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Choose what is vibrant Handpicked peppermint blooms for our products.

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💫 NEW BLOG POST: Illume Winter Solstice Rituals. 🌞 Link in profile! In the Northern Hemisphere, the Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year - the climax of the darkest period. It marks the rebirth of the sun and the return of warmth. A new solar cycle begins. This year, connect to nature by celebrating the Winter Solstice with the illuminating rituals I've shared on my blog. 🌙 One of my favorite ways to connect to nature and celebrate Yule, the Winter Solstice, is by foraging for winter greenery and creating my own wreath! The wreath symbolizes the wheel of the year and the natural calendar. As we are approaching the start of a new solar cycle, it's a wonderful way to honor the day and natural shift. The wreath I made is also totally compostable and sustainable! To get this wreath tutorial, as well as other nature-oriented #slowliving Solstice rituals, click the link in my profile! ⭐ And, if you like what you see, join the Illume community by clicking the link in my profile or signing up on my blog! . . #wintersolsticerituals #connectedtonature #naturegirl #homemadewreathtutorial #makemoremagic #alifeofintention #naturetherapy #winterlove #getoutside #connecttonature #optoutside #winterflorals #homemadewreath #wintersolstice #ilovewinter #newblogpost #theartofslowliving #sustainablecrafts #livemoremagic #livethelittlethings #thehappynow #flashesofdelight #aseasonalshift #makersgonnamake #communityovercompetition #postitfortheaesthetic #creativepreneur #risingtide #wildcrafting

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I love rainy days the best! No one is ever out exploring and we seem to have the whole world to ourselves💗 The kids, along with their classmates built a lean to shelter to protect them from the rain. They were so proud that it wasn't leaking! After a bit more of an explore we headed home for hot chocolate in front of the fire - a lovely end to the day! . . . . . #wildcrafting #explore #adventure #foraging #wildfood #nature #naturewalk #naturephotography #chicoca #garden #bushcraft #bushcrafting #shelter #leanto #rainydayhike #wildexplorer #shelterbuilding #wildcraft #slowliving #seasonalliving #homeschool #outdoorsurvival #naturalplay #natureschool

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(2) pictures. 🎅🤶 I made a few last minute Christmas gifts. Many of you like to make diy projects from items that you purchased from the dollar store. These mini strainers are from the dollar store and I have filled them with a delightful mix of loose herbal tea and have tucked it inside the strainer in a small cellophane bag. I have finished it off with a lavender honey candy tea spoon. You can also purchase candy cane spoons or tie a few candy canes to the strainer with a bow. I love to sweeten my tea with leftover candy canes. It is an inexpensive gift to make and you can share your foraged herbal finds with your friends and family. This makes about 3 to 4 cups of tea. I boil the water and put in the loose tea, let it steep for 5 to 10 minutes. Place the strainer on top of the cup and pour the tea into the cup. Its so easy and less expensive than purchasing bagged tea. I purchased the suckers but you can make them. Elderberry herbal suckers would be great for this gift. Be well, jonnie dee #tsht #findanherbstudyituseitloveitgivethanksforitandshareit

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Herbal pillow - a soothing blend of lavender, roses (from our last trip to Iran), chamomile (collected north of Copenhagen) and millet hulls in a sweet teddy bear, made of soft baby cord ( leftovers from an old sewing project) <3 My kid has had a few tough nights with a nasty cold - working on this little sweetie helped me get through it #naptime #mindfulness #embroidery #herbalpillows #wildcrafting

