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Meet Allie ( @_alli3cat ) our WWOOFer and Lil' Smokey Jr. ! She and her partner Andre have been here on the farm for over two months already! (Dang, time flies) Driven by their passion to start their own farm, they came here all the way from Mobil, Alabama to join our faRmily for the season and gain meaningful experience and education. Their eagerness to learn and their work ethic inspires us all. #youngfarmers like these guys gives us hope for the future! Way to find a calling in food sovereignty, guys. Thanks for all you do!

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We believe in a future where everyone knows where their food comes from. We like to start the food education early. These summer campers at a school in Mill Valley are diggin’ the English shelling peas and strawberries. #youngfarmers #wherethewildthingsare #vitaminN (Nature)

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This week’s csa features Agretti from @swampyvalefarm 💚 . “Raw agretti leaves are tender and have a slightly acidic and salty taste, with a grassy undertone and a crisp, but succulent and fleshy texture. They are often steamed or boiled until soft, no more than 10-15 minutes and served with lemon slices and olive oil. Cooked agretti leaves taste somewhat like spinach, but with a pleasant and invigorating tart flavor and a bit more crunch than the all-mushy leafy green.” Credit to . #csa #supportnjfarmers #womenwhofarm #agretti #perennial #greens #heirloom #growninnj #jerseyfresh #rarecrops #specialtycrops #supportlocalfarmers #youngfarmers

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💕 As our anniversary creeps up AGAIN, here’s My Darling Sir Dylan of Crimplesham looking wonderful in #BritishTweedCo on our Wedding day! *He’s replicated this look at every single wedding, christening & occasion ever since so like a good strong marriage, it was a perfect investment!!! Now, I’m wondering if the @britishtweedco would make us a shorts version as my brother is getting married in Costa Rica next year & REALLY wants one!!! They have so so kindly given Sir Dylan a 10% discount by using the code ‘Florafairweather’ for all their made to measure suits. Pop to my Stories for lots more of our pics & the link to the website! 💗 . . . . . . . #norfolkweddings #bohobride #festivalbride #bohowedding #barnwedding #festivalwedding #tweed #tweedsuit #tbtc #tweedwedding #countrywedding #rockmywedding #rocknrollbride #hipsterwedding #beardlove #ihavethisthingwithbeards #ihavethisthingwithweddings #countrystyle #youngfarmers #countrybumpkinwedding #tweedstyle #highlandwedding #hippywedding #britishtweed #lovebritish #ad 💕 ❤️❤️❤️

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78% of the world's harvested irrigated crops area is in the Asian continent. While we love seeing crops growing in any part of the world, we are focusing on bringing GroGuru to the U.S. market first, then expanding world-wide! Click the link in our bio to learn more! . . . . #growth #health #jobs #agtech #agriculture #farming #growing #farmers #solution #onthefarm #soilhealth #organic #youngfarmers #farmersROCK #organicliving #gardenstories #organics #locallygrown #eatwell #freshproduce #indoorgrow #salinity #waterdrops #soilmatters

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If you haven’t got your summer copy of @inthecountryinsta yet then you need to! A wonderful country read with everything a country lover wants!

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Can you spot the student interns in the sea of foliage? (Extra points if you can read what they've spelled out with their bodies). Summer monsoons have arrived and the plants are going crazy! Join us for a community picnic at the garden on Thurs (7/19) from 6-8pm and share in the beauty of the garden. #covercrop #pollinatorhabitat #diversity #biodiversity #regenerativeagriculture #regionallyadapted #desertfarming #desertadapted #desertabundance #abundance #permaculture #soilhealth #soilbuilding #growbettertogether #interns #youngfarmers #womenwhofarm #peoplepowered #communitygarden #communitybuilding #picnic #communitypicnic

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#Repost @altrinchamyfc ・・・ We had a lovely evening looking through crops of spring wheat, barley and oats before a quick quiz of weed identification, last night at our Crop Walk and Talk. It was great to see other clubs join us! We all had an enjoyable and informative evening 🌾🚜

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Just pretending it's still the weekend 🌱🍷

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More dishes

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Red Cabbage 🌱 Day 10 🍃 They’re ready to start eating now. Harvest everything by day 14 and they’ll keep in your fridge for over a week with a dry paper towel. “New science reveals that red cabbage sprouts contain 40 times more vitamin E and six times more vitamin C, aka ascorbic acid, than the same veggie as a fully mature plant. That's a lot of colds prevented and inflammation decreased.” - Dr. Mercola

7 hours ago

Thrilled and honored (beyond words!) to be in this August’s edition of @sunsetmag. When you get your hands on this edition, check out page 60 for our story, “From the Ground Up; Meet the next generation of Northern California growers who went from novice to in the know by farming on their own terms.” It was a beautiful collaboration by author @mateoilasco + photographer @amydickerson_photographs that brought this story to life. Amazing to work with both of you! Featured farmers include @hobowinecompany @namu_farm and @joleeblooms

8 hours ago

Love this kid ♡ and love having chunks of time where my only priority is to hang out with him. Often I am so busy and I'm so overwhelmed with all there is to get done that I have a hard time focusing my presence on him and end up wishing he could entertain himself more. Parenting and running a business, especially a farm is more to juggle than i can express. This morning we played in the creek and it was great. . . #chrysalisearthfarm #farmingwithkids #womenwhofarm #youngfarmers #thisismotherhood #childhoodunplugged #magicofchildhood #slowingdown #naturalparenting

9 hours ago

She did it again, ladies and gentlemen! She drove from Alabama, she stayed 5 days, she helped me tackle lots of projects, she cooked, she babysat, and she was a huge blessing 🙌🏻. She also got to take home the first ripe 🍉 from the garden, weighing in at 38 lbs!! Thanks, Mom! 💗

10 hours ago

When I want my mom to smile and look happy, I suggest she think about my brother. Works every time. It’s been a crazy busy two weeks, and my mom returned home yesterday. It’s been wonderful and interesting and challenging to have help. Thanks, mom!

