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A perfect San Marzano always has a little nose. 🍅

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Nailah @nailahmarie “When I got into farming a few years ago it was a lot of unknowns and self doubt. But now I’ve tapped into so much ancestral knowledge. Farming amongst other artistry is my connection to my forerunners. I always hashtag #BlackFarmers so I can connect with the black diaspora doing this work. It’s so important to me that we recognize each other and build together.” 🌱 🌞 🍓 Repost @womenwhofarm 🥑 🥕 🥦 #womenwhofarm #love #nature #hope #vegan #vegansofig #veganfood #fitness #art #yoga #raw #photography #happy #travel #strong #earth #plantsomeshit #sports #spiritual #science #goals #truth #garden #meditation #lifestyle #healthy #plantbased #success #animals

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Summer and fall in one delivery. September is half over already and I'm over here freaking out about all the stuff I have to do to get ready for winter. Sometimes I just clean my house instead. I'll get to it all eventually.

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"Get obsessed with that thing you know is not right and go figure out how to change it, in spite of fear." . I obsess over helping farmers build profitable farms. It's not right that we live in poverty, forced to accept welfare, not making enough to put our kids through college or take a much-needed break. . It's your time to shine. If you want to learn more about how to live the farm life you've dreamed of, video 2 is now available. Click the link in my profile, scroll to click "sign up now" and get access to vids 1 & 2 (3 arrives Friday). . Read & watch "How I market my farm in 1 hour a day" and tell me your favorite part! ❤️ @beejoyphoto

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Feels a lot more like Fall, today, here in overcast Michigan. To celebrate, here's my mini harvest of the day ☺️

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Sycamore Farmer’s Market is today so the weather should be unpredictable. And it is. I plan to be there unless the market is officially cancelled. That’s why I got a tent with sides! Come try the new granola flavor: Walnut Honey Ginger. It is chewy and lemony and gingery and very different from the Oat Cherry. See you today from 3-7:00! #womenwhofarm #localfood #farmersmarket #glutenfreeoats

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Bamboo was happy this morning when I told her I was starting on her goat pen this weekend. One of the last things on our winter prep list! 💕🔨😁

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Don't forget! We are having a FREE Webinar this Thursday! Tune in September 20th at 1pm PDT to learn all about utilizing seed varieties for greater hydroponic productivity with us. Register at amhydro.com/webinar now!

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In honor of all of those “Look at my grape cluster!” shots, I present my garden’s equivalent. 🍇🍆 #northerngardening

1 hour ago

" Do you want to be a farmer?" We asked Nia and Pinky and a few other children having a field day at #tpcfarms. The answer was a resounding ''Yes!" Then we introduced them to Asha as "farmer didi" who was so far being referred to by some of them as "Aunty". They all exclaimed, including Pinky (who is Asha's daughter) rather surprised, "ooh, she is a farmer too!" and all the children gathered excitedly around her. The irony, however is, Asha is recognised as a cultivator and not a farmer in India, because she doesn't own a piece of land. As a result, most women in agriculture cannot avail of government schemes meant for farmers. They cannot access institutional credit for farming or get subsidies. Although the government has started earmarking at least 30% of the budget allocation for women in all schemes including agriculture but since they don't have the farmer or 'land owner' status, they are deprived of these benefits. Land or no land, Asha will always be the diligent farmer who works laboriously at the farm - a tad harder than her farmer husband sometimes. So how do we get women farmers to obtain the status they deserve so that young girls like Nia and Pinky can refer to women farmers as farmers only? A question worth a million fields. #womenpower #womenwhofarm #womenfarmers #farmersnotcultivators #farmersinindia #womenfarmersrock #theprodigalcookfarms

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Drakes, male ducks...I do not like them. When you buy ducklings, they generally don’t come sexed, so you inevitability end up with some males. We had planned to process the drakes for the freezer when we do our thanksgiving turkey, like we have done in the past, because processing animals is not fun and the less often we can do it, the better. But finding our second dead duck hen in the last two weeks last night has changed the plan. Both were killed by the drakes who to put it nicely, ‘fertilized them to death’. The males are incredibly rough and their time is up. Sometimes our job isn’t just to protect them from external predators, but inside ones too. So add ‘put three drakes in the freezer’ to my to-do list today. Duck...it’s what’s for dinner.

