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24 minutes ago

Like cream fireworks across an emerald sky, the cluster of tiny elderflowers dotted the mountain landscape this last weekend. As always, please practice safe and respectful foraging! And know that elderflowers grow into elderberries if you don't take them so always leave some (to make berries but also for others including animals - my 2nd rule of foraging).

54 minutes ago

We made a gentle healing balm at forest school today. The children gathered wild rose and plantain which we macerated in oil over a small fire for two to three hours. We strained the oil, added beeswax then transferred to jars to be taken home. This balm is good for soothing irritated skin, small cuts, bites and stings. 💜 We used rice bran oil. Heated gently in a double boiler set up (one pan sat in another pan of water) over the fire. This maintains a steady, lower heat over a long period. Strained through a cotton cloth and returned to the pan with beeswax pellets. We returned the pan to the boiler to melt the beeswax. Once all liquid we were able to pour the mixture into glass jars which had been warmed near the fire. The mixture set quickly into a semi-solid balm. 🌸

1 hour ago

Frigola thyme! Thymbra capitata The conehead thyme season is underway. Not just for liquers & hierbas😊 Perfect to dry the leaves and flowers for herbal teas. To make herbal glycerites from the fresh plant. Also distilling for essential oils and aromatic waters. #frigola #thyme #hydrosols #naturalantibiotics #essentialoils #coneheadthyme #colds #respiratorysystem #aromaticwaters #thymbracapitata #coughs #hierbasibicencas #wildcrafting #herbalglycerites #herbalteas #plantbased #herbalmedicine #naturopathy #foraging #botanicalmedicine

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🏵Couldn't think of a better way to spend my morning today...in a field full of calendula.❤ 🏵These amazing little bright colored flowers have amazing healing properties, along with being edible . 🏵Calendula is so good for the skin as it has healing properties that helps to promote cellular repair and growth making it great for wounds. 🏵It's also antiseptic and anti-inflammatory 🏵Calendula is one of the best herbs for nourishing and cleansing the lymphatic system. 🏵In tea form it helps with mild gastrointestinal problems such as ulcers, cramps, indigestion. 🏵This little flower is an amazing plant ally. 🏵This harvest will be infused to make healing balms and salves. #herbalmedicine #herbalremedies #herbalskincare #plantmedicine #plantally #plantwoman #wildcrafting #wildmedicine #organicskincare #herbalife #calendula #feelingblessesd #growyourownherbs #growyourownmedicine

1 hour ago

It’s been a tree day today 🌲 We’ve planted four Scots Pine on Druid’s hill and staked up apples and pears that have been ravished by the wind 💨 I’m hoping in time to under crop the pines with bilberries when the soil becomes more acidic ☺️ ‘Tis a wonderful feeling when future planting is a foot 💚 #planting #trees #plantingmoretrees #plantingtrees #veganwarrior #scotspine #lovetrees #iamatreesister #treesisters #plantingfuturemedicine #plantingforthefuture #veganwitch #wildwitch #hedgewitch #plantspirit #treewitch #wildcrafting #saveourbees #savetheplanet #savetheplanetgovegan #veganicgardening #gratitudeeveryday #gratitude #thankyou

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This is probably the last week I can spy out wild elderberry bushes before the berries all go camo into green & then dark wine-colored. . Every summer at berry-harvesting time, we pop these immune-boosting wonders into a freezer bag, stems & all. While dehydrating elderberries is another option for saving them longer-term, freezing will cause the cell walls to burst open, freeing more natural medicine properties for your good health. . When time comes to use the berries to eat plain or to make into a syrup or tincture, just take a small amount from the freezer at a time. They thaw quickly, but if you work quickly, the stems remove easily. . Elderberries are amazing for fighting the flu -- and a small amount consumed daily keeps the immune system in better shape. Don't rely on drugstore products bragging they contain elderberry. They may indeed, but they usually contain other stuff you should not want in your body. . Another way to build your immune system is to heal & seal your gut with not just a good probiotic, but also anti-fungals to kill the candida yeast that's making holes in your gut & causing sickness anywhere from head to toe in your body. . You can buy all those things separately, or you can use the wondrous combo probiotic/antifungal that helped me so much I tell everyone about it. . It improved my mental health AND digestive issues, & I rarely get sick any more. Same for my family. Same for so many friends I've told about it.

