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One of the things I love most about researching these inventions is learning about cool ways they were marketed. Find out more by listening to The Story Behind the Trampoline FREE over at TheStoryBehindPodcast.com!

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There is a move of God in ACV and you do not want to miss out. God is doing a new thing the lives of his children and tonight presents an opportunity for you to key into the miracles, signs and wonders that many of God's children have been experiencing. Please invite a friend or loved one to tonight's service and you will be blessed! ---------------------------- #ActionChapelVA #ACVprays #intenseprayers #powerfulworship #healing #deliverance #miracles #signs #wonders #victory #freedom #fridaynightservice #yearofharvest

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02•15•2019 Well, I had my second annual recurrent training yesterday, and I passed. I get to continue seeing the world from this view for another year. Not a bad racket. (Photo taken Nov. 4th, Orlando to San Diego.) #FlightAttendant #CabinCrew #LifeInFlight #intheclouds #ViewFromAbove #ViewsFromTheOffice #Travel #WanderLust #Destination #ProfessionalTourist #photography #Wonders #views #InTransit #Orlando #SanDiego #Recurrent #RGS #TwoYears #anniversary #scenery #SceneryPorn #FlightAttendantLife #FALife #NoFilter #CoffeeOnAPlane

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Join The Upper Room Apostolic Church TONIGHT, February 15, 2019 for JOY NIGHT! February is the month of Favor! Joy Nights are filled with Holy Ghost Fire, Young People on Fire for God, and God releasing his glory! Join us for a MOVE OF GOD! Help us to welcome Minster Debra Simms and JTOW! Intercession| 7:50pm Worship| 8:00pm 624 Gutman Ave. Baltimore, Maryland 21218 “Where God Reveals and We Receive The Manifestation of His Glory” #TheURAC #URAC #Miracles #Signs and #Wonders #weareupperroom #URAC200Strong #YearOfFlow #JoyNight #FollowMeToURAC #URACThePlaceToBe

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Stella Tapestry 💫✨🌟 Free Shipping Worldwide 🌎 This weeks bestseller 🙌🏻

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Rainbow Mountain, Peru Who would you visit with? by @aatre Tag your Friends! 🏝️

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"This place is really special to me. A few years ago I went on my first international trip - I went to Laos with @josiahwg (who grew up there). Long story short, the trip changed my life and completely opened my eyes to the power of traveling. After the longest flights of my life, we landed, and literally went straight to this waterfall. That is still one of the happiest days of my life. I’d like to think that at least a little part of who I am today came from this trip and this waterfall." by @storyofsage Share with your Friends! 🦋

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A snow-dusted road heading straight toward Mount Drum in Glennallen, Alaska on a sunny day.⠀ by @patrickthunphoto Rate 1-10 😍

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Lago di Braies, Italy by @d.ropero Share with your Friends! 🦋

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صورة رائعة لظاهرة القمر الكاذب أو القمر الكلب في مينيسوتا صباح اليوم Amazing pic of Moondogs in Minnesota this morning Photo credit: Marcus Mittelstadt #wow #pics #shots #nicepics #instacool #picoftheday #moonpics #skypics #photos #landscapes #niceshots #exploration #cool #skyview #didyouknow #photography #photographers #scenery #naturelovers #minnesota #nicephotos #naturepics #travelling #moondogs #instagood #adventure #knowledge #wonders #naturephotography #naturelovers

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#Repost from @affirmation_train Many were brought up under a system where out of ignorance, God was portrayed as a despot and a destroyer. They were taught in school that the earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, tsunamis, and famines that have ravaged lives, cities and even nations are “the acts of God.” But those are not the acts of God. The Bible says “Every good and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning” (James 1:17). This simply lets us know that whatever is not good and helpful couldn’t be from God, for He’s a good God, and His gifts and acts are good all the time. . Sweet water and bitter water don’t flow from the same fountain (James 3:11). Therefore God, who is goodness personified, cannot be responsible for the sufferings, destructions and disasters that take place in the world. The Bible shows us that the real destroyer is satan. He’s the evil one responsible for the terrible disasters and catastrophes that steal people’s health, joy, money or peace. ~ Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. . . Kindly Follow @affirmation_train #loveworld #upward #forward #grace #favour #pastorchristeaching #gospel #talkingsession #gospelmusic #signs #affirmationquotes #satan #seasons #pastorchris #wonders #earthquakes #tornadoes #floods #tsunamis #famines