2 hours ago

Latest picture of the avocado tree that I have been growing from seed. 🥑 Several weeks ago, when I was tossing the compost pile, I spotted an avocado seed/pit cracked open with a sprout at one end and root at the other. After helping the root system get stronger, I planted it outside. It has been interesting to watch it grow. 🌱 Not counting on fruit, but it has been fun.😊

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I have been quiet this weekend. I binge watched Remedy, the herbal docuseries that was online free Sunday and Monday. It was amazing and I can't wait to share what I learned. (I took pages and pages of notes.) They touched on everything from anxiety to toxins. There is a plant for everything! God created these plants and put us in a garden to work with them. It has only been in the past two hundred years or so that we have moved away from this. Plants, food, health: It is all intertwined. Is it time for you to get intentional about your health? "We are all just one chronic disease from awareness." -Stephen Harrod Buhner

2 hours ago

The volunteer nicotiana (the ones that self seed from previous years) always come in the most perfectly subtle colors.

3 hours ago

Nailah @nailahmarie “When I got into farming a few years ago it was a lot of unknowns and self doubt. But now I’ve tapped into so much ancestral knowledge. Farming amongst other artistry is my connection to my forerunners. I always hashtag #BlackFarmers so I can connect with the black diaspora doing this work. It’s so important to me that we recognize each other and build together.” #womenwhofarm #femalefoodheros #rolemodel #womenfarmers #womeninag #farmlife #farm #farmersmarket #iamamodernfarmer #organicfarming #smallfarm #knowyourfarmer #meetyourfarmer #community #foodsecurity #foodjustice #celebratingwomeninagriculture #localfoodforlife #womenfarmers #changeishere #whywegrow

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Binquinho peppers from Brazil are also known as the little beak peppers. These are so tasty with a little bit of heat and loads of flavor. I’ll get several more harvests from these plants. I see pickling in my future. Look out for these and other pickled varieties this fall when we open the market. . . . . #binquinho #brazil #brazilcuisine #peppers #pickling #pickledpeppers #urbanfarming #urbanfarmer #farmbosslady #garden #gardening #farming #farmersmarket #womenwhofarm #womenfarmers #hyattsvilleartsdistrict #hyattsvillemd #brentwoodmd #dc #maryland #dmv #dmvfarms #local

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Hello dear friends and customers, your love and support have been invaluable to us this whole time. Your understanding of the fact that every product of ours is a result of the personal effort of our family is commendable. We thank you as we take new steps forward everyday ... Place your orders for Farmer Bob's Spice Hampers ... Select your assortment of spices from our delicious offerings and customise your hamper now! Only the best for you and your family 😊 Energize your life ... Grab a tasty monthly subscription with us for bespoke organic spices now!! Gift your friends and family ... The delivery/shipping as per your order will be scheduled for October 2018. Subscribe on WhatsApp to +91 8861261441 Or email on farmerbobsorganics @gmail.com Or message on Facebook and Instagram to @farmerbobsorganics Love everyday 🙏🏼 Farmer Bob's Organics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . @farmerbobsorganics #farm #farmtotable #nature #naturelovers #coffee #agriculture #farmlife #womenwhofarm #farminglife #natural #farmfresh #healthyliving #farmtotable #farmtofork #countrylife #permaculture #sustainable #organic #farmer #farmersmarket #plantbased #cleanliving #farmerbobsorganics #sustainableliving #meetyourfarmer #organicfarming #fruit #menwhofarm #harvest #farmproduce

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🌻 G I V E A W A Y 🌻 Hey, local friends! Are you interested in going to @thebarniowa show this upcoming weekend? We will be there toting our handmade goods, pumpkins, produce, and more! Not to mention that I will be sharing two talks each day on homesteading and chicken keeping 🐔 I’m so excited to see and meet you!! We are honored to be able to give away TWO tickets to Early Bird sale at The Barn for Friday, September 21st. One ticket for YOU and the other for a FRIEND. These tickets are $10 each and allow you into the sale early to grab your favorite picks before they are snatched up (NOON - 2PM)!! 😱😍 To enter to get two tickets for @thebarniowa show: 🌻 Tag a friend you’d bring with in the comments 🌻 Follow @thebarniowa and @underatinroof 🌻 Share a photo from our feed in your stories and tag us! (bonus) We will announce the winner on Thursday morning (September 20th). Good luck! Can’t wait to see you there! 💛 #thebarniowa #UATRflowers

