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2 weeks ago

I ❤️ my friends. Mazel Tov, Ryan!

4 weeks ago

I’m actually obsessed with the @npbeautiful Flat Iron (& Smoothing Shampoo + Conditioner). #npbeautiful is a new hair care line that uses plant-based ingredients, and I’ve been testing out their products for the past two weeks or so. Honestly? I’m in love! As a total amateur when it comes to hair, the fact that someone like me can actually straighten my hair and have it look amazing is a real testament to the Flat Iron. Be sure to take a look at their products— you won’t be disappointed! #ad

1 month ago

who knew jean jumpsuits could be such a l👀k?

1 month ago

I tried to type “focus on good things 💕” for the caption, but it came out “focus on food things 💕” and tbh... the latter is v accurate ahaha 🔆 🔆 🔆 📷 the amazing @nicrlev took these photos

1 month ago

Guys I’m living for Fall 🍁 Comment below what you’re looking forward to this Autumn!

2 months ago

I love my friends!! 💕💕

2 months ago

it’s almost fall but this filter makes it look like it’s summer in 1965

2 months ago

[scroll thru! —>] I had the absolute pleasure of attending Barack Obama’s rally in Irvine! We were in the 4th row! Thank you @anewtide18 for such an amazing opportunity!

3 months ago

im really quaking the food at Real Food Daily is SO GOOD

3 months ago

portrait-mode photos are lowkey bomb 😅

3 months ago

∩( ・ω・)∩