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⊳ A PLANT SPIRIT MEDICINE STORY ⊲ . { part 2.} ~ NEW BLOG POST UP ~ . “The earth herself becomes my master story teller” Thus Spoke The Plant - @_monicagagliano_ . This too is my truth. When I listen to her stories, I’m not listening from my mind or even my emotions but my heart, and when I listen from that very infinite void space, the plants will show me, I’m relinquishing my innate human desire to control the outcome even unconsciously and dropping into the space between were time folds back on itself, and opens up an otherwise closed circuit of possibly, and by doing this they become my greatest teachers, & with this I am able to hear what wisdoms other medicine people & earth midwifes have placed into the earth herself through ceremony, ritual & reverence before me & also after me, those that reside in spaces between, having now departed or not yet arrived. . For the last month I’ve been working with >>>> ~~~~~~~~~~ >>>>>>For the rest of the post (2 min read) visit my blog, link in bio @rawkiflow

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The intense patterning of Milk thistle leaves leads me to get lost within the shiny folds of her shape, so beautiful and alive is she. Milk thistle is such a gift for the liver and in turn the whole body. 🌱🌿 —————————————— #plantmedicine #forage #plantbased #forager #gather #beautiful #medicine #earthmedicine #herb #herbalism #herbalist #herbalmedicine #plantmagic #plants #plantpower #ihavethisthingwithplants #inspiredbynature #naturelover #wildcrafting #wildcraft #rewild #wildmedicine

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When Central Texas is stripped bare of its dominate leaves, I’m reminded of all the Traditional Chinese Herbs that fill our bioregion as invasive species. China Berry (Chuan Lian Zi), Kudzu (Ge Gen), and Ligustrum lucidum (Nu Zhen Zi -pictured here). . . . Glossy Privet is an evergreen that peppers the Central Texan landscape with oblong purple berries whose seeds are great for treating yin disorders of the liver and kidney as part of the olive family. Western herbalists, it should never stand alone as a single herb as it holds a few toxicities best quelled by multi-herb combinations that help to reduce side effects. It’s great for patients suffering from gout, tinnitus, and vertigo. 🙌🏻 . . . Side note, how lucky are we in Austin to have such a beautiful December day?! ❄️🌞🙏🏻

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Make a poultice with the fresh or dried yarrow flower tops. Grind up then pack into and on a gash, laceration or any severe wound. Wrap it up and leave on until bleeding has stopped. Yarrow actually works best the more intense the bleeding. It can also be compressed on the skin where there is lingering discolored bruises inflamed cuts.

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The Orange Blossom Tea have been used as a treatment for anxiety and insomnia, due to their mildly sedating effects on the nervous system. An infusion (tea) made from the flowers is also recommended for mild stomach upset and as an aid to digestion. The flowers may have mild diuretic (promote urination) properties as well. #herbs #herbtea #herbalism #selfsufficientherbalism #herbalmedicine #herbgarden #growyourownherbs #wildcrafting #herblove #apothecary #traditionalmedicine #somerset #castlecary #orangeblossom #insomnia #stress #anxiety #flower #anxiety #insomnia #infusion #antioxidant #stress #happy #migrane # insomnia #sleep #bloodvesseles #Calmness

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Luxurious Body Cream • A true treat! Not gonna lie, I am pretty proud of how well this turned out! I infused all the oils over months. I wild harvested the plants, or had the help of laughing children and powerful women helping to harvest delicate flowers from the garden. Skin nourishing, strengthening, softening and moisturizing plant allies ~ Mallow, Chamomile, Horsetail & Dandelion flower. The fragrance is delicate, feminine and divine with vanilla, ylang ylang, vetiver, lavender and a smidge of lemon essential oil. Coconut oil rounds it out. Perfect for the entire body, but light enough for the face. Leaves skin silky soft. • $30 for 4oz. Jar. Small batch, only 5 left. PM me for orders. • #organicskincare #herbalism #herbalistlife #bodycream #naturalhealth #naturalskincare #wildcrafting #herbalife #medicinalherbs #essentialoils #earthmedicinecollective #goddess #passion

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Forever mesmerized by Echinacea ✨

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We’re definitely loving our new Elevate Elixir blend. The Lion’s Mane (a mushroom) is exceptional at improving cognitive function—like focus and memory. We seriously can’t believe how well it has worked for us, if you struggle with brain fog or focusing, it’s definitely worth trying! It also contains other superfoods to help improve mood and other bodily functions like digestion. It’s available in store and our website, along with more information 💚!

