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Lo 😍

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Okayyy aysia 😍

1 day ago

We finally did it😭😭 WE DID IT TOGETHER 😭❤️ thank you all so much. 💝

1 day ago

Winter said “imma end this here” & Bri from LHHNY (dreams “bestie”) posted pics with winter which made dreamdoll and her unfollow each other. Wheeew chile 😩

1 day ago

Issa clapback 🌚

1 day ago

DreamDoll also had some words for Kash Doll 😩😩 (check previous posts)

1 day ago

Oop! DreamDoll posted dms between her and Justin Combs! 👀👀

1 day ago

TB to when Christina made a cover of ‘The Hills’ 😭😍🔥

1 day ago

Kash Doll seems to be keeping up with the tea 👀