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Don’t let anyone belittle you. If you have a sincere hustle and you are putting smiles on someone’s face , then you should be proud of yourself. Life is not a competition. You follow your pace and shine at your time. As for me, I’m adding value to households and women skincare journey. I’m more than proud of myself and my journey. . . . . . . . . . . . #snailfarmer #farmer #agriculturist #agribusinesswoman #agropreneur #agripreneur #agriceconomist #entrepreneur #womeninbusiness #womeninagriculture #womeninagribusiness #model #fashionmodel #beautyenhancer #skincareenhancer #skincareprofessional #bosslady #bossbabe #bosschic #sexyfarmer #farmgirl #proudfarmer #queenfarmer #prettyfarmer #queen #ziondaugther #

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New John Deere Leggings For Low Price !!! -More in bio! https://bit.ly/2L1e8F8 * Follow my instagram if you love 😍 agriculture : ➡ @we_love_agriculture 👫Love to tag? Please do!⤵ * . . . . #Credit : @agriculture_fans

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Hello expectant mothers. You are not left out in our snail meat ooo. In fact you need it more. Yes I say so 😂😂😂. I bet you don’t know you need snails for the well-being of your fetus and infant 👶 . Well lemme educate you all. - - An Snail contains choline. What is a choline? Choline is an important water-soluble vitamins, which are often classified by the vitamin B group. Choline has many important functions, including being an integral part of the cell membrane. - - The liver is an organ that can produce some choline, but most needed by the body. So it must be obtained from food sources. The recommended daily choline intake for men is 550 mg, ( uncles, daddies, brothers , in laws , etc I hope you are listening) and 425 mg for the woman, while the snail contains 65 mg. - - Choline is an essential component of the nervous system and brain nutrients that are important to maintaining brain function. Choline is also known to be required in building and maintaining healthy cell membranes. - - Also choline plays an important role in protecting the liver from fat accumulation(my weight watchers and healthy eaters, this is for you) and help transport triglycerides from the liver. Cholin has the ability to break down fat so it is useful in preventing the buildup of bad cholesterol in the bloodstream. - - Choline is essential for the fetus and infants to help the growth of the brain, therefore, the baby should drink breast milk that rich in choline.. My pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, send in your orders now. We are a dm/WhatsApp away. ——————————————————————————- #snail #snails #farming #snailfarming #agriculture #agriculture_global #agricultureworldwide #agribusiness #agribusinessnigeria #snailfarmingabuja #snailfarmingnigeria #farminginnigeria #womeninagriculture #womeninbusiness #womeninagribusiness #entrepreneurship #organicfarming #organicagriculture #agropreneurship #fmardng #fmardngteam #allfarmerswillberichthisyear #

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My joy overflows. Today, I find an overflowing joy in Christ. I wish you all this joy. Joy Not rooted your bank account, but to the Creator of all things. Joy unattached to your possessions. May we all experience the overflowing joy that comes from knowing Christ. . . . . . . . . . . . #snailfarmer #farmer #agriculturist #agribusinesswoman #agropreneur #agripreneur #agriceconomist #entrepreneur #womeninbusiness #womeninagriculture #womeninagribusiness #model #fashionmodel #beautyenhancer #skincareenhancer #skincareprofessional #bosslady #bossbabe #bosschic #farmgirl #sexyfarmer #proudfarmer #prettyfarmer #queen #ziondaugther #

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Restoring people’s connection to their food, and to the people who get it to the grocery, is one part of our series highlighting the women in our organization. Aynsley Starkey, our next feature, is now invested in her passion of feeding the world. Learn more about Aynsley and her journey in our industry next week in #RealPeopleRealNutsRealWomen

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Eng...ing eeeng!!🙌 Eyaaaak sambil nunggu berbuka, mimin ajakin ngintip area greenhouse pertanian organiknya Bintang Delapan yuuk! Seneng banget deh, di dalam green house nya syahdu sekali. Mungkin ini nih yang bikin hama-hama terlena dan pergi dengan sendirinya. Barengan dengan kepala lapangannya Pak Satia, kita berkeliling greenhouse2 yang kokoh menaungi. Superrr sekali ya fellas, ga salah nih kalo hasil panennya pun memuaskan, bahkan siap ekspor👌 . . * Follow my instagram if you love 😍 agriculture : ➡ @we_love_agriculture 👫Love to tag? Please do!⤵ * . . . . #Credit : @ayocommunity

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You attract into your life what you think about frequently. In order to use the power of your mind effectively, you need to have no doubts, be full of faith in your abilities, and have a strong desire. Then, your mind will act like a strong magnet, and it will attract to you the things that you really want. - - Good morning darlings. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #snailfarming #farming #farminginnigeria #agriculture_global #agribusiness #snailfarmingabuja #snailfarmingnigeria #agriculture #entrepreneurship #organicfarming #organicagriculture #agropreneurship #agricultureworldwide #agribusinessnigeria #fmard #fmardng #fmardngteam #allfarmerswillberichthisyear #womeninbusiness #womeninagriculture #womeninagribusiness #

