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@_p_i_g_m_e_n_t_   I don’t know where I’m going...but it’s gonna be colorful!! Diary of a mad colorist NEW YORK

4 days ago

Here’s a different look with the hair I just colored. I liked it so damn much I shot it a few different times. I also painted ontop of it which I will post later. This here is all @manicpanicnyc hair color. First I lightened the areas where I wanted the clouds and then I added the direct dyes in the same way I would have painted them. Learning to Color hair in the same way I would approach a painting has really opened my eyes to a whole new world of creative freedom. I took a razor cutting class a few years ago with @barrowsalon And @ponysalon in San Francisco and they taught me to be more free flowing with my approach. To not be so technical and overthink it but rather approach it as a sculpture you are chiseling away at. It really blew my mind and has completely changed my approach to both color and cutting. It’s important to learn the rules, so you can become more comfortable with how to break them!

5 days ago

So this is all @manicpanicnyc Hair color! Once I started approaching color in the same way I approach art, more like a painting, it really was a game changer for me. I can’t even tell you how many trials and errors I have gone through to get to this point. Each time I try something new, it makes me crazy nervous because who the hell has time to make mistakes? Well, I guess I do, if those mistakes lead me to amazing discoveries #manicpanic #manicpanicprofessional #beautycon #beautyconnyc

5 days ago

How cool is this!! It is an actual photograph!!! Just in awe how the palm trees fit so perfectly in this bubble shot?!! It was taken by the amazing @nocturnalcoonz !!!! All of his photography is 👌🏽

5 days ago

One hundred percent. 💯

5 days ago

I used this for my color inspiration this week! Not sure who the original artist of this is tho. I found it on Pinterest! I love finding inspiration on there but a lot of times everything has been pinned so much it can be hard to figure out the original artist. #colorinspo

1 week ago

I have been asked a lot in my life, “so what’s it like to be a twin?” And my response is usually always the same, “well what’s it like NOT to be one?” But let me scratch that surface today just a little bit deeper. For me, It’s loving so deeply That part of you isn’t complete when they aren’t near. It’s like a piece of you is always with them and wherever they are. For a few years now we haven’t lived near each other. And it is still a very hard pill to swallow. Today is our birthday. It’s the day I think about her the most and how much I miss her and long for her to be apart of my everyday life again. Happy birthday Jamie! @themechanicalsheep Love you, to the moon and back.😘 #pinkfloyd #darksideofthemoon #manicpanicnyc #mehronmakeup #pinkfloydfan #pinkfloydfanart

1 week ago

@ohworditscathi love this! Had to share! Stay weird my friends 🤘🏽😜

1 week ago

••••Artwork: @indg0 •••• EVERY beam of light has shadows of darkness. That darkness is what supports that light. It is what makes that light shine so damn bright. The things that occur so naturally in this world can metaphorically teach us so much. Especially so when considering the importance of our own personal strengths and weaknesses. One thing I have learned thus far is how BOTH really do support one another. BOTH really do play a very important role in our long term success, and happiness....in this crazy thing........called LIFE. #mood #goodnight

2 weeks ago

This is all @mehronmakeup liquid body paint. Including the hair. My inspiration for this was a cross between pop art and pop culture graphics. As seen a lot in @obeygiant ‘s iconic work. This was also translated into 2D makeup form by @kutsanvaleriya1 which I used as a reference for this. Swipe to see her work. I have been wanting to turn myself into a painting for some time now, and I’m sure I will again! face/body painting is one of the things I want to incorporate into my photos more. I love telling a story through my art. I really am excited for this year of just finally really putting myself out there and being creative again. As a mom I tend to put myself on the back burner.... a lot! And I am finally in a place where I really realize the importance of making myself a priority too. Even if you lose a little sleep over it! So cheers to a great year you guys! And thank you so much for being a part of mine ❤️

2 weeks ago

My inspiration and reference for this look was a cross between pop art and pop art graphics. And the amazing @obeygiant ’s iconic work and style. Also translated into makeup by the very talented @kutsanvaleriya1 !! Check previous post on her work. I used it as my reference when doing this look. This is all @mehronmakeup even the hair is covered in paint. I wanted to make myself a real life painting this week. To recap: my 2yr old could not stop laughing at me, my 4yr old thought I looked creepy, my 9yr old was too busy building a blanket fort to care either way, and my 10yr old thinks I am the coolest mom ever 🤘🏽😎 #mehronmakeup

2 weeks ago

What’s black, white, and red all over??? • • • So I have been wanting to turn myself into a 2D painting (hair and all) for a while now. I just wanted to get some painting practice under my belt first! This is my first ever go at face painting and I couldn’t be happier with how it came out! It took about 3 hrs for the face and 3hrs for the hair (done on a separate day). This is actually the hair I colored last week. I just styled it differently then covered it in body paint to complete this. My inspo for this was @obeygiant iconic style which was translated so beautifully into a 2D makeup look by @kutsanvaleriya1 Please check my previous post on her work As it was used as my reference photo for this look. 🤘🏽😜 I hope you like it! This is all @mehronmakeup black, white, red and blue #mehronmakeup

2 weeks ago

I Used this photo as my reference this week. It is work from the amazing @kutsanvaleriya1 !!!! She has a lot of 2D face paintings out there! Check out her page because she is amazing 👌🏽 I particularly love this one so much! It reminds me of a cross between pop culture graphic art and the amazing @obeygiant iconic artistic style

2 weeks ago

Inspiration photo for this weeks creation comin at you hot! @malikafavre !!!! Her work is 👌🏽

2 weeks ago

I wanted to share something with you that I painted a while back, (swipe to see) I think it was the second thing I ever painted on hair. The birch trees was the first. I honestly absolutely loved this I could not believe I painted this! I do not consider myself a painter. I have never painted on paper before. I use to draw and doodle a lot when I was younger but I never messed with paint. Painting always intimidated me. Why I finally decided to start and decided to practice on hair, I do not know. It was just an idea I had and I thought, if it actually worked out, it would be so cool. My dad asked me “why don’t you just practice on paper first?” Actually, A lot of people asked me this! Ok so back to my story, I showed this painting to my twin @themechanicalsheep and she just absolutely loved it. She said Shannon that is amazing you better post this one. I showed a few other people and I got mixed reviews lol some people had no idea what it even was😂 and I let it get to me in the worst way. I started to doubt how good I thought it was and I started to see all the flaws in it. In the end I decided to wash it all off and I never posted anything with it. It is definitely a natural reaction to doubt yourself especially when you get negative feedback. It’s always the negative that seems to stick so damn well, right? And I hate that! So now when I make stuff I don’t show anyone the “process” anymore. I realized that it doesn’t matter if anyone else likes it or gets it. If I am proud of it and it makes me happy, then that’s all that matters. Oh crap and before I forget, this first photo with the words of wisdom I got from @tyler_spangler art page! You know how much of a fan of his I am🤘🏽😍