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43 minutes ago

Moss Rose and Nasturtium💞 #nofilter

2 hours ago

Front yard demo garden progress GARDEN JOURNAL. I recently amended my corner demo garden and mulched to prep for monsoon seed planting. First luffa is growing and luffa flowers are abundant. Sunflowers from early season are setting seed and the birds are gorging themselves while I try to save seeds. Second sowing of sunflowers are starting to flower. Eggplant and Armenian cucumber are producing steadily. Melon seedlings that were planted a few weeks ago are growing. Zinnia are blooming. Cowpeas are growing pods, I snacked on a few young pods over the weekend and they are delicious! Looking forward to planting amaranth, more cowpeas (I just learned there is a purple variety!!), melons, squash, basil, etc. Still trying to get my hands on tepary bean seeds.

5 hours ago

Sweet Basil from the deck... I have a bunch of basil to harvest today so I started on the deck. It's going to thunderstorm again later so I better get moving! There are 6 more types getting a haircut today... #goodmorning #basilharvest #myvictoryharvest #basilonthetable #yardtotable #givemeallthebasil 🌱🌱🌱 🍃 🍃 🍃 #gardenlove #marylandgardener #allergywife #allergychef #wildfoodlove #wildernessculture #natureaddict #eatlocal #thegreatoutdoors #keepitwild #getoutside #naturelovers #stayandwander #organicgardening #homegrown #gyo #sharingiscaring

6 hours ago

Chicago Hardy Fig. I am super excited because I now have 2 fig trees! Even though I keep thinking they are goners from the flooding they never let me down. I have only been able to get figs one year from one tree but hopefully they will grow quick and surprise me this year. 🌿🌿🌿 #determination #mothernatureknowsbest #figs #babytree 🍃 🍃 🍃 #garden #love #marylandgardener #allergywife #allergychef #wildfoodlove #wildernessculture #natureaddict #eatlocal #thegreatoutdoors #keepitwild #getoutside #naturelovers #stayandwander #organicgardening #homegrown #gyo #yardtotable #sharingiscaring

7 hours ago

Shipping’s done, time for fun, Barcelona here we come. My studio dream team still shipping while we are traveling so reach out 24/7 on line. Off to get inspired and do some photo shoots with bowls full of Barcelona bounty. We always bring bowls to leave behind with the wonderful people who host us. We love knowing our bowls are on tables all over the world. We’ve been making these for over 25 years, handmade in the Hudson Valley. Maker magic starts here. Grateful to my amazing team that makes it all possible. Let us know when we can serve you. 💕

16 hours ago

I also grow alot of the food i cook, from yard to table. The ladies putting out lots of peppers, the cherry pepper plants are exploding, have a handful of lemon x reapers, some santa fe, cajun belle, big bertha bells, roma tomatoes and peach scotch bonnets —— Make sure to like LIKE, FOLLOW, and SHARE. Catch me on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter @chefmarkell or click the name up top 👆🏾 —— #chefmarkell #cookingwithkell #food #foodie #omnomnom #foodporn #foodenvy #lvfood #eatlv #lasvegasfood #lveats #soulfood #creole #cajun #farmtotable #yardtotable

22 hours ago

⛈ Storms are about to roll in, but I was lucky enough to catch these two beauties soaking up the sun before the clouds showed up.

23 hours ago

Fortunate to celebrate some dear dads today and I just love filling these beer stein souvenir mugs from European travels with flowers from our yard. Aren’t they perfect? 🌺 Just this week I realized I’ve been filling vases from our yard since February! #wildvirginiawinters From hellebore to narcissus, forsythia, roses, lillies and irises, peonies, lavender, hydrangeas and filling in with all the greenery...ferns, lambs ear, dusty miller, herbs 🌿 and weeds 😍😍😍 what a sweet gift that keeps on giving with more to come. Happy Father’s Day! #fathersday #familytimeisthebesttime #freshflowers #locallygrown #beelover #simpledecor #yardtotable #simplecelebrations #weekendlife

