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2 weeks ago

PSA. Grab your camera (not your iPhone! Trust me, I am just as guilty 🤦🏼‍♀️) OR your photographer and get some wall quality photos. When you find pics like these on a hard-drive, ones you totally forgot about, they will bring you to tears! . . . I barely even remember taking these. They are now one of my most precious possessions. ❤️ . . . They needed a major re-edit and aren’t my typical toning (newbie days), but totally fine because of the soft lighting. This applies to your photos too! The best time to find this is JUST before sunset, it avoids harsh shadows and contrast. Place the main source of light behind your subject, #backlighting , and it will give you nice, even skin tones/lighting. . . . You really don’t need sun for this technique, almost dusk is best. This is especially true for beach photos! . . . My boys, a teenager and a preteen now, died when I said these are going on the walls. I showed them another, they were kissing on the lips (of course it’s so sweet, IMO). Not that they actually have a say, but they prefer these. 😜 . . . #realcamera #prizedposessions #winstonsalemphotographer #winstonsalemphotography #growuptoofast #grabyourcamera #softlighting #beginnerphotography #beginnerphotography #phototips

2 weeks ago

It’s easy to fall into a comfortable rhythm of style and lighting in photography after years of shooting. A new client inquired with sample images and inspired me to pull out the black seamless (thanks Lance!). I’m in love with the contrast... . . . We are drawn to the brightest subject/part of the image, it’s an excellent way to draw in the viewer. ☀️ . . . Cheers to diving into something new, mixing it up, and stretching ourselves creatively. Let’s share this practice in 2019. . . . . #profotousa #profotoglobal #studiolighting #blackseamless #bookcoverphotography #modernheadshot #professionalphotographer #fineartphotography #winstonsalemphotographer #winstonsalemphotography #winstonsalemphotographers

3 weeks ago

For well over 8 years we’ve carried @theorganicbloom frames in our studio. We were recently notified they are CLOSING SHOP and final orders must be in before March 4th. (Quite a shock to say the least. 😳) . . . If you want to match anything you already have for a younger sibling or even future sibling, please let me know so we can order before they are no longer available. We are just as disappointed as you are! 😢 . . #theorganicbloom #theorganicbloomframes