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It is never too early to think about next year's celebrations #WorldEggDay

1 month ago

#Repost @physicianscommittee ( @get_repost ) ・・・ It’s time to crack the shell on #WorldEggDay and deliver #TheTruthAboutEggs ! . . . Here are half a dozen reasons why eating eggs is not something we should be celebrating: 1. They are loaded with cholesterol 2. Eggs have ZERO fiber 3. 140,000+ illnesses each year are caused by eggs contaminated with salmonella 4. Eating eggs increase your risk of developing heart disease and diabetes 5. 70% of their calories come from SATURATED FAT 6. Eating eggs may increase your risk of developing cancer of the colon, prostate, and bladder

1 month ago

What did the egg do when it saw the frying pan? It scrambled. 😜 #lamemomjoke . What’s your favourite way of eating eggs? 🍳🥚 I’m a sunny-side up gal (☝🏻), whilst my kiddos are all for scrambled eggs (can’t turn a balloon into scrambled eggs as easily tho 😉). My current favourite quick breakfast or lunch is avocado egg toast (such a good upgrade from regular avo toast) and I’ve put my favourite (super easy!!) recipe on the blog. I also added some fun facts about eggs that I had absolutely no idea (e.g. what the egg yolk colour means and the difference between brown and white eggs). I’ve put the link in my bio for those interested! #sponsored #WorldEggDay @eggsoeufs

1 month ago

I learned something pretty cool from Egg Farmer Francis: White eggs come from hens with white feathers and brown eggs come from hens with brown feathers 🤯 They are nutritionally the exact same with about 70 calories, 6 grams of protein, and a generous helping of vitamins...and so delicious! What's your favourite way to eat eggs? @eggsoeuf #partner #WorldEggDay 🥚 . . . @kamaramorozukphoto #yowcitystyle #yow #ottawa #613 #ottawablogger #ottawalife #myottawa #igersottawa #eggs #eggs 🍳 #zaradaily #pompoms #ottawamom #ottawastyle #thehappynow #liveauthentic

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😱Last year we posted this pic for Art Appreciation Day, which is a kinda defunct day now, but luckily we found better home for it. Today is brought to you by those quirky guys at ‪‬ who have a stack of unique celebrations to keep you and your body healthy. There’s nothing worse than bottling up all those frustrations in life, so on this one day, release them into the sky, and be rid of them forever. The exact moment to scream is ‪12pm‬, Greenwich, London time, but as we would get too frustrated to work out what time that is here in Melbourne, Australia, we suggest to scream, for 30 seconds, any time during this day. Olly is feeling better already! 🥚When it comes to healthy eating, look no further than the humble egg. In fact, eggs are second only to mother’s milk for human nutrition, so it is only natural we give them a whole day of celebration with The average hen will lay about 300-325 eggs per year, which is pretty impressive, but still slightly lower than the 365 photos Olly hatches every year. @world_egg_day . . . ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ double tap the picture to show your love to 365 Days of Olly by liking 💖 the post want to see more great Pugs posts, head to @ollydayz profile and start following. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Want your Pugs to featured here, Tag 🎯 us in your post, or DM a picture 📸 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #InternationalMomentOfFrustrationScreamDay , #WorldEggDay. #screaming #screams #edvardmunch #thescream #spookyart #scaryart #arttherapy #artnerd #frustration #letitallout #dailydoseofpugs #badasspugclub #oct12 #ollydayz #celebrateeveryday #melbourneigers #igersmelbourne #pugsofinstagram #weeklyfluff #fawnpug #buzzfeeddogs #pugsnkisses #pugdaily #puglife 🐾 #eggseggseggs #hatchling #babypug #eggs 🍳

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It's not breakfast without eggs. With that perfect balance of protein and fats, not to mention they are SO versatile: eggs are definitely a go-to for me. Recently, I put my teacher hat on and attended the @eggsouefs #WorldEggDay celebration at my favourite place (the grocery store). A local egg farmer educated shoppers about egg nutrition, egg farming, and handed out coupons! It was super fun and I'm recapping everything on the blog today. Don't miss it. #ad . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #thehappynow #thatsdarling #darlingmovement #instagood #petitejoys #canadianblogger #darling #chasinglight #myunicornlife #halifaxblogger #exploremore #maxyourdays #liveauthentic #pursuepretty #musings #foodie #foodpics #nsfarmers #halifaxblogger

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[ #ad ] The boys had so much fun asking questions and learning all about eggs at #WorldEggDay Up on the blog is our experience, what we learned and Jackson’s reaction to learning how many chickens the farmer had - so glad I caught it on camera! @eggseoufs did an amazing job with the event and we will be attending the next one! Comment below how you like your 🥚 cooked!

