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@haleyphamspam  hi don’t follow you don’t want to know this much about my life

1 week ago

been trying to be a beauty guru since I was 10 but some dreams will always stay dreams

1 month ago

I’m being FORCED by my mother to give my dogs to a dog shelter this weekend so if you live in Texas and are interested I can tell you which shelter they’ll be at. Pls someone good take them I’m so worried about them 😭😭 (this shelter has a no kill policy btw)

1 month ago

these two pics were taken within 5 min of each other and WOW do they look different

1 month ago

This week has been awesome sauce to say the least

1 month ago

Moving out tmr. This is how I feel about it. Daily vlogs coming while I move though. So that’s fun.

1 month ago

Moving out this phriday and that is spooky! Leave your questions for a “moving out at 17” Q&A

1 month ago

I need to put Wally in Halloween costumes for a video this is a must

2 months ago

I’m moving out Jan/feb WHAT VIDS DO I MAKE and also I’m traveling for three weeks in December so do I make main channel or vlog channel vids there? (And what should they be hehe)

2 months ago

When I was little I used to vlog my trips to my grandparents house on this cam corder. I am so obsessed with creating at the moment that I feel like a mad scientist. Except really bad at math and science and only good at the creative stuff.

2 months ago

A real life photo taken of me at school today. A teacher tried to convince me to stay in school. But...I’m contemplating not. It’s Pham phriday. I’ll see you tonight girly pops

2 months ago

I never thought I’d post about a relationship this much Bc i think it’s #cringy BUT Ryan didn’t post this pic AND I DONT KNOW WHY so happy bday !!!!

2 months ago

cats outta the bag I guess. The cat is happy