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Maple and I went to a spot we've been eyeing up over the last few weeks on our drive to and from school. Just down the road from us, next the creek were huge and prolific shrubs. I'm hoping to make a yearly tradition to harvest rose hips around winter solstice with my daughter. Thank you to our great mother Gaia, the Creatrix for these seasonal gifts. Hips are full of vitamin C and high antioxidants, looking forward to making medicine from the earth. Rose hip facial oil, tincture and syrup are my plans for these beautiful wild fruits. Maple helped until she spotted a wetland heard ribbeting close by. Then she turned into the Great Northern frog huntress. I'm guessing this was the first time for froggy in throne of a Queen Anne's Lace skeleton. #motherdaughterharvest #makingtraditions #wintersolstice #wildcrafting #wildrosehips #rosacalifornica #earthmedicine #hoopavalley #northerncalifornia #autumnstar

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Yesterday morning 🍂

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🍂I squeezed in 10 minutes this weekend to gather my swatches together. It’s a good reference tool for me....I love to compare results from different dye-pots and see how the color holds up over time🌿☺️Shown here from front to back: Aloe Vera, eucalyptus, golden rod🌾hibiscus 🌺and black walnut 🍂🖤

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I live where the cattail and white pine meet. Go anywhere south and you'll find the cattail have been overrun by the invasive fragmite. Go further north and you'll find pine start to give way to the spruces and the fir. This indeed is a special place where wetland and forest merge. In the woods out back you'll find wintergreen, violets, bunchberry, and trillium. Walk a ways further down to the marsh and you'll find skullcap, boneset, fringed gentian, blue vervain, and of course the over looked cattail. . . Cattail plays an important roll in the North woods. Herbalists call it the grocery store of the wetland because it is so versatile and offers it's gifts year-round. Winter is the best time of year to collect the "fluff". Here are just a few things you can do with cattail fluff: . . - use as a slow-burning fire starter - use to stuff pillows - insulate gloves and boots - use the smoke to repel insects - entertain cats ➡️ (apparently the fluff looks like a small furry animal 🤷) . . . . . . #cattail #foundandforaged #wildcraft #wildcrafting #forestmedicine #forestmagic #northwoods #natureflatlays #naturewalks #puremichigan #wintermood #mynaturestory #greenwitch #herbalism #witchesofinstagram #naturestudy #wildernesssurvival #northwoods #naturesmedicine #forestlife #seasonspoetry #gowildlyandslow #plants_are_magic #plantmagic #seasonspoetry

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Hey guys. You have today & tomorrow to make purchases in the shop before we shut down for a little holiday break. I’m ready to disconnect and refocus for a few weeks, giving all of my love & attention to my little tribe. Don’t forget we’re offering a free upgrade to priority mail shipping to hopefully give you plenty of time to receive your gifts before Christmas. And we’re still popping up at the Spice Merchant in Kerrytown this Friday from 3-6. After that, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year & we’ll see you in 2019!

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Looking for a nice way to cap off a busy day? Try our Punch tea. This Lovely tea blend is a divine beverage tea hot or cold! The herbs are bright, tart spicy and sweet making it a refreshing and delicious favorite! Check out our other Herbalism Roots organic medicinal tea blends on sale all of December: Wellness Tea, Belly Tea, Skin Tea, Cold and Flu Tea and Restful Sleep Tea. . . . #herbalist #herbalism #plantmedicine #plantmagic #herbalremedies #herbalmedicine #wildcrafting

