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15 hours ago

The Walrus. Hiking down the western coastline of Svalbard, we began our search for a Walrus colony that had been seen recently in the area. As it was right around the time of their migration out to sea, we had no idea if they would still be resting on land. Eventually we found them, huddled together in one huge group next to the crashing waves. I saw this particular Walrus appear from the water, push through the rocky shoreline and climb up on top of the others, can’t have been too comfy for the friends beneath! To avoid disturbing them, we made sure to keep a significant distance and remained as quiet as possible ✌🏼 #svalbard

4 days ago

Underexposing the bright summit sun during a climb to the top of Eyjafjallajökull earlier this winter. #iceland

5 days ago

Borneo, an Alaskan Husky from Svalbard. He’s had quite an adventurous life so far, completing dogsled missions all the way to the top of the world at the North Pole. Pictured here, he sat waiting patiently by a piece of drift wood as we photographed a Walrus colony on the west coast. #svalbard

1 week ago

Blue glacial pools, contrasted against the snow along the southern edge of Breiðamerkurjökull ❄️ #iceland

1 week ago

Cruising towards the summit of the volcano Eyjafjallajökull 🌋

2 weeks ago

Endless transition in the valleys of Fjallabak. This image has defined the current icelandic winter for me so far. An occasional dusting of snow that quickly fades away again. I don’t think it will be long before it starts to stick around, though in the mean time I’ve really enjoyed photographing these interesting slate grey hues in the mountains ❄️ Shot for @icelandair. #MyStopOver | #Iceland

2 weeks ago

Looking North. Here you can see the contoured surface of Vatnajökull and the summit of Herðubreið standing tall in the background, illuminated with the last rays of winter light. It’s quite a rare occasion to get such a clear visual across this glacier. Just before we crossed into new year, the skies opened up for a few hours giving us unbelievable visibility from the @flightseeing plane window. After years of scouting the remote parts of this glacier on a map, it was a crazy moment to finally see this landscape with my own eyes. Happy new year folks, cheers to the year ahead✌🏼 #iceland

3 weeks ago

Midnight skies in Fjallabak. I remember this night so well, it was around -15°c outside and we watched the moon rise while bathing in the nearby hot spring. Meanwhile, all of our jackets and towels froze solid at the waters edge, making the long dash back to the cabin quite a chilly one to say the least! It’s nights like this that have made so in love with the winter here, whether it’s getting the 4x4’s completely stuck in the snow, dealing with unexpected storms or simply just enjoying these occasional clear nights with good company - there’s always a great story to tell at the end of the mission. #iceland

3 weeks ago

Blue hour in the Whitefish range. Whilst we wait patiently for the snow to return here in Iceland, I’ve been looking back on this magical moment from the mountains of Montana, captured earlier this month on a snowmobile mission with the lads @alexstrohl , @stevebooker and @isaacsjohnston. With all of these frosty trees, I thought this image was quite fitting for the current days of celebration! Gleðileg jól ✌🏼

3 weeks ago

Watching the snow fall silently around us, dissolving into the deep blue Arctic waters beneath. Happy holidays everyone ❄️ #svalbard

4 weeks ago

It can be quite interesting to observe the journey of this stunning blue water, flowing down from a glacier in the center of Iceland and eventually running out into the North Atlantic ocean. Along the way, it will flow through canyons and fall from many waterfalls before widening into braided river streams. Here’s a scene I captured after a day of snowfall, about midway into the waters journey out to sea. #iceland