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7 hours ago

An express pedicure with colour-changing shellac that is this sparkly black with multi-coloured sparkles in it when cold, that changes to a sparkly white with multi-coloured sparkles in it when warm. 🖤 With a sparkly silver accent nail. 👣✨ #enhancingestheticsbykrystal #yxe #yxenails #yxesalon #yxespa #yxeliving #saskatoon #saskatoonnails #saskatoonsalon #saskatoonspa #saskatoonliving #salon #spa #salonspa #nailsalon #esthetics #aesthetics #pedi #pedicure #expresspedi #expresspedicure #colorchangingnails #colourchangingnails #accentnail #pedicuredtoes #blacknails #follow #followme

11 hours ago

This is a Giveaway Post! We created this lovely set for our client @kuntz_01 so that it would match her graduation dress. She inspired us to create some Grad Specials! Please message us for the Grad Special details and to book an appointment Finally, we are doing a Grad Season Giveaway for helping us spread the news about our specials. We are giving away TWO nail sets for free! How to win: 1. Follow our page 2. Like this post/share this post/ add people in the comments who would want to know of this post 3. Winner will be announced Sunday May 26, 2019 @ 10:00 pm. 4. Have fun, thank you, and congratulations to all graduates!

16 hours ago

One of the questions I get most often from students & potential students alike: do I NEED a volume course? (yes, you do!) Can I just use pre-made fans? ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ There’s nothing like creating beautiful, healthy volume lashes. The way I break this down to students is simple: if pre-made volume lashes were as healthy, safe & great to use as a handmade volume lash, NOBODY would be out here hand-making them. 😅😉 • You’ll see brands advertising that their pre-made fans are “different” “better” or “just like a handmade fan”— the fact is, pre-made fans come with a pre-adhered base (whether it be adhesive or heat treated). This does two things: 1. Adds extra weight to our volume fan, creating more of a “clump” rather than creating everything we love about a handcrafted, virtually weightless volume lash 2. Prevents the beloved wrap we get from a handmade base on to the natural lash 💞 this wrap is the reason volume lashes are superior in lash health & retention. Without it, we’re just sticking something heavy on to the NL = no goodsies, & damage. 👎🏼 — YES, volume lashes are hard. YES, there’s a lot of dated misinformation out there. But as a lash artist, it’s our duty to ensure we’re using what’s best for our clients & not adding to the stigma that lash extensions do damage to the NL. Take a high quality volume course & learn to nail those happy, healthy handmade fans to ensure maximum lash health & a long-term, thriving career as a lash artist. Take pride in what you’re creating for your girls & the art of it all. 🙌🏻🎉

18 hours ago

All smiles with Holly and Ashley🤗 - Anytime Fitness is about YOU. We are driven by helping everyone get to a healthier place. It doesn’t matter where you started from or how many times you have tried and not succeeded. You are not alone - we are HERE FOR YOU. If you like one on one coaching, we have that. If you want group training, we have that. If you need accountability, we HAVE that. If you require a workout program, we have an APP for that. I know - you’re busy. Our lives are PACKED with work, kids, family, sports and all good things. We provide a convenient solution in the form of a surprisingly personable and welcoming atmosphere. As a member, you have actual 24/7 worldwide access, 365 days of the year. Make fitness work into your schedule any way you need to. Anytime is the “everyone gym”. Your key fob doesn’t just open the front door. It signs you in to be part of a family and COMMUNITY. It puts you in a place that you can truly set goals, make progress and execute the plan. We build each other up. Anyways, we know you’ll love it here...come down and see for yourself! - The Team at Anytime Fitness University Heights💜

18 hours ago

These adorable little ladies have been patiently waiting for me to paint their nails💕 We did flowers, stripes, and polka dots🥰 #yxenails #yxenailtech

23 hours ago

Purple with a bit of glitter on the ring finger

23 hours ago

✨Beginner & Advanced classes sold out into September 2019 🎉♡ . . While it’s been bittersweet to have cut down my time with my regular ladies, the fact that BW Beauty education has gotten to this point is indescribable! Thank you so much for loving it as much as I do. — I promise to continue to, every single day, (24/7🤭) stay on top of & one step ahead of the game to make the best education experience for you. 👩🏻‍🏫 my classes were founded on that promise after all... 😜 Don’t miss your chance to become a BW Beauty artist in 2019— classes are booking every day!

