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1 hour ago

#20 of 24 • Luke Stay, PT flying in direct from Australia! • I am taking part in the #24in24 challenge to raise money and awareness for veteran mental health organisation @Rock2RecoveryUK • “I was asked by friend and MyManor coach Ben John if I was up for a challenge and raising awareness for a great cause and I couldn’t say no. I am doing this for everyone who carries scars that you cannot see but the feeling is all too real. I firmly believe in standing by your mates through thick and thin, helping others realise that it’s not weak to speak and that you’re never alone, no matter how hard life gets!” - @turbo.nine.tee • 24 Participants 24 Hours 24 Training sessions • This brutal 24 hr training session will take place in @MCP_manor , to launch London’s newest, unconventional, training facility in SW1. • The MCP space and sessions were set up with a focus on the mental aspect of physical training, to get people comfortable with the utterly uncomfortable to help develop resilience and grit. • Please support us by donating whatever you can afford on our Go Fund Me page - link in bio. • To find out more about the #24in24 campaign – link in bio and follow the journey @mcp_manor #24in24 #Rock2recovery #mcp #strongnotsilent #mymanor #mentalhealth #ptsd #veterans

4 hours ago

Wanna know how I get yard work done as a busy momma? 😀 Stick Julian in the stroller with keys, milk, and a pacifier 😀 I also let him play in his pool and with the water table while I did some weeding ( by hand) Wish I could have his life. My yard may look good now, well decent, but my stupid hands and fingers are all messed up. Why I hate wearing gloves I don't know. #yardwork #sorefingers #handtrimmer #momlife #gotitdone #needaweedwacker

5 hours ago

I started the morning digging by hand. After 5 hours, I had half of the trench done. @theresa.law encouraged me to rent some equipment to make the project go better, so I popped over to Rushmore Equipment and rented a mini excavator. The rest of the trench took about 40 minutes, including the learning curve. @theresa.law wanted to play with the excavator, so she dug the end of the culvert trench out. Then I unloaded some gravel in the bottom of the trench. I won’t have a plate compactor until tomorrow, so I just put a thin layer down until I can get it packed. I am very proud of the results of my ongoing #weightlossjourney and #strongmantraining. A year ago it would have been absolutely impossible for me to do this kind of work for a whole day. More progress tomorrow! #yardwork #retainingwall #shouldhaverentedthediggerfirst #does5hoursofdiggingcountasaworkout #strongmancardio #functionalstrength

5 hours ago

Something we’ve been wanting to do, meaning to do, since we bought our house is landscape. This past weekend we FINALLY got around to it and I couldn’t be happier with the progress we’ve made! Excited to plant some things, get rid of the rest of the weeds and buy a picnic table for under the pine trees! #landscaping #homeowner #beforeandafter #transformation #weedsbegone #yardwork

6 hours ago

So we did this thing...our lil miss is at camp for the whole week and she has had a rough couple years. Last summer she fell in love with a couple horses and we dreamed up bringing them home one day. Unfortunately, those plans fell through, but...as luck would have it, we found a beautiful horse that is sweet and needed a new home. So we bought him! As of tomorrow evening, we will officially be horse owners! And she doesn't even know! Best surprise ever! . . . As parents, we are excited, we are scared, we are nervous, but we know she will take this opportunity to grow and learn and this will be part of her home education in the coming year. Wish me luck ya'll ;) 👩‍🌾 . . . #brittanyschuverva #horseowner #newhorseowner #farmgirl #newadventure #farmsweat #yardwork #getreadyforthehorse #newtodolist #vaneeded #virtualassistant #newlifebeginning #lifechanges #younghorse #horse101 #lifechange #imnotafarmgirl

6 hours ago

After a stressful day, is it weird that I decompress by mowing my lawn on my mower? Haha I’m into it. That storm sky to the south though! #stormstothesouth #yardwork 🚜