2 hours ago

Picking blossoms with pollen dusting my face. Photo from a day out with @fareandflourish. Head over to their page or the link in my bio to read my interview and browse for some amazing recipes ✨

2 hours ago

More Bundles! These are pinyon pine & some have sage! 🥰 Right now they are drying and will be ready to ship this time next week! Doesn’t mean you can’t order them now! 🥰 Back orders are fine, just have to give in a week to a week and a half for processing and drying before I am about to ship! 🥰 Prices & quantity of what I have are listed on each photo! 🥰 Here’s a price list: Small: $4 Medium: $6 Large: $8 Shipping is flat rate US only: $5.50 If you have any questions please shoot me an email at ruggeddarlinbrand @gmail.com and I will do my best! 🥰 This are being sold here & Facebook ONLY! Not on Etsy right now! Small starter kits will be available soon, I will keep everyone updated on them! 🥰 Have a great Monday and just smudge it! 🥰 #smudgingsage #justsmudgeit #wildcrafting #lovetheearth #cleansing #smokingcleasing #givethankstotheearth #pagan #wiccan #sagebundles #nevada #nevadasage #beoriginal #beyourself #beyourownkindofbeautiful

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Well they are finally here!! Sage bundles! 🥰 Right now they are drying and will be ready to ship this time next week! Doesn’t mean you can’t order them now! 🥰 Back orders are fine, just have to give in a week to a week and a half for processing and drying before I am about to ship! 🥰 Prices & quantity of what I have are listed on each photo! 🥰 Here’s a price list: Small: $4 Medium: $6 Large: $8 Shipping is flat rate US only: $5.50 If you have any questions please shoot me an email at ruggeddarlinbrand @gmail.com and I will do my best! 🥰 This are being sold here & Facebook ONLY! Not on Etsy right now! Small starter kits will be available soon, I will keep everyone updated on them! 🥰 Have a great Monday and just smudge it! 🥰 #smudgingsage #justsmudgeit #wildcrafting #lovetheearth #cleansing #smokingcleasing #givethankstotheearth #pagan #wiccan #sagebundles #nevada #nevadasage #beoriginal #beyourself #beyourownkindofbeautiful

2 hours ago

It’s green walnut season! Traditionally you pick them between St. John’s Day (June 24) and Bastille Day (July 14), but around here, they ripen several weeks earlier and often have too hard a shell by then. I’ve been making Vin de Noix (see bottles from our 2015 harvest) and Nocino for years, and last year tried pickling them, which is delightful! They have a soft, nutty, slightly tannic flavor. Sliced up they are fantastic with a sharp cheddar and baguette slices. This year I’m trying preserves—hence the peeled ones soaking. They’ll be cooked and put up in a spiced syrup...can’t wait to try them! If you want a bottle of the Vin de Noix, DM me! . . #hedgewitch #potions #gardenmagic #wildcrafting #foraging #preserving #useeverypart #plantmagic #greenwalnuts #nocino #vindenoix #traditionalfoods

2 hours ago

😘😘 pictured here is the common kissing plant mostly used during Christmas! ⁣ ⁣ Mistletoe though it may be used for kissing, it has a whole other multitude of uses in #tcm ! ⁣ ⁣ Known as Hu Ji Sheng in Chinese. It is very bitter and used for wind in the body. What’s wind? More on that in another post! The meridians it affects are the kidneys and liver. ⁣ ⁣ This #mistletoe I made using a #decoction with other herbs for a inflammatory respiratory issue. ⁣ ⁣ Big side note: some herbs can be toxic if not used correctly or without proper training. Always consult your local herbalist before making concoctions with potentially toxic plants. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #ayurveda #herbalist #herbs #tcm #traditonalchinesemedicine #herbal #wildcrafting #wellness #holistichealth #holistic #holistichealing #earthmedicine #naturalmedicine #medicinalherbs #norcal #northerncalifornia #yubacity #sacramento #hujingsheng #christmas #underthemiseltoe

3 hours ago

I have to go wildcrafting more often. This medicine grows everywhere! Even in the city, however I’m not sure if l to want to trust my neighboring nettle at the street corner. Here I found ribwort plantain, chamomile and (not pictured) horsetail and silverweed.