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Some of our more untraditional holiday arrangements will endure, well past the New Year with dried natural elements in neutral tones. Grasses, seedpods and even translucent amber hydrangeas bring a winter warmth that looks beautiful & holds strong even after the holidays are all said & done. We’re filling arrangement orders this week for Holiday parties and gatherings for pick up. If you’d like to have a few custom uncommon arrangements this year on your holiday table, send us an email through our website. Thanks Guys! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #hortandpott #upstateny #catskills #wreathmakingworkshop #wreath #holidaydecor #wreathmaking #wreaths #floraforager #driedflowers #forage #foragedflora #foragedwreath #underthefloralspell #naturaldecor #naturaldesign #botanicalart #wildcrafting #christmasdecor #countryliving #christmasdecorating #popandpopshop #foragedchristmas #oakhillny #stylingtheseasons #destinationshop #holidayarrangements #newtraditions #christmasinthecatskills

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Being termed “wild” can be labeled as an insult instead of a complement. But I think “wild” means liberation to explore your true roots. What sets your heart on fire? Pursuing that passion is what wild truly means. ⁣ In the past, people used to forage the wild for their food. Identifying local plants and herbs for survival. Somewhere along the way we distanced from that way of life and many of us distanced ourselves from being wild. Instead we chose comfort and ease for the hope that others will accept us. Let your wild out and don’t wait to pursue that fire in your heart!! ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Photo of my true self foraging and being wild! #foraging #herbalist #tcm #traditionalchinesemedicine #ayurveda #herbs #wild #wildcrafting

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This is the final post on taste or Rasa as it's known in Ayurveda.. I can tell by the number of likes that i might be going on too much on the subject but there's a lot of information out there I feel is important to know so I'll finish up on the topic today before moving on to tissue states which i know can be a bit confusing at first. So Virya and Vipak and Rasa..what's the connection? As you digest it, food and herbs have a heating or cooling effect on your entire body know as virya. Virya comes from the same base words as virile, meaning it is the "power" of the food. Food and herbs either heat up your metabolism, or cools it down, an effect you can notice if you pay attention. Vipak describes the total post digestive effect of food on your body. It includes the medicinal effects of the food or herb on your body that linger after digestion is complete. Ayurveda recognizes three types of vipak: sweet, sour, and pungent. Sweet vipak is anabolic which means it promotes growth and moisture. Sour vipak increase energy, digestion and overall j"uiciness" of the body. It is especially useful when digestion is poor or the digestive organs are dry. Pungent vipak is drying and promotes weight loss and decreases the output of urine, feces, sweat and other bodily secretions..Each rasa is correlated to certain viryas and vipaks. Rasa determines virya, and virya determines vipak. The relationship between rasa, virya, & vipak allows you to predict the pharmacological effects of food just by tasting and eating it.. #apothecary #herbalist #herbalism #wildcrafting #plantmedecine #plantallies

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Living art 🌿 I love foraging for wild mushrooms, enrichment for the squirrels, and natural crafting supplies. Zoom in to see all the cute little brown mushrooms, polypores and lichens.

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ALGIZ warding tincture is back in stock... strong anti viral and anti bacterial herbs with an Algiz rune in the umbels that protect from colds and flu. Elderberry with elder flowers, yarrow, and hypericum work synergistically at the beginning of an acute illness to lessen the duration of your symptoms, and help you get back on your feet. Pair with Nauthiz, also back in stock, to break long standing fevers (due to cold or flu) in the middle or end of an illness. Please refer with me first to see if tinctures containing hypericum (St John's wort) are right for you. Tomorrow Is the LAST day to order before we close for a week! Link in bio Blackearthbotanica.com #runes #herbalism #herbs #plantmagic #plantpunx #plantmedicine #plantwitch #hedgewitch #wortcunning #greenmagic #phytotherapy #foraging #wildcrafting #elderfuthark #occult #esoteric #folkmagic

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Whoever keeps showing pictures of beautiful gingerbread houses and make it look like it's fun and easy: Stop. What an edible hell. I have another one to make, please send sanity vibes my way.

