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23 hours ago

Happy Autumnal Equinox! Or if you prefer, the beginning of sweater wearing, leaves changing, and pumpkin patch going. We are celebrating with 30% off all seed packets ordered online through September 27th! Shop the link in our bio.

3 days ago

Did you pick a peck of peppers from your garden? Did you know peppers can go directly into the freezer for later use, or chop them along with some onions for stir-fry on the fly.

5 days ago

Love-in-a-mist makes a great fall-sow annual! 3 reasons to sow annuals in the fall: 1. Earlier blooms 2. Robust plants due to direct sowing 3. Ease of direct sowing View our full list of successful tips for fall sown annuals at the link in our bio.

1 week ago

We are wild about #poppies ! Fit for fall sowing, poppies’ vibrant bursts of color are a treat for all to see. Find your favorite at the link in our bio!

1 week ago

Online #garlic orders through today, 9/13, receive free seed storage envelopes. Link in bio!

1 week ago

There are many reasons and seasons to love Larkspur! Sow in the Fall for beautiful blue blooms in the Spring. It may even self-sow for seasons to come!

2 weeks ago

Sow bachelor’s buttons in the fall! Also known as cornflower, bachelor’s button attract pollinators, are a quaint cut flower, while also being deer resistant and drought tolerant. Pictured: Classic Romantic (online at!)

3 weeks ago

Organic garlic now available!

3 weeks ago

A new variety to sow this fall! Colorado Blend yarrow has sturdy, straight stems with feathery, finely-cut leaves are topped with long, long-lasting flower clusters. They make wonderful cut flowers, and what’s left in the garden will attract beneficial insect.

4 weeks ago

There are so many delicious colors and textures of kale! How do you kale?

1 month ago

What do the pollinators love in your garden? Sunflowers are a bee magnet in ours. #sowandtell

1 month ago

Homegrown bouquet! China asters and baby’s breath from our trial garden. 😍

1 month ago

Get your garden ready for garlic! Coming soon!

3 months ago

Sowing #covercrops can be an effective step in disease and pest prevention and control. When used as part of a healthy crop rotation, cover crop plants displace disease organisms by replacing their preferred hosts. #clover #redclover Learn more about growing cover crops:

4 months ago

Judy and Laura are at the Garden Bloggers Fling in Austin,TX. Pictures from Lady Bird Johnson Wild Flower Center. They made it around the garden and family garden just before a thunder storm rolled in and the sky opened!

4 months ago

Co-owner, Curtis Jones showing his talent at our annual Spring Fling lunch!

5 months ago

Our pepper and tomato plants are looking great! Every year we start them early in our grow room and transplant them outside in May. Our employees enjoy these and other fresh vegetables from May to October!

5 months ago

Lemon Cucumber: This unusual, eye-catching lemon-sized cucumber has excellent flavor and is a great slicer or pickler. It is scrumptious eaten with the skin and all just like you would an apple.