4 hours ago

When life gives you Monday, dip it magic and scintillate all day🌻🌻🌻 - Start the morning off with a cup of non-caffeinated herbal tea and linger in a low squat position. This will help to gently rev up your digestion and get those sleepy bowels moving 💩 - Scintillate means to sparkle btw, I just learned that today. ✨

4 hours ago

Summer favourites 🌞 I have a limited restock of both the BAMBOO + ORANGE BLOSSOM and the HIBISCUS + LEMON toning mists in the shop! The wait is finally over, I know that so many of you have been waiting to get your hands on these mists. They are perfect for soothing + hydrating your skin during these hot summer months 💧 #facialmist #summer

4 hours ago

What activity is meditative for you? 🧘‍♀️ Mine are painting and dancing. I went to school for art and there was always so much pressure to create aesthetically pleasing things, that after college I gave up painting for years. Now, its just for fun. Now, it's a spiritual practice to let go and let flow. 🧘‍♂️ If not for meditation, what do you do just for fun?

4 hours ago

I love Medicine making weekends... just saying! So many infusions started this weekend in three different menstruum — olive oil, apple cider vinegar and alcohol (for tinctures). The wildcrafting continues... I’m looking for calendula and just found some newly blossoming St Johns Wort.

4 hours ago

Mother nature's offerings for parcel blessings and safe travel ✨🌿💚 . . Ps. This beautiful peacock feather fell from one of the happy wild peacocks around our old home in Kadita! When shedding season came around, it was like walking in a magical fairytale over there, their feathers in all kinds of shapes and sizes laying so beautifully all over the mountain ✨ It's funny to think that some of those feathers are on the other side of the world now 💚💚💚 . . . . . . . . #macramejewelry #micromacrame #macramedecor #macramemakers #modernmacrame #מקרמה #crystallovers #plasticfree #reducereuserecycle #mothernaturesgifts #goddessvibes #ecofriendly #intuitiveartist #earthyjewelry #feathers #hippienecklace #hippiefashion #hippiespirit #gypsysoul #plantdyedyarn #psytribe #supporthandmade #witchaesthetic #wildcrafting #alternativefashion #zerowaste #driedflowers #freespirit #forestfairy #sustainablefashion

5 hours ago

Milky Oats | Nervous system tonic . Feeling fried? Your nervous system is electrical! For your inner electrical system to work it needs healthy insulation. A healthy myelin sheath protects our nerves with protein and fat. Think if you’ve been fried and depleted from stress, chronic illness, drug use, environmental toxic exposure, post-partum, and sexual excess. I’m also pretty sure I’ve seen this exhausted look on the faces of parents with kids 1-5. ;) Milky oats are one of the only plants that can rebuild the myelin sheath! . This nourishing tonic literally helps us with appropriate stress response, increases brain health and mental quickness, nourishes hair/nail growth, and helps recover people from deep weakness. Safe to take daily ✨🌿 . I was lucky enough to catch the last of the Spring milky oat harvest along the Big Sur coast. They’re harvested when the pod is sappy and erupts with milk when squeezed. . . . . . #californiaherbalism #herbalist #herbalism #ethnobotany #livevitality #nourishlongevity #connectwithnature #natureheals #wildcrafting #womenwhoheal #connectwithnature #natureismychurch #natureismyreligion #womenwhoexplore