1 day ago

I spy my first mammoth snow pea of the year! They are late because of this intense early heat but a big thank you again to @johnkeith1 for sharing his shade cloth with me, it totally saved them! I have to grow these in their own bed away from our other foods because my husband is allergic to all beans and peas. I love them, so I kept growing them but don't worry because they don't typically make it out of the garden before they are in my belly! Take a look at how I tie them up with garlic greens at the bottom of the picture... I have always used grass and long leaves to tie off plants because they decompose and move easily as the plants grow. No waste and no cuts into stems from hard cords or metal. #snowpeas #garlicties #latepeas #betterlatethannever #anaphylaxis #foodallergyawareness 🌱🌱🌱 🍃 🍃 🍃 #garden #love #marylandgardener #allergywife #allergychef #wildfoodlove #wildernessculture #natureaddict #eatlocal #thegreatoutdoors #keepitwild #getoutside #naturelovers #stayandwander #organicgardening #homegrown #gyo #yardtotable #sharingiscaring

1 day ago

i finally got some fat female blue claws after scouring the markets (finally found some on my 6th trip) to make #ganjanggejang which is korean raw soy marinated crabs. after marinating overnight, i squeezed the creamy roe and tamale and succulent sweet meat out onto a bowl of white rice, topped with an egg yolk from my ducks, some chives and sesame leaf (shiso) from the garden. ahhh there was a reason i craved this so much.... there is a recipe floating around on my blog #instafood #tasty #yummy #blueclaws #yardtotable #gardentotable #homecook #homechef #delicious #crab #crablover #koreanfood

1 day ago

No, I did not walk around the Yarm singing 🎶Baby Pep Pep Pep🎶 to the tune of Baby Shark after finding this beautiful little baby bell, that would be ridiculous! Ok.... I totally did that.... But I was really excited! First pepper on the scene and we are heading into a week of rain and heat so (hopefully) there are plenty more to come. #downontheyarm #macro #macrophotography #macrogardenphotography #gardenphoto #bellpepper #peppers #sweetpepper #babyplants #tinyvegetables #gardenexcitement #yardtotable #eatwhatyougrow #growyourownfood #eddiblegarden #kitchengarden #victorygarden #smallspacegardening #urbangardener #babyshark #plantpotters

1 day ago

Squash bouquets. Last succession of peppers going in. Farming with friends. #yardtotable

1 day ago

Oooh, I’m so excited for another round of planting seeds!! If you live in the low desert of Arizona this is the time to start planting your monsoon garden. Monsoon has become my favorite gardening season because I get crops that last well into fall. The biggest issue that I have with planting a monsoon garden is that it’s hard to pull out plants to make room for fall crops. What will you be planting? My daughter heard me going through my seeds and said “you look so happy shuffling through your seeds. All I hear is shuffle, shuffle, shuffle.” We talked about seeds for a bit and when I found a pack of sorghum said “hmmmm, I wonder what sorghum looks like?” Her response “ooooh Sorrrrghuuuum. That’s fun to say!” Lol

1 day ago

🍆 My first #eggplant flower has appeared in the greenhouse.

1 day ago

My two new favorite flowers this season = teddy bear sunflowers and zinnia. The sunflowers are only about 18” tall which would make them perfect for lining a walkway. I’ll be saving as many seeds as possible so that I can have a second round of plants late this summer. I will also be saving zinnia seeds.

2 days ago

Watching this pair of verdin bathe in the water droplets on my sunflower leaves this morning made my day! Plant it and they will come! Create a wildlife oasis in your own backyard 💕

2 days ago

Yummmmy alert! I sauteed yesterday's Cherry Bomb pepper in a little butter with fresh dinosaur kale and swiss chard from the garden. I finished everything with a drizzle of candied jalapeno syrup and the sweet vinegar made this side dish an instant favorite! I will grow these Cherry Bomb peppers from now on instead of bell peppers. They are about 2 inches in diameter and taste similar a red bell, but lighter and sweeter with no aftertaste/burping/indigestion. Plus, they don't have to stay on the plant as long as a standard bell, so they're less likely to have bug damage by harvest time. I do not usually like raw peppers, but I would love this variety served raw in a salad or hummus plate. I highly recommend!

2 days ago

my squash beds changed so much in just 3 days — sometimes I think I grow this quickly too #yardtotable

2 days ago

Our very own secret garden. 💜🌿 Happy Saturday friends.

2 days ago

Wayne just told me that he thinks these luffa grow 6” a day. They are growing fast but not THAT fast! I’ll take another photo in two weeks to see just how fast they are growing. The long beans aren’t growing nearly as fast.