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You attract into your life what you think about frequently. In order to use the power of your mind effectively, you need to have no doubts, be full of faith in your abilities, and have a strong desire. Then, your mind will act like a strong magnet, and it will attract to you the things that you really want. - - Good morning darlings. . . . . . . . . . . . . #snailfarmer #farmer #agriceconomist #entrepreneur #agriculturist #agribusinesswoman #agropreneur #agripreneur #womeninbusiness #womeninagriculture #womeninagribusiness #model #fashionmodel #beautyenhancer #skincareprofessional #beautyinfluencer #skincareinfluencer #farmgirl #queen #queenfarmer #prettyfarmer #proudfarmer #beautifulfarmer #bosslady #bossbabe #bosschic #sexyfarmer #ziondaugther #

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It was great partnering with @hervoiceafrica and @cutefarmer to inspire women in Agribusiness in Ibadan last week. @Regrann from @hervoiceafrica - And SheFarmer 2.0 ibadan was a great success 💯👌👌👏👏👏👏👏with almost 100 women that are ready to bring the Feminine touch to Agribusiness. We are so grateful to our facilitators and panelists, we will tell you more about them in our next post. It's high time we explore the value chain in Agriculture and seeing it as a business for sustainable development. We will be sharing some of the feedbacks from the participants. Lagos and Ekiti get ready!!!. Let's do the same Next Week Saturday in Lagos. - #regrann #womeninagriculture #womenempoweringwomen #sheagricinitiative #SheFarmer 2.0 @neilmylet @womenofrubies @wandieville @fmardng @modupe_tosh @uncommonhelen - #regrann

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Plants in a nursery A nursery is a place where plants are propagated and grown to usable size. They include retail nurseries which sell to the general public, wholesale nurseries which sell only to businesses such as other nurseries and to commercial gardeners, and private nurseries which supply the needs of institutions or private estates. Nurseries may supply plants for gardens, for agriculture, for forestry and for conservation biology. . . . * Follow my instagram if you love 😍 agriculture : ➡ @we_love_agriculture 👫Love to tag? Please do!⤵ * . . . . #Credit : @biotech_agriculture

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Sunday brunch. Gave hubby the morning off. Yes, I made it all by myself! 😂 Every single thing grown by our family. Summer squash, baby kale, purple viking and fingerling potatoes, and eggs. I love summer food! 💖

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Peep the Olympic size pond guys. The longest on the farm now . Not to worry about your orders guys! . . Now You See, we have the chest to constantly supply all your fish needs. Different ponds has different sizes. Choose your choice, this is how A. 30pcs for 15k B. 45pcs for 15k C. 60pcs for 15k D. 75pcs for 15k E. 90pcs for 15k. Ranging from Big, Normal Medium, Small Medium, Small and Smallest. . . We farm it 💯 We feed it💯 We smoke it 💯 We sell it 💯 We package it 💯 ........we are different #godisgood #farmer #fishfarm #fishfarmer #eatwell #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #healthiswealth #smokedfish #agriculture #agripreneur #womeninagriculture #womenthatwork #famersmarket #womenthatwork #fish #foodideas #foodisfuel #zerohunger #foodsecurity #agripreneur #valueaddition #valueadditionpro #youarewhatyoueat #catfish #ibadanmarket #smokedcatfish #food #foodie

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This makes my heart swell, seeing the incredible women farmers that I admire wearing the tees that financially support our podcast. Words don’t come close to expressing my gratitude. Love ya @loganitafarm ‘ers! #Repost @loganitafarm ・・・ #farmlife

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Last week I took my little love to a local farm to pick some fresh blackberries and gooseberries. We wasted no time making blackberry cobbler as soon as we got home, and last night we had so much fun making some incredibly delicious gooseberry jam! I love that my daughter gets to grow up in a farming community, learning where her food comes from and how it goes from the field to her plate. And she can see first hand how our hardworking, all American farmers continue to dedicate their lives to growing and supplying their local communities with delicious, fresh produce, despite the many challenges facing small farmers today. Just knowing that this jam came handpicked from a family farm makes it taste so much more delicious!🍇 . . . . . . . #usagrown #farmlife #farmher #eatlocal #farmraised #homestead #grownintheusa #smallfarm #womeninagriculture #supportfarmers #farmersmarket #kyproud #kentuckyfarm #delish #instayummy #hygge #livesimply #liveofftheland #gooseberryjam #homemadejam #instacook #raiseemright #farmingislife #agriculture #offgridliving #localfarm #naturaleating #wholefoodie

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To get to know our members, we’d love to give you all an insight into what our members are doing this summer! •Stephanie and Sigma Alpha Alumni, Kat are enjoying an awesome night at CSU Night at the Rapids game!• #csu #sigmaalpha #womeninagriculture #rapids

