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7 hours ago

my personal philosophy is that true happiness comes from dressing like a background character on Designing Women

2 days ago

when you have two hours to kill @ the airport, you might as well do a mini photoshoot 😂

3 days ago

Thank you Indiana! It’s been a blast. 💕❤️

4 days ago

Women Who Business

1 week ago

Can you even say you’ve lived in Los Angeles if these lights don’t appear on your feed at some point? 😅

1 week ago

Summer’s here!! Time to get marginally tanner than usual (aka a darker shade of pale lmao) ☀️ What are your summer plans? 😊

2 weeks ago

I’m sick so please accept an old photo 📷

3 weeks ago

some posed ‘candids’

4 weeks ago

when your friends only take one photo but it actually turns out amazing 🙏🏻😫

1 month ago

the lighting was ,, so good

1 month ago

Volunteering at YALLWEST is always so much fun! 💕 And I’m so happy I finally got to meet @juliecdao who literally wrote one of my new favorite books #forestofathousandlanterns ❤️❤️(and yes I did get my copy signed 😉)

1 month ago

thank you again @socal_jsa for a wonderful spring state!

1 month ago

Melinda, I’m so lucky to have met you. From Girls Who Code to JSA to all those all-nighters spent on FaceTime together, I can honestly say that in this year alone you’ve become one of my best friends. There really is nobody like you; your positivity, your passion, and your persistence are traits I can only hope to rival someday. I’m so sad to see you leave for China, but I know you’re absolutely going to kill it next year! Nobody has worked harder than you, and nobody deserves it more. Thank you, for the time we’ve spent together, and know that I’ll always be there for you— even if we’re an ocean away. ❤️

1 month ago

drink it up ☕️

2 months ago

I forgot to post some of my fave photos I took with @audrey.ancheta !

2 months ago

A few more JSbAes 💕❤️

2 months ago

I love her!!!

2 months ago

I love my best friend and our ball that changes color when u throw it (shown in vid )