1 month ago

Move over salt bae, here comes sprinkle bae! 😜 . But for real though, these cupcakes are outta this world delicious! And you want to know the secret ingredient? It’s….. eggs! Yup, you heard me. The simple yet enormously complex egg is the cornerstone of baking so you better believe I was egg-static to celebrate #WorldEggDay with local Abbotsford egg farmers, Jon and Mark, last Friday. They completely amazed me with their knowledge, commitment and passion to their trade and completely wowed me with all of their amazing facts! Want to find out what I learned? Find out in today’s blog post — direct link in bio. #ad @eggsoeufs

1 month ago

World Egg Day is gone but the truth behind eggs remains! Take a look inside the book I made recently by clicking on the link in bio 🐣

1 month ago

👆Me and my new egg farmer friend, Francis. Canadian eggs are produced in every province, including the Northwest Territories by more than 1,000 farm families, and they hustle hard to make sure they arrive fresh to our supermarkets within less than a week. All eggs in our grocery stores actually come from these local farmers! I've gotta say, I have a whole new appreciation for eggs now. Show our egg farmers some love and leave a ❤️ in the comments below! @eggsoeufs #partner #WorldEggDay

1 month ago

Earlier this month I was invited to the most beautiful breakfast hosted by @clarence_court to celebrate #WorldEggDay , resplendent with a host of dishes inspired by global recipes especially created for the occasion by @millycookbook. I had to dash before the food was served so have borrowed the final snap (of the Swedish Kropkappor) from the very talented @catherine_frawley instead. Don’t they look delicious? . . . #clarencecourt #eggsforbreakfast #foodie #fooddiscovery #foodstagram #instafood #food #foodpics #foodblogger #allofthefood #eatinglondon

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Kemerburgaz çevresinde şans eseri önüme çıkan bu güzelliğin adı Boletus Edulis(Ayı Mantarı).🍄 🍄 Yaklaşık 1 kilo kadar bulabilmiştim ve yumurta ile lezzetli bir pazar kahvaltısı etmiştik. 😋 Makarna sosu olarak veya sade tereyağı ve kekikle de tüketilebilir.🤙🏻 #tbt #mantar #mushroom #boletusedulis #kemerburgaz #egg #worldeggday #tbt

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Amei 🎁 @ovosrs 👏🏻em comemoração ao Dia Mundial do Ovo 🥚que é sempre em #Outubro de cada ano . Essa #omeletera usarei muito por aqui .🥚🍳 . “Ovo 🥚 o alimento mais completo .” Campanha “Uma dúzia de Profissões Maravilhosas “... muito criativo 🥚🥚🥚🥚 . . . #umadúziadeprofissionaismaravilhosos #campanhadoovo #amoovos #ovosmoles #ovosmexidos #profissionaismaravilhosos #ovosrs #ovosrs #worldeggday #semanadoovo #ovoésaúde #nutrição #alimentosaudável

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Protein merupakan komponen utama sel manusia karena berfungsi sebagai zat utama pembentukan dan pertumbuhan tubuh. Protein bisa berasal dari tumbuhan maupun hewan ternak. Protein hewani mempunyai kelebihan dibandingkan dengan protein nabati yaitu bisa dimanfaatkan seluruhnya oleh tubuh karena mengandung asam amino esensial yang lengkap dalam jumlah seimbang dan mudah dicerna oleh tubuh. Itulah sebabnya sumber pangan protein hewani mempunyai kualitas gizi yang lebih dibandingkan protein nabati. Ternak unggas merupakan salah satu jenis ternak yang paling banyak memenuhi kebutuhan protein hewani manusia. Selain itu, harga per gram protein hewani paling murah terdapat pada produk unggas, baik telur maupun daging ayam broiler. Harga per gram protein telur dan daging ayam broiler di Jakarta pada bulan Mei 2014 masing-masing yaitu Rp 144 dan Rp 162. Semakin tingginya permintaan konsumen terhadap produk pangan sumber protein hewani khususnya daging ayam berbanding lurus dengan meningkatnya penawaran produk tersebut. Produsen terus mencoba memenuhi kebutuhan konsumsi daging ayam di masyarakat. Semakin bertambahnya jumlah produsen daging ayam berdampak pada semakin ketatnya persaingan untuk memperebutkan konsumen. Oleh karena itu, produsen harus dapat membuat inovasi yang dapat menarik minat konsumen. Salah satu produk makanan olahan dari daging ayam yang banyak digemari yaitu ayam geprek. Ayam geprek merupakan produk olahan daging ayam yang digoren dan kemudian digeprek dengan tambahan cabai, garam dan bawang putih. Ayam geprek banyak disukai khususnya di kalangan mahasiswa. Selain rasanya yang enak, harga ayam geprek juga relatif lebih murah dibanding dengan olahan makanan lainnya. Ayam geprek juga mempunyai tingkat level kepedasan yang bermacam-macam, dan tentunya menjadi daya tarik tersendiri bagi para pencinta makanan penas. Yuk ikutan lomba @hatn_worldegg guys! @fariddaal @rivolap @atemojo @azwaralvian @dandy.riswanto Sudah coba ayam geprek? Yuk comment seberapa pedas ayam geprek yang pernah kamu cobain.. Jangan sampai kalah pedas sama omongan mantan yaa.. ✌✌ #WorldEggDay #WorldEggDay2018 #hatnpinsar

