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1 week ago

[ #TheHangingCollection ] . So so happy that #LetsBeCreativeEveryone hit 1000 hashtags! 1k is not a lot to some but it’s still a milestone to me! Started this hashtag for fun inspired by @_yaisyusman_ and it turns out that a lot of you guys are using it too! . Thank you so much to those who have been using the hashtag! It’s indeed a joy to view all of your creative shots! Keep it coming guys! Let’s not stop sharing your creativity so others can gain inspiration from! So.. #LetsBeCreativeEveryone ! . PS. Tag your creative friends below so I can check out their feed! Or comment below if you always do Creative shots! . #ShotOniPhone #Beijing #CapitaLand

2 weeks ago

[ #InstameetShanghai ] . Happy National Day 🇨🇳! What are the odds that I’m here in China to experience their big day! It’s crowded. Nonetheless, you guys are great but your internet can really be a chore. Like really. . Any China instagrammer here? Comment 🇨🇳 or tag your friends from China! I wanna check out their feed! . #ShotOniPhone #iPhoneXSMax #Streets #Shanghai