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the giants must protect the small and weak

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happy fathers day to the man that pulled my first tooth and taught me how to spell my name: we have not always had the best relationship, and while you were battling with addiction, i felt more heartache than love from you. For years I was torn between wanting to see you and not wanting to be around the people you chose to keep near. I would be lying if I said that I’m not still angry about the complete disregard I felt for years. However, our situation has changed, and you changed. You have improved so much over the past two years that I can’t believe it. You check up on me regularly, you look genuinely happier, and we even have a vacation planned. I love you, dad. It’s nice to finally have you back. happy fathers day to the man that took the fatherly role when I needed it and taught me how to drive: i am so grateful that you came into my life- even when i was young and angry at the world. i know we werent as close as we couldve been, and im sorry that i distanced myself so much. thank you for loving me and our family unconditionally. i wish you were here today, and i cant help but think that i havent allowed myself to fully grieve your death. I love you. I wish we had more time together. Im grateful for both of you, even though some parts of our relationships were genuinely shit. With one of you, i will continue to take new photos and make new memories, but with the other, i have to look back and cherish what i already have.

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hell yeah brother

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we got new flooring and the acoustics are cool bean is BASICALLY billie eilish

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this was not taken today Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

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i also found critters (:

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last day!

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saw a curly friend today ;)

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we love a confident gal

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finding critters is the goal

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cant wait til i can be home and done with finals #OneMoreWeek