2 days ago

My okra plants are still so small that I didn’t think to check them to see if they were producing yet. Yahoo! I’ll be swimming in okra soon. A lot of people don’t like okra and I cannot figure out why. If you’ve never tasted home grown okra don’t come to the conclusion that you don’t like it. It has become one of my favorite hot weather veggies. My favorite is the Red Burgundy variety. It’s not too late to get seeds on the ground! This plant loves the heat.

2 days ago

This is one of the biggest gypsy peppers I’ve grown! This pepper was planted last year and has actually had a bit of a tough time. It hasn’t grown much in height but it does give a good amount of peppers. After this season I’ll pull it to see if there’s anything weird going on with the roots.

2 days ago

Tomato row had to be covered due to pesky birds. I hate covering my garden because it creates an eyesore but the birds were doing too much damage. I have three other tomato plants that are not on tomato row that I was hoping wouldn’t need to be covered but today told me that I better put tulle on or I’ll lose the whole crop. Note to self - its much easier to cover plants that are planted in groups rather than individual plants.

2 days ago

I was stoked about these early tomatoes until I saw this blossom end rot. The tomatoes haven’t liked our cold and wet days this spring. We have another plant or two with root rot due to all the rain. This one seems to be laughing at me.... #tomato #gardenfail #grow

2 days ago

The garden tour is tomorrow. 😬😬😬 Here is a sneak preview!

2 days ago

Damn it! Again!!

2 days ago

. Robbing Here’s an example of what robbing looks like and how it differs from orientation flights. The invaders are in a frenzy, desperately looking for any way in. At this point they don’t know where the real entrance is. The demeanor and the sound of robbing bees are more frantic as opposed to the happy buzz of new bees crawling up the front of the hive before making looping flights near the entrance. The invaders often fall off the the top of the hive when too many gather in one spot, looking for admittance. This post is for my bee buddies in Colorado @homesteadinthehood . 🐝Bee Fact 🐝 All honey bees are potential robbers and will raid other weaker hives in the area if given the chance. This behavior is most likely in times of dearth, meaning there is no food available in the environment. Once a hive is being rob it is difficult to stop the invaders from coming back and they will most likely take every bit of stored food in the hive if the bees inside are not strong enough to prevent their entrance. Beekeepers can do a few things to help or prevent damage due to robbing. We can refrain from opening a hive during a dearth, open feed away from the hive before opening a hive during these times, and we can make the entrance very small. There are also robbing screens which make it complicated for invades to find the way in. #BeeBandits #Robbing #Dearth2018 #BeekeeperProblems . #Beekeeping #FlowHive #FarmHer #SaveTheBees #entomology #beehive #allthingsbees #apiculture #abeille #ruche #apiary #пчеловодство #bienen #abejas #UrbanBeekeeping #pollen #backyardbees #inspirationpollination #bugslife #gardening #growyourown #backyardgarden #yardtotable #macro_mood #nature_of_our_world #Instabee

2 days ago

Green light! Red light!🚦 I harvested my first Cherry Bomb Pepper today! I hope to sautee it with tonight's dinner and then I can report back on the flavor. Thanks, again @mm4gardens You are "the bomb!"💣🙌👯 . . . . . #mm4gardensfallseedswap #cherrybomb #cherrybombpeppers #heirloomseeds #heirloompeppers #unique #seedswaps #seedswap #growwhatyoueat #seedsaving #💣 #🚦 #🚥 #redlightgreenlight #sweetpepper #todayshavest #yardtotable #aglanta #urbanfarming #urbanag #atlanta #hotlanta #eatthis #tasty #growfoodnotlawns #ediblelandscape

2 days ago

Look at these teeny olives!!! 😍 They're the first olives this tree has set. When I first started my little farm, I bought this Arbequina olive tree with visions of gallons of homemade olive oil, TOTALLY not understanding how long it takes for fruit trees to grow & set fruit, nor how many olives it takes to make a whole gallon of oil, lol! These babies have been a long time coming and certainly not enough for oil (yet), but I am so excited that the tree is fruiting! #homesteadingadventure #growingolives #urbanfarming #organicgardening #homegrownproduce #tinyfarm #foodforestgarden #growyourfood #containerfruittrees #containergardening #yardtoface #yardtotable #backyardfarming

2 days ago

So much growth! We’ve picked 2 🥒 so far. Trimming bad leaves off every morning and picking the bad beetles off.

3 days ago

What a difference a month makes. These pics are from early May and early June here in zone 6a. #tomatoes and #peppers coming along!