1 day ago

🍍 Shawty seen my wrist, said “it look like pineapple!” 🌴 handpainted cuties for my cutie @ashley.anne_photography 💕 I’m so excited to be included in the giveaway with this lovely lady. Check my Grad Giveaway post for details!!! . . . Products used: @enailcouturecanada Happy Gel in Crystal Clear @uglyducklingnails no.131, Ombré brush, Striper brush, Striper 2 brush @lightelegancehq Primary Yellow gel paint @amoreultima Mostly Moss . . . #lazyfoxnails #yxenails #yxebeauty #yellownails #ombrenails #pineapplenails #handpaintednailart #acceptingnewclients #yxenailtech #saskatoonnails

1 day ago

Accepting new clients ♡

1 day ago

Excuse me while I spend all of my money on BW Beauty swag. — It’s like a gift... from me, TO me, for being a boss babe. 🤷🏻‍♀️🛍💝

1 day ago

no stressin

1 day ago

Pretty pink...🌸

1 day ago

✋🏻Double tap to high five to that! Please don’t tell me what your favourite ‘c’ word is though if it’s not candles 🤨

1 day ago

🏝 Palm trees! ☀️ This is definitely on my list of favorite sets. Handpainting is one of my favorite things to do and something I’m constantly working on improving! 🎨🖍 . . . Products Used: @enailcouturecanada Happy Gel Crystal Clear @amoreultima Elite Black and Sculpt and Shine @novewholesale Fluorescent Pink glitter @canadanailsupplies Mylar Paper @uglyducklingnails Striper 2, no.007 & Matte Top Coat . . . #lazyfoxnails #closeup #palmtrees #yxenails #saskatoonnails #yxebeauty #saskatoonnails #yxenailtech #acceptingnewclients #handpainted #glitterfade #ombrenails

1 day ago

♡ Moonstone 🌙⭐️

1 day ago

Amazed myself yesterday with the help of @bwbeautyyxe 💞 👇🏻👇🏻 • There’s going to be a few new changes in the next few months and I’m super excited☺️. Because of all these new changes and a new certificate on my wall, I will be raising my prices July 1st! Let me know if you have any questions or concerns💞 • • • #nails #gelnails #polishedandpretty #nailtech #certified #nailstudio #perfectnails #nailinspo #nailsoftheday #warmannails #saskatoonnails #funnails #yxenails #nailit #dailynails #nailsdaily #nailitdaily #nailpromote #nailsdid #nailsoftheday #nailsdone #coffinnails #greynails

1 day ago

Gorgeous fill for my friend 🥰

1 day ago

Books are open again, accepting new PinkLadies!💅🏻💗 First time clients must book with a non-refundable deposit which is used towards their service. DM here or text to 306-221-6401 9am- 8 pm summer is here, so treat yo self to some pretty fingertips! ☀️ 🌱 Come get your swagger on at PinkTangerine • • #pinktangerine #sculptedgelnails #makeovers #pinktangerinelove #privatestudio #pinktangerinebeauty #pinkladies #yxenails #nailsofsk #nailsofsaskatoon #nails2inspire #nailprodigy #nailart #nailpro #nailgasm #gelnails #nailsoftheday #stilettos #306nails #nailsofinstagram #mistresspixtress #certifiednailtech #glitterqueen #nailvidoes #nailads #fairynailmother #donofthenailmafia.

1 day ago

We have our $20.00 Shellac Special on Thursday! May 23, 2019 We have most of our shellac services on sale. Please message us for details. We have limited spots available so don’t miss out. Message us or call 306-522-4455 to book your appointment

2 days ago

Good morning everyone! Let's have a chat about removals. Most people think that gel nails ruin your natural nails, but that's not true at all. It's the WAY they are removed that can be harmful. Pulling or ripping off your enhancements once you decide you're done with them is a big no no - this causes unnecessary damage and you will need to wait until the damage grows out to have healthy nails again. Even if you file them off, if you don't know what to look for, chances are you will overfile and cauze damage that way as well. Having a nail Technician properly remove the nails is the healthiest way to have them taken off. Some people feel they shouldn't have to pay for a removal so they remove them themselves... but isn't healthy nails worth the measley charge? I'd say hell yes! If you're taking a break from gel nails for the summer, please don't remove them yourself. Come see me and your nails will look as healthy as the ones in the photo! I promise 💁🏼‍♀️ #yxenails #nailtalk #nailremoval #healthynails #naturalnails