6 hours ago

What do you turn to when you’re feeling discomfort, uneasiness, anxious, lonely, or sad? Since doing the social media experiment in my Facebook group it’s become even more apparent that I pick up my phone when any sort of uncomfortable feelings come up (anything to not feel right?!). ⁣ ⁣ This habit isn’t working for me anymore and I’m so ready to create a new one. Rather than scrolling mindlessly, I want to pause and mindfully check in. I want to make sure I’m picking up my phone and scrolling with intention and purpose. ⁣ ⁣ 𝐃𝐮𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐜𝐤-𝐢𝐧 𝐈 𝐚𝐬𝐤 𝐦𝐲𝐬𝐞𝐥𝐟 🌱⁣ ⁣ What am I feeling right now?⁣ What is this coming up for? What is it showing me?⁣ How can I be present and cope with this feeling? ⁣ Rather than reaching for my phone when this feeling comes up, what life-enhancing habit can I create instead? ⁣

6 hours ago

The Natural Skin Benefits of Elderberry. Elderberry has a long history of use in the medicine chest of country people. It is literally a natural powerhouse that is being touted as a skin saviour with multiple skin healing properties. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which make it a great acne fighter. The flower extracts have detoxifying skin-soothing effects which can help restore complexion, skin tone and reduce inflammation. Elderberries have flavonoids called anthocyanins which gives the berries their vibrant dark red hue. This compound is significantly high in Vitamin A, C & E, essential for fighting free radicals and environmental pollutants as well as anti-aging properties. It helps to keep healthy cells, fade sunspots and lessen fine lines making your skin radiant. When it comes to overall flavonal content, elderberry tops the list. Hands down, it beats blackberries, goji berries, blueberries and cranberries in the flavonal arena. #wrinklewarrior #naturalingredients #skinsciencerocks #wildcrafting #urbanforaging

8 hours ago

The Myth About Facial Oil Moisturisers 💛🌿 . It's a common belief that oils clog pores and sit on the skin. This is a myth. Our skin is oil-loving and readily absorbs oils. ISUN facial oils are formulated to penetrate deeply carrying all the beneficial nutrients in the oils to the cells where repair and regeneration happen. ISUN facial oils are 100% pure and 100% active containing no ‘filler’ ingredients. Every drop is alive and highly energetic. 🙌🏻💛🌿 _____________________________________________________________ #isun #raw #naturalskincare #thankful #wildflowers #lightandlove #wildcrafted #isunskincare #plantfueled #coldpressed #handmade #wildcrafting #alive #nature #goodvibes #rawandwildskincare #beautiful #madewithlove #natural #mindfullness #loveandlightgallery

10 hours ago

I tried to dye with Rowan leaves. These paper swatches are the outcome after adding some soda, vinegar or alum to the dye. It is always a surprise to see what nature gives me. #naturalpaperdye #naturaldyersofinstagram

12 hours ago

Hey all! I’m heading overseas in a week, and ideally wanting to lighten my knife load before then. So I’m offering a 20% discount on the pieces I have left on my Etsy. Also I have more fire starter toggles available to add on if you’d like! 🔥 Link in bio. Thank you. Film from a trek in the Sahara last year with and by Philip. This photograph is special to me. It is a reminder of my strength. Of my physical and mental capabilities. A reminder of my gratitude for these days of life simplicity, minimalism, sweaty human competency, how far our feet can take us, and the steps through pain into something greater. Oh vast desert. You hold dear a piece of my heart. 👣🖤👣

