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2 days ago

above all else, take care of yourself ♡

6 days ago

i thought i’d share this with everyone since it’s about love and healthy relationships, which are so hard to find in this generation. i feel so much wiser and better prepared for what comes next in my life after learning this and i hope it touches some of you as well 💛 p.s sorry if i misspelled anything, i was writing extremely fast lmao

1 week ago

i feel like self love isn’t talked about enough in depth and a lot of people misunderstand when someone says they love themselves. my experience with self love came about a year ago and i’m still growing in it. i think loving myself means of course, duh, accepting and liking who i am as a person. but i think it also means taking the time to get to know myself, figure out what i like, what i don’t like, focus on my characteristics, good and bad, and fix what needs work. i’ve been growing and being more self aware and truly falling in love with who i am becoming as a woman. i think it’s so important to allow ourselves to make mistakes, acknowledge them, be GENTLE with how we talk to ourselves and then do better next time. life is about learning and growing after all. loving yourself also comes with a lot of realizations. my idea of relationships & friendships changed completely. i no longer allow negative energy around me and i no longer tolerate people who are disrespectful or do not see my worth. because self love and self worth go hand and hand. how you treat yourself is truly how you teach others to treat you. once i took the time to heal and listen to myself, i realized that love shouldn’t hurt, love should lift me up, and make me feel valued, in both friendships and relationships. loving yourself is such a beautiful and empowering thing and i feel that it’s so vital before even attempting to love anyone else. #thankyouforcomingtomytedtalk 🖤

1 week ago

my only goal in life right now is to be happy. genuinely, intensely and consistently happy, regardless of what that looks like to others.

1 week ago

forgive the parts of you that didn’t know better at the time. forgive the parts of you that could’ve done better at the time. forgive the parts of you that care so much that they’ve paralyzed you from moving forward until it’s “fixed.” forgiveness is release. it’s only in releasing yourself that you can heal and do better. 🕊

2 weeks ago

generosity: the practical expression of faith, hope and love. there are 2 types of people in life: givers and takers. i plan to teach my future children to be givers. to generously give their time, opportunities, praise, affirmations, money, love, and resources. an unselfish life is much more fulfilling than a self centered, egotistical, materialistic one. everything we have, the air we breathe is all a gift given generously to us by God. we weren’t born with anything and we aren’t taking anything with us when we die. i never understood the need to hoard money or resources from not only people in need, but from anyone. because i know that if God gave it to me, he will give it to me again. and i understand that nothing is actually mine. loving & giving generously are some of the most important things God wants us to learn in life & i pray that these values pass down to our future generation ♡

2 weeks ago

sunday ♡ funday

3 weeks ago

thankful for the ones responsible for my never ending laughter 💛 all love #happyglow

3 weeks ago

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! i was lucky enough to celebrate thanksgiving early last saturday with family, and again last night with friends. our first ever friendsgiving! ♡ i just wanted to publicly say i am grateful for the people i surround myself with, the wisdom about love and friendships i’ve gained over the last six months and all the time i’ve spent laughing lately. there’s much more to be thankful for, but those are definitely my top three. ♡ i hope you have a fun, safe holiday 💛 cheers! #thatsachicken

3 weeks ago

a lot

4 weeks ago

happy friday ❥

1 month ago

♡ thankful ♡ grateful ♡ blessed ♡

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♡ 📝 ♡

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thank u, next ♡

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my guy

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some 💛 for your tuesday