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5 months ago

I've spent some much needed time in the forest clearing foot paths along the creek today. The wise old apple trees having been almost overtaken by alders and popple trees gave their shade as I cleared ferns and sapplings from under their canopy. The soil near the creek is heavy with clay making drainage difficult. I have plans to amend the soil there with sand, lime, rich compost and heaps of mulch. Here are the beginnings of a permaculture forest garden. Working the creek here is also vital; the watering system being integrated into the growing space is the cornerstone of a self sustaining ecosystem for a vegetable garden. It will be a few years before this space will produce rich viable food, but building good soil takes time. Being covered in clay does have its advantages though..the insects think you are the earth and leave you be! #forestgarden #springwater #womenwhowildcraft #permaculture #wonderlocks #homesteader