12 hours ago

La lana non è tutta uguale: la più soffice e con le fibre più lunghe è filata per la maglieria o altri lavori di vestiario e per la casa, quello che faccio più di frequente. Ma anche le fibre corte e più ruvide hanno un uso, anzi ancora più affascinante e artistico: il feltro. Con il processo di infeltrimento - in parole semplici si rendono più fitte e compatte le fibre - la lana diventa "solida" e può essere letteralmente scolpita per creare oggetti tridimensionali, dipinti, accessori tradizionali o originali. La lana si può infeltrire ad acqua o ad ago, e ti rimando ad esempio ai lavori di @pupillae_art_dolls , @claudia_nanni_fine_art e @ilmondodimamushka per saperne di più. Osservandole e grazie alle loro spiegazioni sto imparando tanto su questo aspetto dell'uso della lana che conoscevo meno e che trovo sempre così fatato 💛 Questi batuffoli color pastello li ho preparati con la consulenza di Gioconda - Pupillae e sono adatti per il feltro ad ago: li ho tinti con fiori di solidago (giallo), cipolla di Tropea (verde), avocado (rosa) e cavolo (azzurro); la lana marrone, più lunga e indicata ad esempio per le capigliature delle bambole, è nella sua tonalità naturale. Trovi il kit con i cinque colori al link nel profilo 🌱 . . #purewool #sheepwool #ecodye #traditionalcraft #naturaldyersofinstagram #feltroadago #natureinspired #feltingwool #needlefelting #seekthesimplicity #craftwithconscience #wildcrafting #slowtextiles #felteddoll #colorinspo #plantmagic #plantsarefriends #naturaldye #handdyedwool #farmhouselife #quietinthewild #feltrochepassione #colorlover #alifeofintention #capturingcolour #alovefornaturesbest #inspirationiscolour #woollendoll #antichimestieri #tradizioniitaliane 

14 hours ago

Valerian would probably be my favourite flower scent if it wasnt for C.indica 😆 Which is yours?

14 hours ago

You really need to smell this!! The first blooms are just showing up and I am beyond thrilled. Wild rose is not the domestic flower from your mother's garden. Far thornier, with brambles that snag clothing and skin. Thorns that remind me to move with awareness. Far more fragrant too, floral but not cloying. Even folks who think they don't like rose can find their senses soothed by this magical wild being. Deep medicine for the ❤️. So excited to make all the rose things!!! What's your favorite way to use rose?

14 hours ago

. time to harvest and dry some familiar some new and expecting loveliest days in a year before a long rainy season followed by typhoons . 심는 게 제일 쉽고 수확이 그 다음, 일년 내내 살피는 것과 수확한 것 갈무리 하는 게 똑같이 젤 어렵다 . 그래도 어떻게든 서리 내릴 때까지, 마지막 갈무리까지 잘 해내고 나면 대견하고 뿌듯하겠지. 식물도 나도 . . #수작사계 #wildcrafting #herbharvest #herbalgarden #kitchengarden

17 hours ago

Mimosa is blooming here in Southern Appalachia!!! This tree is so whimsically enchanting; I become an excited child again when I start to see it's pink tufts appear. Mimosa is not a native species to the US. It was brought overseas from Asia by a botanist in the late 18th century. It happened to love the Southern climates here and took off, spreading to much of the eastern US. It is considered an invasive by many people because it does flourish so well in our lands. I tend to remain in a state of open curiosity, exploration, and acceptance. Truth is, our earth and landscape changes throughout time. Invasive plants are here to stay. It is important to protect native species, of course, but it also benefits our whole ecosystem and culture if we get to know all of the plants living with us. Mimosa looks so gentle with it's fern like leaves and delicate, tufty flowers. However, it's energetic vibration is very high and simply immersing yourself in Mimosa's presence can lift one's spirits. The flowers can be used in teas or tinctures to lighten moods and help to bring feelings of peace and tranquility. They are said to help with insomnia and anxiety as well. Medicine from the bark is more potent. It is good for going deeper into those moods and emotional blocks/gunk/wounds. The bark is good to use for depression, grief, and emotional turmoil. It is best to use in tincture form. You can also make an elixir by filling a jar with bark and/or flowers and filling it halfway with honey and half way with brandy. Cover and keep in a dark place for about 4-6 weeks. Since it is invasive, I do not recommend planting this tree intentionally but instead enjoying her where she already lives. I sorely miss the Mimosa I had in my first yard in these misty mountains,but now I get an added adventure in June when she starts blooming and I get to treasure hunt for the pink tufts or just a nice swim in her energetic field. Happy adventuring! . . #forestfables #wildcrafting #plantmedicines #mimosaflower #wildmedicinals