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Mugwort bundles! Do you know what mugwort is? Botanically speaking it's a naturalized invasive species here in the US meaning that it's not from the States but it grows everywhere at this point so it's here to stay. It literally grows like a weed in places where the soil has been disturbed. Mugwort has a history of being used in European pre Christian spiritual practices and is used in contemporary "flying ointments," to induce lucid dreams. When dried it can be used for smoke cleansing as it smolders well and has a pleasant earthy smell. Consider learning about mugwort and harvesting your own as an alternative to using things like sacred white sage, which Indigenous people have specifically asked non Indigenous people not to use and palo santo which is not always sustainably harvested. I pick my mugwort from a stream off the side of the Raquette River in Colton, NY and these bundles are from this years harvest. I have bundles ranging in price from $5 to $15 available and can ship anywhere within the US.

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We have been fine tuning our services for our 2019 opening and we would love your FEEDBACK! Would you prefer complementing your Sauna & Steam Circuit experience with a relaxing Massage or a revitalizing Body Treatment?✨ . We will be specializing in Swedish Relaxation and Deep Tissue MASSAGE therapy. Your massage experience will include customized aromatherapy, where you can select from our essential oils to uplift, calm or ground your senses.✨ . Our seasonal BODY TREATMENTS will reflect seasonal skin care needs and the seasonal availability of organic ingredients. You can chose from one of our wildcrafted body salts to uplift, calm or ground your senses. Relax while your body is exfoliated and your skin is renewed. Our wildcrafted body oil, infused with calendula and chamomile, will be applied to hydrate, comfort & soothe your skin. This revitalizing and detoxifying treatment will leave you with smooth, healthy skin! ✨ . Tell us YOUR PREFERENCE below 👇✨ . . . 📷 @flourish.creative #spa #ottawaspa #scandinavianspa #health #wellness #organicspa #sauna #steam #health #wildcrafting #wildcrafted #skincare #spa #spatreatments #massagetherapy #bodytreatments #saunaandsteam #saunalife #spalife #openingsoon #uppliftyourspirit #uppliva

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Foraged and store bought ingredients I use to make my plants-based fermented cheeses: You need a thick creamy base to ferment. I’ve experimented with all kinds of seeds and nuts and these days, I mostly use a base of cashew (around 70%) and the rest is often foraged ingredients such as pinyon pine nuts, acorn flour or walnuts. Why cashew? I just like the texture, it’s smooth and ferments very well. I’ve also fermented some interesting and delicious cheeses made entirely of freshly leached (hot method) acorns, walnuts and chestnuts so by all means don’t limit yourself and explore the possibilities with what you can find locally. Almonds is my least favorite due mostly by the texture but by all means, try what you can find locally, wildcrafted or store-bought, and have some fun. I’ve not tried peanuts or pistachios myself but I listed them anyway because I know people who have used them. Here is a list, quite incomplete, of ingredients you could use to make your base (cheese paste): Commercial nuts - Cashew, almonds, macadamia, brazil nuts, walnuts, pine nuts, peanuts, pistachios. Wildcrafted nuts - Acorns (leached or flour), walnuts, hazelnuts, pecan, pinyon and other pine nuts, chestnuts and, if you’re an experienced forager, you probably find more suitable ingredients in your local area. Various seeds can be added to the base such as sesame, flax, pumpkin (shelled) or sunflower seeds. I’ve done cheeses where I mix all kinds of (wild) seeds such as nettles, lamb’s quarter, chia, plantain and so on but they’re usually added after the fermentation process and contribute in terms of flavors, nutrition texture or aesthetic (crust). I have not played yet with grains such as quinoa or oats in my cheeses, I think it could work in small quantity mixed with your base or later on for texture but I’ll leave it to you to experiment with. #fermentation #vegancheeses #wildcheeses #goingnuts #foraging #wildcrafting #makingcheese #wildfermentation

