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@bequiet_official See full size profile   is a premium brand of PC power supplies, PC cases and cooling solutions. #bequiet

1 day ago

The awesome people of @teamgroupinc have just started their "BACK TO SCHOOL" giveaway (in cooperation with @pcmasterrace_official , @asususa and us) in which you can win awesome hardware - including a Dark Base 700 PC case, a Straight Power 11 750W PSU and a Dark Rock Slim CPU cooler! Check out the competition page here*: Good luck! *(limited to North America!) #bequiet #TeamGroup #ASUS #PCMR #giveaway

2 days ago

The first products we created as be quiet! were noise dampening mats. The first packaging showed a simple blue color scheme which we thought was a bit boring. So we came up with an alternative ... Yes, there was a time when be quiet! was very much into animal designs - our early days were littered with pumas, polar bears, lizards and, well, fish. Thanks a lot to silence enthusiast Robert Glenn Tibell Johansson for sending us this picture! :D #tbf #soundsfishy #insidebequiet

3 days ago und @2k_deutschland verlosen einen @borderlands PC im Wert von 1.500€ - der mit Ryzen 5 3600-CPU und Radeon 5700 XT-Grafikkarte nicht nur enorm leistungsstark, sondern dank be quiet!-Komponenten natürlich auch flüsterleise ist! Was müsst ihr tun, um dieses Prachtstück gewinnen zu können? Besucht auf der Gamescom den Stand von 2K in Halle 6. Macht da ein verrücktes/lustiges/abgefahrenes Bild von euch, mit dem 2K-Stand im Hintergrund. Ladet dieses Bild dann auf Instagram hoch, versehen mit dem Hashtag #Borderlands3GameStarPC. Und schon seid ihr bei der Auslosung dabei! GameStar kontaktiert den Gewinner spätestens am 30. August 2019 via Instagram. Claptrap und wir drücken euch alle verfügbaren Daumen!

3 days ago

Like all of our products the top cover of our Pure Base 500 went through several iterations - four of which are shown here: (swipe left to see) The first idea (1st pic) was quite familiar, but the air vents turned out to be too thin. Version 2 (2nd pic) changed them to a triangle shape which not only increased air permeability but also fit very nicely into the general case design. This was transfered into version 3 (3rd pic) which also included stabilizing fins and was held in place by small magnets in four corners - unfortunately this one tended to rattle quite heavily which lead to the final version (4th pic): This one is held in place by thick magnet strips, also it includes a layer of dampening mat instead of the fins. The result: The top cover is steadfast, makes the case quieter and helps the airflow. #insidebequiet The Pure Base 500 will be available September 17th in three colors: black, white and metallic gray - either with or without a tempered glass side window.

4 days ago

PWM fans and regular 3-pin fans do not differ in appearance except for the connector. However the internal technology has significant differences: While the 3-pin fan regulates the rotational speed by voltage, the PWM fan is permanently connected with 12V. Because of this the fan speed is determined by a separate pulse signal. The built-in electrics modulate the voltage and the frequency specifies the power cycles that lead to the desired fan speed. Therefore PWM fans are primarily designed for users who want to control the fan speed with the motherboard – provided that it has the needed PWM connectors. #insidebequiet #PWM #PureWings2 #casefans

5 days ago

Shadow Wings 2 – World-class quiet and solid cooling The Shadow Wings 2 fans offer whisper-quiet operation and reliable cooling at low revolutions per minute. Available on September 3rd. #bequiet #shadowwings2 #casefan

1 week ago

be quiet! Silent Wings 3 fans stand for state-of-the-art technology, virtually inaudible operation and superior cooling. Their secret: A smooth-running 6-pole fan motor, an advanced fluid-dynamic bearing, a unique airflow-optimized fan blade design and a fan frame with funnel-shaped air inlets. #bequiet #SilentWings3 #casefan

2 weeks ago

Quality control is one of the major steps during production of our components. The equipped PCBs are getting reviewed not only during automated inspection but also after the soldering: We continuously check for potential problems and correct any issues if needed. #insidebequiet