11 hours ago

June, Charles & Molly pose after covering our organic #openpollinated Green Finger Cucumber 🥒😀🥒

11 hours ago

Mid century Vintage c1960 German anatomical chart of cattle now available online & in store! Made by Jung Koch Quentell. Fantastic dark colours and beautifully aged consisting of 2 species of cow (Friesian & Jersey) and a bull. Also a cow skull, ruminant stomach, and an illustration of the leg bones. 46" x 37" #forsale #freshstock #anatomicalheart #anatomical #cow #anatomicalchart #chart #cattle #jungkochquentell #decorative #decorativeantiques #antiques #interior #interiorstyle #interiors #farmer #vet #youngfarmers #decor #mancave #style #butcher #butchers

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We're building another outdoor classroom at Windang PS. Here's a few pics from today showing some of the stages of construction if you're keen to build one for your school. As a school teacher, it's difficult to take students outside of the school grounds regularly so my aim is to bring outdoor, environmental education inside the school.

13 hours ago

А вот и он! Наш герой, без которого и не было бы фермы нашей... дерево вот вместе с собакой посадил😂😂

13 hours ago

It was great to have Meryl from 'Speak better English' join us on site and she was given the grand tour by her students Puri (centre) and Nha (right). These two are truly valued members of the Velisha team and we love being able to support them, and help them improve in their jobs by providing them with english lessons. We have to have a deeper reason than only profit when thinking about business, and nurturing our staff to grow is something we believe in dearly.

14 hours ago

Misty mountain mornings 🖤

18 hours ago

Tidak pernah berhenti belajar dan saling bertukar pengetahuan untuk membawa era baru pertanian Indonesia. Sebuah kolaborasi yang melibatkan banyak pihak agar pertanian Indonesia mampu bersaing dengan teknologi negara maju ___________________________________ Never stop learning and exchange knowledge to bring a new era of Indonesian agriculture. A multi-stakeholder collaboration for Indonesian agriculture to compete with the modern country

20 hours ago

CEO BIOPS Agrotekno Fahri sedang memberikan penjalasan tentang ENCOMOTION sebuah alat penyiraman otomatis yang dapat mengetahui jumlah air yang dibutuhkan untuk tanaman serta memberikan air kepada tanaman secara otomatis _________________________________ CEO BIOPS Agrotekno Fahri is explaining about ENCOMOTION an automatic watering device that can know the amount of water needed for the plant and provide water to the plants automatically

1 day ago

Iris has had a hard weekend 💤

1 day ago

Starting to appreciate things more in life now... things are on the up 😎👌🏻 onwards and upwards 😝🤓

1 day ago

In Larimer square at Slow Food Nations. Stop compromising in your food choices!

1 day ago

Taylor & Paul evaluate lettuce varieties in our Trials field. ⠀🌱

1 day ago

Having a serious ‘soil’ conversation on the farm with Cory Shallow, @ecoculture_farms , when the dog came around and ate his donut🤣☕️

1 day ago

When you wake up and know you're lookin extra fly ✔ Red dog feeling his oats 🌟

1 day ago

A quintessentially country combination... perfect for @thegamefair in just 2 weeks! New hat pin designs available online now... and why not pair it with a simply beautiful @clareshawfineart silk scarf!

1 day ago

Feeding the chickens by putting feed on his shoe. Always interesting to see what he comes up with. We started raising chickens just like we started everything else, a few for ourselves and some to share... That exploded quickly! We just sent our third group of broilers out to fresh grass this week! • • Have you tried our pasture raised chicken yet? It's homegrown delicious! • • Find us at the @madnfm Sunday mornings or check out our website for delivery. #chickenwrangler #pastureraised #pasturedchicken #homegrown #wisconsingrown #fischerfamilyfarm #madisonfoodies #farmfresh #knowyourfarmerknowyourfood #dontbuyfoodfromstrangers #farmkid #farmraised #localfood #iamcountryside #wisconsin #wisconsinfarm #youngfarmers #modernfarmer #realfood #realpeople #farmtotable #pasturetoplate #chickenlife #wisconsinlife #countrysideandfarmlife #lifeonthefarm #lifeouthere #raisedright

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We are patiently (or maybe impatiently 😉) waiting for these watermelons to grow! Watermelon may be one of our favorite summer treats!

1 day ago

Oh lucky ones ... ducks are getting outside this afternoon for their very first ... quack quack quack !! (I’m keeping 20 feet away just in case something should come flying from the sky) ☀️🦆🦆🦆😁