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Have you ever heard of chaga mushroom? . A fungus that grows on birch trees throughout North America, Northern Europe, and Russia, Chaga has been foraged for centuries by indigenous tribes, and prized for its medicinal properties. (It's even approved by Health Canada as a natural health product!) . Chaga tea is easy to brew yourself (the chaga is very hard to mis-identify), and has a light, and surprisingly fruity flavor. . Learn all about chaga and how to harvest & brew your own tea...link is in my profile! 👉 @earthfoodandfire . #chagamushroom #chaga #chagatea #wildcrafting #wildcraft #herbalism #foraged #wildfood #naturalfood #healthyfood #diy #foodforest #tea #fbcigers #buzzfeedfood @annadachaga #naturalmedicine #herbalremedy #herbaltea #herbalmedicine

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Join us this Wednesday for the last Folk Herbal class before the New Year! This session we are talking about Protecting the Sacred: A discussion on the way we use & harvest plants, how that relates to our relationships to the Indigenous peoples of this land, and how our purchasing power or harvesting techniques impacts Indigenous culture. The presenter, Tiffany Freeman, is an Herbalist and Doctor of TCM, practicing Traditional Medicines and a person of Cree descent. She will be sharing from her experience as an indigenous person of Canada and as well as a Clinical practitioner of Herbal & Traditional Medicines. . Register via email at info @lodgepoleschool.com *this talk is pay what you can 7pm Wed Dec 19 @blankpagestudio

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What do you know about crystals? ✨During the Embodied Energy Coaching Path, you’ll be introduced optionally to crystals + how they can help you create the shifts you desire in your life. Here’s what else you’ll have the option to delve into❣️ ✨The EMBODIED ENERGY Coaching Path ✨🛤 △ 8 wild weeks of nourishment + transformation △ 8 intimate 1:1 holistic 45-60-minute coaching sessions from the comfort of your home, local coffee shop or co-op △ your very own EMBODIED ENERGY manual & workbook, as printable PDF △ your FREE copy of the EMBODIED ENERGY e-book △ FREE access to the NOURISH YOUR WILD TRIBE's private Facebook group for advice, encouragement, connection, & resources along your path △ your unique, time-efficient, easy-to-follow intuitive movement & yoga program for wellness & energy △ personal trauma healing through chakra work** △ 8 individual tarot draws & 8 intuitive readings △ powerful manifestation, breathwork, & meditation techniques to enliven your physical & energetic body △ intuitive development practices & training to cultivate new levels of clarity & insight △ physical & metaphysical empowerment--working THROUGH the body & WITH the mind to achieve enduring confidence & keen self-awareness △ rewriting your personal narrative to help you live out healthy, embodied self-compassion & contentment △ $160 USD 🍃DM to reserve your spot 🍃 ✨The Embodied Energy Coaching Path begins the week of 1/1/2019 ✨ **Scope of all resources non-clinical.

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What are your dearest winter or holiday traditions? I really, really love: ↟simple, natural decor plucked from outside that helps me reconnect to the natural world instead of the flashy light-up stuff ↟pine + spruce tea ↟Ella Fitzgerald + Louis Armstrong over most Christmas music ↟pots of tea all day long ↟hot homemade spiced cider or mocktails with a sprig of rosemary for a special treat ↟making chicken tortilla soup in the crockpot ↟taking walks as the snow falls ↟meditating more often, taking it slower Do you have any amazing ideas I should try?

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Turkey Tail Mushrooms 🍄 A powerhouse in the fungi world. They have been known to have wonderful medicinal properties. • Turkey Tails are known for their immune boosting benefits. They contain a variety of powerful antioxidants and other compounds which are known to help boost your immune system and even help fight certain cancers. • They also contain prebiotics which are known to improve gut bacteria balance and help aid in digestion. She’s a powerhouse indeed.