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Portem des de 2012 lluitant pel benestar de les nostres gallines! Ara et toca a tu. Puja una foto amb el nostres ous i podràs guanyar 500€. Tota la info al link de la bio . ¡Llevamos desde 2012 luchando por el bienestar de nuestras gallinas! Ahora te toca a ti. #Rompeunhuevocagefree por el bienestar de las gallinas y podrás ganar 500 € Toda la info en el link de la bio . . #GallinasConsentidas #worldeggday #egg #eggs #ou #ous #huevos #huevo #gallinas #bienestaranimal #cagefree #terresdelebre

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So what better way to spend half term than doing some practical science! 🔬 One of our hens has been wandering off and laying her eggs under a bush in next door’s garden, so off we went to retrieve 11 beautiful blue eggs! 🥚 We then had to work out if they were still fresh enough to use! One bowl of water, and we could do that very easily! If they lie on their side on the bottom, they are good to use. If they stand up, use them soon or hard boil and if they float, they are no good!! 🐓 It was #WorldEggDay last week and I was shocked how many eggs are wasted every year! Eggs last for least a month, and you should never go by use by dates! 🗓 A bowl of water is all you need!! #wastenot #eggstravaganza #halftermscience

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Don't let fear get in the way of what you really want. If it doesn't work out, you can do something else but you'll always know you gave it 100%. #mondaymotivation

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[A YAM GE PREK] Mendengar kata itu aja udah bikin lapar, apalagi di jam-jam genting kaya siang hari nan terik (ya kaaann) . Makanan yang khas banget dengan mahasiswa ini paling sering diburu, karena murah dan mengenyangkan. Di balik rasa yang enak dan harga yang terjangkau, ternyata makanan ini mengandung protein hewani yang baik buat kesehatan tubuh. Protein hewani selain di ayam juga terdapat di susu dan telur loh!! 🐣 . Kalau kata orang mau makan sehat tapi harus mahal, itu salah besar!! Karena hanya dengan mengonsumsi olahan protein hewani seperti ayam, kamu udah mencukupi gizi yang dibutuhkan oleh tubuh. Jadi gak perlu khawatir kurang gizi bagi mahasiswa perantau!!🙌 . Bagi yang merantau, pasti rasanya susah banget biar bisa makan "enak" dan gizi terpenuhi. Eittsss jangan salah, dengan kamu membeli ayam atau telur sebagai lauk kamu, kamu sudah memenuhi salah satu kebutuhan gizi harian. Kamu juga bisa melengkapi gizi dengan menerapkan "4 Sehat 5 Sempurna". Memenuhi kebutuhan gizi dalam tubuh tidak akan sulit, selama kamu bisa mengelolanya dengan baik. Pemenuhan gizi yang baik dimulai dari dirimu sendiri😉 . Sudah makan ayam hari ini? 🐥 . Yuk ikutan @devclarentia @lestyaningrumm @yasinta.septin @elisamartina47 @drianmardiana @hatn_worldegg #worldeggday #worldeggday2018 #hatnpinsar

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In ancient Mesopotamia, ostrich egg shells were often cut open and used as cups or bowls. This example was made around 2,600 BC and is decorated with a mosaic rim and base 🥚✨ #WorldEggDay Source:

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. صرف صبحانه به مناسبت روز جهانی تخم مرغ #worldeggday

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Mara’s Kitchen: Egg salad cum spread for breakfast. Perfect for pandesal (Filipinos’ staple breakfast bread) and coffee. So easy to prepare- mix crushed boiled egg, pickle relish, celery, onions (optional), salt & sugar to taste then whip in mayo. Whatever you want your egg to be, happy world egg day! 🥚😋