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Morning walk in Thailand Who would you travel Asia with? by @saravutwhanset Tag your Friends! 🏝️

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#walkceylon 🇱🇰🇱🇰 -Galle Fort- Proudly looming over the City of Galle, brushing against the ivory waves of the southern sea, is the largest fortress built by the europeans in Asia. Being one of the five UNESCO historic sites in Sri Lanka, it is one of the major attractions you'll find there. This beautiful fortress was first built by the portuguese in 1588. During the Dutch invasions in the 17th century, it was rebuilt by the Dutch. In 1663, it was completed and for over two centuries it served as the main harbour for the ships travelling between Europe and Asia. Galle Fort is within the walking distance from the main bus station and the railway station. You can enter through the main entrance which is a huge granite arch. It takes around 2 hours just to walk along the wall. At the entrance there's a huge canal which has been used in the ancient times to transport rocks for building the fortress. Once inside, you'll be bewildered for a second, wondering whether you are in Sri Lanka or some European city. The architecture and the setting is completely exotic and elegant due to the influence of the Dutch. If you need to meander down the streets, it is best to visit there in a morning; however the sunset is the most beautiful scenery. The Galle Fort is open all the time therefore anybody can visit it whenever they want. The fort encloses a whole city, a metropolitan area known as the old town. Inside these walls the old dutch church, All Saints Church, maritime museum, a lighthouse, several hotels and restaurants serving a variety of foods can be found. There is a huge clock tower on to which you can climb. You can climb on to the walls and walk along it too! On your way, there will be some cliff divers who will perform some incredible stunts for you for about 7-8 USD. The old dutch hospital is now converted into an elegant shopping complex, and you will find many shops where you can buy beautiful souvenirs and savour different cuisines. #srilanka #dutch #architecture #art #artistsoninstagram #artoftheday #building #fort #castle #old #history #manmade #ancientworld #beauty #heritage #places #wonderofasia #paradise #wonders #wonderful_places #traveldiaries

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Love is in the water.... (☞¬‿¬)☞ . . . Hello hello my beautiful people 👋🏻 I’m back from the abyss ( AKA tumblr) and I come bearing gifs! 🎁 🎥.. sorta... Gifs from @wonderswoman ( tumblr) who always makes the most adorable and inspiring ones and this time she decided to create her own “Little mermaid “ set . I borrowed the gifs and Added the dialogue which hopefully will inspire you to write , type, draw, carve, paint or code your own story ( even if it’s in your minds.) . Do you like it? I do 😁✌🏼 . Seriously, I think these two would make a great couple. 🤔 Let’s give them a ship same: Mera + Diana .... #Diara ? #mermaidprincess ? #warriorfins ? 😅 #wonders ? #wondermaid ? . . . . Drop your faves down below 👌🏼 . . #wonderwoman #dianaprince #mera

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Bryggen is one of Bergen's and Norway's main attractions. Bryggen was built after the great fire in 1702 and is included on UNESCO's World Heritage List.

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Old boathouse at Eikeland, Meland municipality.  Hordaland, Western Norway

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Fisherman, Norway. Morning fog at Fensfjorden.

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Bridge To Nowhere.. Morning fog at Kjekallevågen bridge.

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Nordhordlandsbrua, Hordaland 🌞🇳🇴 Photo by  @7ashion

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Sunset at Fensforden, Hordaland 🌞🇳🇴 Who would you be here with? Photo by  @7ashion

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Sunset at Solsvik, Hordaland 🌞🇳🇴 Who would you be here with? Photo by  @7ashion

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Sunset at Fensfjorden, Hordaland 🌞🇳🇴 Who would you be here with? Western Norway / Lindaas Municipality Photo by @7ashion