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We are excited to announce another workshop here at the farm, presented by @bloomsandflora ! From B+F Website: FARM TO VASE WORKSHOP @ LA PRIMAVERA FARMS Friday, October 12th 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm Hosted by La Primavera Farms Join us at La Primavera Farms for an evening of flower fields, floral arranging and refreshments while experiencing the 'slow flower movement' for yourself. After a flower field guided-tour from Joanne (with some bubbly of course), you will ascend to the loft space of the barn where Robyn, Owner of Blooms + Flora, will guide you through a vase design workshop. You will be taught the proper handling and care of fresh-cut flowers, the basic principles of floral design and you will then implement these principles to create a lush and garden-inspired vase arrangement to take home and enjoy! Check out B+F's website for more details and to sign up! . . . . . #LPVFarms #HamOnt #livinlaprimavera #flowerclass #field2vase #thisiswhatwegrow #womenwhofarm #ladyboss #farmher #womenwhofarm #thisiswomenswork   #seasonalfloweralliance   #dsfloral #flowerstalking   #flowerlove   #flowergram #flowersmakemehappy   #flowerlover #flowerart   #flowermagic   #blooooms #inspiredbypetals   #farmerflorist #flowerfarmer   #slowflowers   #florallove #justbefloral   #botanicaldaydreams #floristsofinstagram

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Back to work! You know I couldn’t stay off that tractor long, even in my wedding dress. Thanks to our amazing photographer @maxcooperavl for capturing this silly moment and so many others! - I also wanted to share a couple of nonpro shots of flower preparations since that’s what this whole business thing is about after all. We built two large installations and did a workshop style gathering of bridesmaids for personal flowers and centerpieces. The archway you see in the second photo was designed to camouflage a support wire on a telephone pole. The wire wound up being a great support! - It was, as predicted, challenging to do the flowers for my own wedding, but so fun to have help from friends. The challenge was less in the execution and more in expectations. I wouldn’t say I did my best work for my wedding. After all, I was thinking about lots of other things! But it was just perfect for us and for our situation, and I learned a ton. It was great to try out techniques I wouldn’t want to test on clients. But they all worked and will certainly become part of my toolbox from here on out! - A million thanks to @plainwithsprinkles @jesseabelle @gracelefever @rebundles @alisha_fricks and @lkwavra for making all the flowers happen! - - - - - #asheville #avl #wnc #828isgreat #appalachiangrown #theknotrealweddings #ongws #flowerfarmer #flowerfarm #stylemepretty #mysouthernliving #ashevillewedding #ashevilleweddings #wncweddings #ashevilleflorist #ascfg #localflowers #womenwhofarm #underthefloralspell #farmwedding

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I’m so thrilled to introduce you to today’s takeover feature. Women like Emma @kneehighfarm are inspiring us all to rethink women’s work and the way we do food. I know you’re going to love learning more about her and all she does today. 🌿 Hey there! My name is Emma Cunniff, and I own @kneehighfarm , a 7-acre, diversified vegetable farm in Southeastern PA. We grow over 100 varieties of veggies for our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), Farmers' Markets, and restaurants in and around Philadelphia. We are an entirely women-run operation, and are excited to share with y'all a bit about our favorite things to grow, and why we love farming. Thanks so much for following along. 🌿 Got questions about gardening in climates like that of Philadelphia or what you should consider before joining a CSA? Ask Emma below. • • • • #urbanorganicgardener #urbangardenersrepublic #garden #MyBHG #thehappygardeninglife #vegetablegarden #backyardgarden #kitchengarden #vegetablegarden #thisiswomensbusiness #femalefarmer #femalefarmerproject #thisiswomenswork #growyourown #seedsnow #womenwhofarm #womenwithplants #instagardens_feature #mybackyard #gardengoals #organicgardenermag #organiclifemagazine #myorganiclife