17 hours ago

Do you love wasabi peas as much as I do? If yes, I can't contain my surprise and ridiculously silly amount of ecstatic I have over fresh, crunchy, sweet at first (think the flavor and texture of fresh sweet peas from the pod) blowing up into wasabi yumminess in the next second Nasturtium seeds! Yes, my eyes watered just enough and they were so dang good, I kept eating more plucked right from the plant. 😲🤪 What to do with these amazing crunchy punchy seeds?! Why - preserve them with wild fennel fronds (to add a pinch of added sweetness) and salted lemons from my tree, of course! These will be my new capers alternative and I cannot wait for when they are ready to enjoy with some fish, or tossed into a salad. Nasturtium blossoms (and leaves) are yummy, too (so colorful in your salad!). Who knew invasives can be so good?! ____________________________________ #nasturtiumseeds #poormanscapers #nasturtiumflowers #nasturtium #eatyourweeds #eatinvasives #wildcrafting #botanicalbusters

18 hours ago

Just blending in with my plant as I test out this new face mask 🥰🤦‍♀️ #bareyoursoul

19 hours ago

Chaga soap just completed with 2 different pour techniques while listening to Metallic this afternoon. Very excited to see the results upon the cut tomorrow. Made with chaga infusion, black oxide, turmeric, cedar EO & eculayptus EO😁 #naturalcolors #artisiansoap #coldprocesssoap #northernsaskatchewan #localingredients #happyhomesteading #sustainableliving #buylocalcraft #buylocalart #supportsaskfarmers #supportlocal #herbalism #wildcrafting #northernborralforest #backtobasics #chaga #sledlake #meadowmousemarket #metalica #tumericsoap #danusoaps #herbalism #herbalbath

19 hours ago

Back in my apron and excited to try a cherry vinegar based cold and flu immune booster as we drift into the heart of winter here in Sydney. Lots of warming spice herbs infused in honey while the cherry vinegar becomes redder and redder. When we get sick our bodies work so hard to fight pathogens and can always do with some extra vitamins, minerals and boosting phytochemicals such as those found in the Liquorice root and Hibiscus here. Can’t wait until it’s finished! Sweet herby goodness! 🍃💕🍃💕🍃💕🤪

19 hours ago

. Hoy les presentamos a Verbascum Thapsus, conocida comunmente como Gordolobo. - Según INTA, esta planta en Argentina también es conocida como: verbasco, yerba del paño, oreja de cordero, o caballo del diablo. . . Gordolobo es quizás la planta más importante cuando se trata de curar los pulmones, los bronquios o el sistema respiratorio completo. . Esta planta se fuma como método sanador. . La inhalación del “humito” de sus hojas secas es una práctica milenaria de todas las culturas de las Américas, donde se fumaba a fin de prevenir y curar enfermedades respiratorias. . . Estos últimos años muchos que dejaron la adicción del cigarrillo continuaron fumando Gordolobo para desintoxicar y sanar sus pulmones. . . Fumar Gordolobo también curaria los pulmones y sistema respiratorio de aquellos con trabajos en ambientes de aire insalubre, con polvo, o contaminación química. . . Asimismo, las propiedades medicinales de esta planta se pueden aprovechar haciendo una infusión; por ejemplo, un té de hojas de Gordolobo sirve para curar una tos persistente. . . Aquí, en La Farmacia Vegetal, incluimos abundantes hojas del Gordolobo en nuestro Jarabe Respiro. Este jarabe está indicado para la tos y la desintoxicación pulmonar / bronquial, el asma y las dificultades para respirar. . . ¿Alguien vio esta planta? En algunas partes del mundo es muy popular en otras es simplemente una maleza. . ¿la conoces? ¿sabes como la llaman en tu región? . . . . . . . #wildcrafting #gorgolobo #mullein #yuyosdeaconquija #yuyos #catamarca #lafarmaciavegetal #jarabeparalatos #buenezas #plantasmedicinales #plantasquecuran #medicinasustentable #medicinanatural #hierbasmedicinales #medicinaancestral #ancestralmedicine #wildfoodlove #medicinalplants #healingplants #naturalremedy #naturalapothecary #medicinalherbs #herbalremedies #plantpower #remediosancestrales #plantbasedmedicine #remediosnaturales #consciousliving #wellness #naturalhealing

