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@bequiet_official   is a premium brand of PC power supplies, PC cases and cooling solutions. #bequiet

6 days ago

The newest update of the „PC Building Simulator“ just went live - and guess which company is taking care of quietness there now... | Find all information and lots of pictures on the game's official Steam page. | #bequiet #pcbuildingsimulator #steam #newstuff

2 weeks ago

Check out our Youtube channel "bequietclips" if you want to find out why we built a LEGO boat. And if we managed to finish the Kessel run in less than ten parsecs with it! #lego #starwars #purewings2 #letsbuildaboat

3 weeks ago

If you want to upgrade your Silent Base 601 or Silent Base 801 PC case with a classy and functional window side panel, you can do so very soon: The temper glass window will be available on March 12th 2019! #bequiet #temperglass #silentbase601 #silentbase801

3 weeks ago

Bei @agando_computer sind gerade Top-PC-Builds mit be quiet!-Komponenten erhältlich - im Dark Base 700 White Edition, und natürlich streng limitiert. Schaut doch mal vorbei!

1 month ago

Outstanding flexibility and silence! The be quiet! Dark Base 700 White Edition, limited to 3,000 units. Offering unrivaled flexibility with impeccable cooling and silence features. Available now – and only for a brief period! More information in the bio link. #bequiet #Darkbase700 #WhiteEdition #LimitedEdition

1 month ago

A common mistake people tend to make is to try and install their Solid State Drives on the inside of the SSD trays – which, as they will inevitably find out, are too small for that. The reason for that is that the SSDs belong on the OUTSIDE of the tray: Remove it from the motherboard tray, use four of the small screws that came with your PC case from the inside to connect your SSD to it, and re-attach it to the motherboard with the SSD sitting firmly on the outside – easy as that!

1 month ago

Dark Base 700 White Edition: Offering unrivaled flexibility with impeccable cooling and silence features - all in a beautiful white finish. Available on February 19th 2019, wordwide limited to 3000 pieces. Pre-order now! #bequiet #darkbase700 #whiteedition

1 month ago

‪Für unsere deutschen Fans: Schaut schnell bei unserem Partner @eisenp3lz vorbei - da laufen gerade die letzten Stunden seiner be quiet!-Verlosung!‬