any time of year! Catch our Instagram story over the next few days to see our Sprouter in action. Link in bio for Sprouter details.

5 days ago

A key to success with #microgreens and #babygreens is maintaining a high-humidity environment during germination. Our Kitchen Garden Kit has a dome lid to ensure your seedlings have the perfect environment with each use. Learn more about our Kitchen Garden Kit at the link in bio!

6 days ago

What’s the difference between microgreens and sprouts? #Microgreens : • Young, leafy vegetables or herbs 🌿 • Include the first pair of leaves, called cotyledons, and the just-developing true leaves, depending on preference • Grown in media • Ready to harvest in about 7 to 14 days #Sprouts : • Sprouts are just germinated seeds, beans, legumes, and grasses 🌱 • The whole sprout can be eaten—seed, roots, and stem • Not grown in media • Ready to eat in about 2 to 10 days Read more about microgreens and sprouts at the link in bio!

1 week ago

Sow. Water. Harvest. Repeat. It’s that simple to grow baby greens and microgreens indoors this winter with our Kitchen Garden Kit. Get 2 free seed packets when purchasing our Kitchen Garden Kit or Sprouter now through November 15th. Link in bio.

1 week ago

If you're planning to get a gift for a niece or nephew or other children in your life this holiday season, take a look at our Children's Garden Collection! The collection contains some easy to sow and grow varieties. Kids will love watching red Strawberry Corn pop into white kernels! Link in bio or #taptoshop

1 week ago

Give the gift of gardening to your favorite foodie with a Kitchen Garden Gift Set. Growing nutrient powerhouse microgreens and baby greens in a kitchen windowsill is both inspiring to the chef and pleasing to the eye. Link in bio.

1 week ago

50 shopping days left! What are you getting the gardener in your life? Browse our gift items at the link in bio!

1 week ago

Container gardening is a great way to garden without much space! Container gardening with specially chosen productive but compact varieties make a great gift for someone who may have limited or no yard area. 
Some varieties perfect for container gardening include: • Ancho/Poblano Chile Pepper • Black Beauty Eggplant • Easter Egg Blend Radish • Gold Nugget Winter Squash • Jade Bush Beans View gifts at the link in bio for urban and container gardeners.

2 weeks ago

Two months left until the new year! Our 2019 desk calendar is now available! This week, through Nov. 8, receive a desk calendar free with purchases of $40 or more.

2 weeks ago

OH GOURD. The sale ends today! Stock up on pumpkins, gourds and winter squash online while they’re still 30% off. Link in bio!

2 weeks ago

This is #Halloween ! We wish the happiest of Halloweens to everyone!

2 weeks ago

Winter squash is a colorful way to welcome fall and cool temperatures. If you’re planning to grow winter squash, get our guide at the link in bio.

2 weeks ago

Catnip and cat grass on sale, MEOW! Treat your feline friend with buy 2 cat grass/catnip packets get 1 free packet online today only! Swipe and tap to shop, or shop at the link in our bio. Happy #NationalCatDay !

2 weeks ago

Don’t forget to keep your carved pumpkins fresh! With just a few quick tips at the link in our bio, you can be sure to have a longer lasting pumpkin smile.