19 hours ago

Gathering beautiful and sensual rose for a very special recipe / medicine; Rose petal elixir. This potion full of heart opening properties is a mixture of Rose, brandy and raw honey. This year I would like to find an alternative to honey and with some of the batch I would like to add cacao and cayenne to make it a really warming hug in a bottle. Rose is a medicine that helps open the heart and bring a person into their heart in a safe and loving way, helping cool and soothe any anxiety. Rose is used for those who experienced sexual trauma and grief, bringing someone back to their heart with love and inviting a person to reclaim their sensuality for life. Rose is an opening hug that offers an example of fierceness, gentleness, love, boundaries, self love and kindness from just the very sight of her. Often we are taught that you can’t be loving and fierce, gentle and strong, kind and have boundaries. But really you have to hold both those things as without both ends we would be out of balance, distorted. Rose teaches that to be in your heart, to feel safe, to open, to be sensual and beautiful you need to have very healthy boundaries. Rose shows us this through her beauty and her properties that include her wonderful thorns. ———————————————- #rose #plant #plantwisdom #plantmedicine #ihavethisthingwithplants #ihavethisthingwithflowers #forage #forager #foraging #wildcraft #wildcrafting #wildfood #wildmedicine #herbs #herbalist #herbalism #inspiredbynature

19 hours ago

One will become infused oil, one will become a syrup and one will be turned into a salve. Can you name these plants that I harvested today?

21 hours ago

Marvelous Mallow....

22 hours ago

. 🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲 . It's that time!!! 💚 . Spruce Tips are ready!! Pretty lemony little buds... 🍋 . This day's harvest will become these adorable little jars of Spruce Tip Pickle....😊 . Love that Green! 💚🌱 . #marketgardener #gardenlove #ediblelandscape #farmher #sprucetips #pickling #foodie #localfood #sprucetippickles #pickledtrees #growwhereyoureplanted #foraging #wildfood #capebreton #farmkitchen #girlfarmer #artisanpreserves #foodinjars #canning #handmadelife #farmshop #wildcrafting #🌲

23 hours ago

If you are going to be dried, at least be dried in a fancy glass dish. Cornflower Blue is intense!

1 day ago

If you follow me on Facebook (www.facebook.com/groundupessentials) you likely know that I've been trying to post a weekly blend to showcase my lovely essential blends (that I blend myself!!) ... so I figured I should extend this to Instagram now too!! I'm a few weeks behind but I'll start here with one of my favorites. ❤ . . . 🌟Ananda Blend🌟 A blend of Blood Orange, Lemon, Lemongrass & Peppermint. . . Ananda translates to *BLISS* in sanskrit, and I believe this blend is blissful. A super happy, cheerful, bright blend; this will help keep you in a great mood while motivating you and lifting your spirits.❤🙏 Use in meditation to awaken your senses. . . . #aromatherapist #aromatherapy #essentialoils #oil #herbalism #herbalist #alternativemedicine #wildlove #foragingbliss #wildcrafting #herbalremedies #witchywomen #naturalmama #vegan #plantbased #healing #spiritualhealth #plantlove #plantspirit #groundupessentials

1 day ago

Meadowsweet is in bloom!

3 days ago

Brassicaceae family . . Not knowing it's name, #shepherdspurse caught my eye on a walk. Since there were many there, I picked one, brought it home and have enjoyed the heart shaped seeds. . . Awhile later, searching for an herb to help improve poor circulation, there it was: capsella bursa- pastoris. . . Have you ever been drawn to a plant or tree, and not known exactly why?