6 hours ago

I planted a little blackberry bush I got on clearance last Fall and it’s setting fruit 😍Super excited to eat our own blackberries even if we only get a few. Also looking for small triumphs in my waterlogged garden. Tonight Lincoln and I picked a few strawberries 🍓from the dwindling crop, a couple of peas that are finally producing, a sample of two lettuce leaves 🥬 and some tiny carrots 🥕He has been dying to see if the carrots are ready and I pulled two of the ones that were growing too close. We hosed them down outside and did a taste test of a yellow and orange carrot. Yellow was the winner 🎉

6 hours ago

I came across these (obviously diseased) trees today. Can anybody tell me what is wrong with them? (Fire at the Burns house this weekend) #yardwork #itneverends #treedisease

6 hours ago

Aneila and I have an agreement: She mows the back yard and I mow the front and side yards. It seems like a raw deal for me, since my portion takes way longer, but she does all the laundry, cooking, and dishes, which seems like a raw deal for her, but I do all the phone calls and emails, manage bookings, expense reports, web work and photos, and check in guests, which seems like a raw deal for me, but Aneila cleans all the bathrooms, so I’m just going to not complain and hope she doesn’t ever ask me to help with that. - ... - ... - #mowing #summer #virginia #getoutside #bedandbreakfast #fujixt2 #virginiaisforlovers #innkeepersdiaries #cavehillfarmbedandbreakfast #harrisonburgva #shenandoahvalley #fuji400h #letsgosomewhere #fujifilm #shenandoah #historicbedandbreakfast #fujixseries #cavehillfarm #outdoors #mowingtheyard #yardwork #johndeere #innkeeping #innkeeper #cutgrass

6 hours ago

As one who takes the trash out 99.9% of the time, I've become THAT Dad. The one who scowls when someone hasn't flattened a box before putting it in the recycling. The one who'll call you out if he sees black plastics in the recycling instead of the garbage. But it would seem that I'm in a very vocal MINORITY because the City of Toronto wants its 2.9 million citizens to remember WHICH waste goes in what BIN. ⠀ ⠀ And there's no waste worth getting right more than HHW—Hazardous Household Waste. ⠀ ⠀ Hazardous Household Waste is the kind of stuff that can be harmful to humans, animals and the environment when it's not disposed of properly. Stuff like propane tanks. Fuel canisters from camp stoves. Partially-full aerosol cans and poisons. People throw this kind of stuff out every DAY without knowing there's a better—and SAFER way to go about it! ⠀ ⠀ Like at one of the city's six Drop-Off Depots, or at one of its Community Environment Days. Or—yes —they'll even PICK IT UP FROM YOUR HOME with the Toxic Taxi Program! There are so many options and you NEED to check them out. ⠀ ⠀ Get to toronto.ca/HHW to learn more!⠀ ⠀ @CityOfTO @CityOfToronto #HHW ⠀ ⠀ #ad

7 hours ago

AllPro LawnCare Ready to tackle all your lawn maintenance needs. Serving all the Inland Empire areas and more. Call us now for a free quote and schedule your next service or follow the link on our profile and book request your quote on our Yardbook official page. #lawncare #landscaping #lawn #lawnmowing #mowing #lawnservice #grass #landscape #gardening #stihl #lawnmaintenance #instagram #of #lawncarelife #landscapers #garden #lawnmower #gardenmaintenance #landscapedesign #lawnporn #propertymaintenance #yardwork #landscaper #greengrass #mower #landscapersofinstagram #commercial #entrepreneur #outdoorliving #businessowner

7 hours ago

Big plans with a little(or no) budget? Two nights of no rain and @dberger5189 has this ginormous stump and roots out🌳💪 Harper helped by playing guitar and dancing for entertainment. Hudson helped by causing mischief! #shapingup #yardwork #hulkhusband

2 months ago

🇩🇴🌎ESPAÑOL: Papi nada más no es bonito. Hay que ensuciarse! Ya es esa temporada del año. Me encanta trabajar en la casa y hacer proyectos. Primavera/Verano.🤗😁 🇺🇸🌎ENGLISH: Daddy is not just pretty. Got to get dirty! It is already that time of the year. I love to work around the house and do projects. Spring/Summer.🤗😁🧘🏽‍♀️🧘🏽‍♂️🙏🏽🤴🏽👸🏽✌🏽👍🏼👌🏽⚘🦂🙈👽📽📸 ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