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Ta-Da!! Its me.. (again) The face behind the camera! But mostly you just see the camera. So.. what fun facts shall I tell you this time? 🤔 I grew up with brothers.. which might help explain my feed... and all the super girly things I take photos of.... All the marketing people say to pick one thing and go with it.. but I've always been kind of indecisive (I've been told its actually because I'm a female) so how ever am I supposed to pick just 1?! So instead.. let's do all the things!!! (As you can see) . . •I grew up farming = the love for farms and farming photos . . •I work in construction.. 💁🏽‍♀️..the construction photos. . . •Ive been hunting with my dad and brothers so long I couldn't even tell you the first time I went.. . . •All the photos from the different countries come from all the traveling I do! - Fun Fact: In 3.5 years, I've been on 93 flights 😳 We're actually just not going to think about how much money I would have right now if I'd stayed home. . . •And the cars and bikes? Well, they're just my side loves. (Don't ask me about my main loves because I probably won't tell you) . . And that is why my feed looks like it does. #sorrynotsorry . .📸 credits: @meganheat0n

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The ability to stay on track while on a little wrestling road trip is amazing! I use to go on these trips and by the time I got home I was bloated, constipated (tmi) and miserable! This simple chocolate goodness is not only 7 salads in one shot it is everything I need to keep up my energy and stay on track in all areas! So Now we are off to an afternoon of wrestling and recover to go back at it tomorrow and drive all the way back home! #midwestlife #progressnotperfection #strengthinnumbers #time #womeninagriculture #womenempowerment #progressnotperfection #myheart #mystrength

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Pata mbegu bora EVA F1 kwa ajili ya greenhouse au open field yako tumie drip irrigation system ( ukulima wa kumwagilie kwa matone ) kwa msaada zaidi mawasiliano piga ::0718563072 * Follow my instagram if you love 😍 agriculture : ➡ @we_love_agriculture 👫Love to tag? Please do!⤵ * . . . . #Credit : @agriculture_businesstz

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@opefarms @sisimiblog this your honey is fantastic, light, golden and everything nice. The amazing thing is that it’s organic and the price point is great too. Thanks so much for running this organic cause, it’s inspiring us to start our organic range too. You are our woman crush ma’am 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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The ability to take my workouts with me and not worry about a gym is absolutely amazing!!! My life is. Easy and busy but being able to make it all work is a great feeling! So many people say they are too busy... it cost to much but really is there a cost value you can put on your health! $8.00 a month for all of this is worth it!!! My new accountability group has only a few spots left as I opened up a few more! Are you going to fill one of the spots ??? #midwestlife #progressnotperfection #strengthinnumbers #womeninagriculture #time

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Beautiful harvest morning to you! Work hard, play hard, eat well, love well. 💖🌼🌸

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Meet Angela Lee, marketing manager of Sol Mountain Farm. Mine isn't the most typical story. I was trained as an academic and a social activist. I went law school to continue my fight for social justice. And today, I find myself on Sol Mountain Farm, growing vegetables, raising pigs on pasture, and getting back in touch with the Earth. I have studied sociology, philosophy, refugee law, and the laws that govern our natural resources. Ultimately these are studies of the systematized failures in this modern society. It is a study of the brokenness of systems that govern our lives. It is a study of suffering. But in the darkest struggles lies the brightest light - the true meaning of life and energy in this beautiful, natural world. This Truth is more easily seen in the vastness of nature than in the midst of bright city lights. To be closer to this Truth, I moved to the deserts of New Mexico. In the Land of Enchantment, I let go of false notions of control in my life. With full trust in this universe, I allowed the desert to guide me to where I'd need to be. That's when I met Wes and Ike while rock climbing in the depths of the Rio Grande gorge. I followed my heart and this unconventional path to Sol Mountain Farm. Here, today, my call for social action and my spiritual journey can coexist. Because to me, farming is a powerful act of rebellion. As small organic farmers, we rebel against the broken food system by becoming what it needs to be. Against pesticide-ridden foods that sicken us, we grow foods that heal and energize. Against industries that kill the Earth, we cultivate and restore the land. Against powers that divide, we share love and acceptance to reconnect our community. Here, I rebel against the mainstream society that defines "success" to be everything but what I am doing. In working with the land, I have found true happiness, awareness, love for the Earth, for all people, and for myself. As we create regenerative systems through permaculture - for this Earth, our land, and our community, I raise my fist in loving rebellion.

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It’s carrot time!! These crunchy, sweet babies were fresh picked for our CSA bins today! I may be a little biased, but nothin’ beats the great taste of a carrot straight from the garden. 😋 . + And those leafy tops are edible too! They do have an earthier flavour. They are great to throw into your soup stock, or blanch and toss them in dishes or salads— or try whipping up a batch of homemade carrot top pesto! . . #carrots #farmtotable #farmtofork #csa #sustainableagriculture #greyarrowfarm