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<< r o a m w i l d >> We met so many wonderful humans yesterday in magical Wilno, ON. So many wildcrafters and foragers willing to share their abundant knowledge of local plants and herbs and preparations. We are very excited and eager to learn more from these teachers in the spring. Learning is never done! Thank you Wilno forbyiur generous spirit, you are in our heart forever now. • #wilno #wildcrafting #foraging #genouroushearts #artisansunite #learningfromlocals #wildandfree #wildedibles #wildherbs #wanderthewoods #forestgarden #wegrowtogether #natureisourbestteacher #natureisourclassroom #smalltowncharm #findyourpeople #herbalism #barefootdreams #barefootandwild #barefootwalking #barefootandfree #feeltheearth #engagewithnature #grounded #groundyourself

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आज दिन की आखिरी किरनों को समेटना है।। चेहरे पे पड़ती हुई दिन की आखिरी किरनों की गार्माईश को महसूस करना है, ये सुर्ख लालिमा आंखो मे बसाए इस याद को अपने अन्दर समाना है, आज दिन की आखिरी किरनों को समेटना है, बस आज दिन की आखिरी किरनों को समेटना है।। -मेरे एहसास।।। #landscapephotography #sunset #Off_beat_traveler

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Heal’s All aka Seal Heal is a wild member of the mint family that supposedly heal’s dang near everything and scientific research backs up a lot of the claims! It doesn’t look like much right now and so it’s hard to identify but when it’s pyramidal flowers clusters appear there’s nothing else quite like it. http://www.foragingtexas.com/2008/10/heals-all.html . . #selfheal #healsall #herbalmedicine #medicinalplants #memwhoherb #naturalhealing #naturalmedicine #texasplants #freemedicine #firstaid #healing #wildcrafting #foraging #foragingtexas #merriwetherforager

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These Rum Soaked Saffron pancakes 🥞 are oh so divine!! Check them out! By @healthy_belly

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Mmm these are a smust for a cute and yummy anytime snack to keep you going! By @nourishfearlessly

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Holiday sanity saving and well-being. I've had a lot of holiday strategy sessions with clients over the past 2 weeks to navigate this season of joy that can also be very overwhelming - especially those who are highly sensitive!! ⠀ .⠀ My philosophy to self-care at this time of year is to keep it so simple. Here are 6 of my favourite December ides to practice and recommend: ⠀ .⠀ ✍️. Micro-journaling: my normal 3+ pages practice has had to go out the window but I'm loving the @fiveminutejournal idea. It's based on positive psychology, it's simple, it's sweet and very grounding. In the AM: list 3 things you're grateful for, 3 things that would make today great and an affirmation/mantra. In the PM: list 3 amazing things that happened and what could've made today better. .⠀ 🧘 Insight timer app: I've committed to 15-mins a day with @sarahfinds "Coming home to yourself" 10 day course. Her meditations are heart rendering beautiful. $7 well spent! ⠀ .⠀ 🥗 Eat greens. Daily. Amen.⠀ .⠀ 🌿 Herbin' it up: Adaptogenic and nervine herbs such as chamomile, lavender, Melissa, Withania, skullcap and ginseng are all wonderful allies at this time a year. If you have a herbalist in your community, it's a perfect time to have a mix made up for you. Otherwise never underestimate the power of a strong cup of chamomile tea.⠀ . ⠀ 🥂 If you're prone to UTIs or thrush take extra care! 'Tis the time of year they most commonly flare up thanks to extra desserts, more alcohol, more intimacy and in Australia it's the beach season (a.k.a living in swimwear). If this is applies, make sure you're taking your daily cranberry + D-mannose and a vaginal specific probiotic (look for Lactobacillus rhamnosus, GR-1 and Lactobacillus reuteri, RC-14). ⠀ .⠀ 🌙 Activate your cycle conscious powers!! How you spend this week leading up to Christmas in alignment with your menstrual cycle can make a huge difference to how you feel on the day and the holiday after. I've got a lot of tips on this one so I'll save them for a post in the next day or two.⠀ .⠀ Self-care during this time doesn't need to be complex at all and a little can go along way 💗 #calmchristmas

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Turkey tail 🍄