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25 minutes ago

I love my friends!! 💕💕

1 week ago

it’s almost fall but this filter makes it look like it’s summer in 1965

1 week ago

[scroll thru! —>] I had the absolute pleasure of attending Barack Obama’s rally in Irvine! We were in the 4th row! Thank you @anewtide18 for such an amazing opportunity!

2 weeks ago

im really quaking the food at Real Food Daily is SO GOOD

3 weeks ago

portrait-mode photos are lowkey bomb 😅

4 weeks ago

∩( ・ω・)∩

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1 month ago

cabcon complete!

1 month ago

Hey guys! I just wanted to remind you to sign up for @builtbygirls WAVE if you haven’t yet! It’s a mentorship program where young women can be paired with leaders in the tech industry! It’s a fantastic opportunity— and completely free! A lot of times people ask me how I got involved with technology, and the truth is that there's so many opportunities out there -- in your high school, or community, or online-- you just have to seek them out. Be sure to follow the social media accounts of organizations ((like #BuiltByGirls )) that want to connect you with cool opportunities-- that way you're always up-to-date!

1 month ago

Hi guys! These past few months I’ve been participating in WAVE— a program by #BUILTBYGIRLS — where girls are paired up with mentors in the tech industry! One piece of valuable career advice I've gotten from my @BUILTBYGIRLS Advisor is to start early - you're never too young to make connections! If you're looking for 1:1 guidance to landing your first job or internship in tech, then be sure to sign up for #BUILTBYGIRLS WAVE. Check out the link in my bio for more info! Be sure to sign up before Aug 17! 😊 (

1 month ago

thrifting but make it fashion

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1 month ago

Might’ve fallen in love today 🐶 💕

2 months ago

We came after 3 so the parking was $10 instead of $15

2 months ago


2 months ago

I love great days with great people! 💕 Comment below your favorite thing you’ve done this summer!! ☀️

2 months ago

Literally in love with the new Veggie Grill Summer menu!!! 😍😍 What’s your guys’ favorite thing to eat in the summer? Let me know in the comments!!