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Pepper season starting to heat up! 🌶🔥 From top left- Aji Amarillo, Black Pearl, Orange Tiger, Trinidad Perfume, Pepperoncini, Chilhuacle, Arbol, Lemon Drop, Syrian Three Sided, Aji Mix, Sugar Peach Rush #hotpeppers #peppersfordays #womenwhofarm #urbanfarming

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Bite off more than you can chew. Then chew it. They say hard work never hurt anybody. What can hurt is not working toward something you’re passionate about. Even failures are not setbacks. They’re setups for growth. #noregrets #dontlookback #forwardthinking #work #believe

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[Katalog Tanaman] . Belustru (Loofah/Luffa aegyptiaca) . Belustru adalah salah satu jenis gambas yang buahnya dapat di konsumsi ketika masih muda. . Belustru, juga dikenal dengan nama sponge ground karena buahnya memiliki banyak serat ketika sudah tua, dan umumnya digunakan sebagai pengganti sponge ynag dapat digunakan untuk cuci piring atau scrubbing. . Seperti tanaman Cucurbitaceaee lainnya, belustru tumbuh memanjat, terdiri dari bunga jantan dan bunga betina dan jika pemeliharaannya bagus, dapat terus berbuah. . Koleksi foto: @yumberkebun . #sayurankita #sayuran #vegetables #pertanian #agriculture #farms #kebun #garden #urban #urbanagriculture #urbanfarming #urbangardening #womenwhofarm #thehappygardeninglife #happyfarming #petani #petaniindonesia #belajarmenanam #belajarbertani #ceritaanakmagang #ayoberkebun #ayobertani #aktivitas #gambas #loofah #luffaaegyptiaca #spongeground

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☆100K G.I.V.E.A.W.A Y☆ . . Exciting news! We are partnering with Tractor Supply and celebrating you, our 100k followers by having a give-a-way for a $250.00 gift card from @tractorsupply ! Here's how to enter...... . . 1. FOLLOW @tractorsupply and @happydaysfarm. 2. LIKE this pic, and tag a friend. Each single line tag counts as an entry. Tag as many friends as you like. 3. REPOST this and COMMENT in your description about the giveaway @happydaysfarm , for 5 extra entries. . . Giveaway will be open today, Tuesday through Thursday until 12:00 pm Eastern time. (3 days!) The winner will be announced HERE at the top of this post on Friday. . . This Giveaway is not affiliated with IG. You must be 18 to enter and have a public account. US residents only.

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Looks quite cozy if you ask me. 💚

6 hours ago

Finally cutting a few buckets of some old faves. Rough dahlia year for sure! Makes every stem that much more special ✨💥

6 hours ago

Last year when I was wreath making like a crazy person I made a mental note...”DRY ALL YOUR FLOWERS”. I was surprised how much I really enjoyed making wreaths but soon felt stuck as I hadn’t prepared earlier in the year and was only using what I could forage. Well let’s just say, that shouldn’t be a problem this year! (Let’s just say these photos are just the tip of the iceberg 😬) I also wanted to show how much thought and time goes into everything I do. It’s months of planning. From the seed to the bloom to the bouquet to the wreaths. It’s not a moments amount of effort but year worth of thought and hard work. It’s what makes it all so wonderful and fulfilling. #howefarmflowers #flowerfarmer #flowerfarm #driedflowers #britishflowers #wreathmaking #attentiontodetails #supportlocal #womenwhofarm #flowersfromthefarm #fftf #supportsmallbusiness #florist #floristry

3 weeks ago

for me, being an herbalist goes hand in hand with growing. a large part of my motivation in offering what I make to others comes directly from my disappointment in the quality of herbs offered from the leading large suppliers today. Conversely, it’s so lovely to see other herbalists and medicine makers focusing on either being the source of the plants they work with, or going as direct to the source as possible. I don’t think there can ever be too many of us working in this way. I grow the majority of the plants that I work with and source the few I don’t from organic small scale farms. As a lover of handcrafted everything & a maker at heart, I only make and offer others things I would use myself. Pictured above is my beautiful bed of peppermint 🌿mentha piperita🌿

1 month ago

“Déjame vivir libre, libre como el aire.” #womenwhofarm