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2 weeks ago

Well turd 💩 it’s your Birthday , again , guess it’s kind of an annual thing. So as to not break tradition I shall wish you the regular ole hbd etc. Happy Birthday kiddo , 23 wowza your in the middle of your early twenties that’s soooo exciting! Mainly because you’re not homeless, or a felon , or a stripper 👍🏻(to my knowledge anyways). You are thriving dude and living it up in this world! You have carved a great path thus far and surrounded yourself with the best people who all love you so much ! Super dooper proud of you (yada yada yada). Thanks for being my person these past 23 years through the thick and the thin, the bologna sandwiches and the stolen easy bake oven cakes, the fashion shows and trampoline games , the “straight” me , the gay me , and all those times you make me laugh even when I am/ just want to be angry 😤. Super glad you turned out to be soooo much cooler than the movie Charlottes Web (3 year old me had serious tunnel vision when it came to watching a movie about a pig vs. going to meet my new baby sister, the decision struggle was real.) I love you so darn much , keep doing you , always keep challenging yourself and making new goals. Here’s to 23 , our “no boyfriends pact” ✊🏻(still going a little too strongly 😐) and many adventures ahead ! xoxo - Jayden #bologna #easybake #wheresthecake #ohmygoodness #strawsilagehay #twins #ostrichenest #iwantwilbur #youradopted #newsanchorparents #noboyfriends #singleAF #birthday + #cake = #birthdaycake @jorivictoor

1 month ago

1 month ago

Happy (almost) Christmas ;)