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4 days ago

The sub-zero temperatures of late remind us of an Adirondack poem. “Yes, the weather here is wonderful, so I guess I’ll hang around. I could never leave the Adirondacks, because I’m frozen to the ground.” ❄️❄️❄️ . . . 📸 @rickg12986

1 week ago

@travelandleisure listed the Adirondacks as a top travel destination for 2019, and said the @wildcenter is a must see attraction. I visited the beautiful Adirondacks for the first time this past September and visiting the Wild Center was a big highlight of my trip! We saw two presentations (one on river otters and one on porcupines), went on the behind-the-scenes tour where we saw even more animals and learned about the environmental efficiency of the Wild Center, and of course did the treetop wild walk where I got caught in this spider web 😜 Hoping to go back to the Adirondacks and the Wild Center again soon! . #adirondacks #wildcenter #traveldestinations #2019 #travel #blog #vacation #travelblog #newyork #iloveny

2 weeks ago

We went wild on Monday! As we were walking down to the lookout she explained (through song) that 1 she wanted to be a biologist and 2 that unicorns were obviously near because the lake was not fully frozen and only a unicorn can make that happen. #sing #outside #wildcenter

2 weeks ago

If heat affects the motion of molecules than 2018 was record hot, year, because I haven’t stopped moving. Looking back on this year I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. The absolute hardest thing for me to do is slow down and take breaks. That will be my 2019 goal. #greennewdeal #actonclimate #wildcenter #putapriceonit #leadonclimate

2 weeks ago

This experience is worth a trip to Adirondacks for ❤️ iForest is the brainchild of British composer Pete M. Wyer and features the place-based musical composition “I Walk Towards Myself,” created by Wyer for this specific space and land in the Adirondack forest. The composition features voices from members of The Crossing, the renowned Philadelphia-based chamber choir, which are broadcast via twenty four hidden speakers in the surrounding woods. Walk along iForest’s path and take in the music and sounds of “I Walk Towards Myself.” With each step, evoke a new feeling, revel in a new sound, or listen to a new voice. The beauty of the iForest experience is that it morphs and changes not only with each step, but each shift in weather, season, and day. Simply magical ❤️ #wildcenter #adirondacks #tupperlake #iforest #magical #worththetrip #nature #natureishealing

2 weeks ago

TFW you visit The Wild Center during the holidays! 🐢 💚 . . 📸Wild Center curator Leah Valerio

1 month ago

Checking in on the #watercolor station creations in the Find Out Forest 🖼 🎨 ❤️

1 month ago

I haven’t posted anything from @mandiedandy and my #ADK Thanksgiving trip because it’s a bit of a sore subject - we planned to knock out another high peak but weren’t prepared for just how cold it was. We originally planned on climbing on Thanksgiving Day, but we woke up that morning to single digit temperatures in Keene. We decided to kick around Placid for the day hitting the few shops that were actually open and enjoy some time relaxing by the fireplace at The Snow Goose, where we were staying. We tried to #optoutside on Black Friday instead but we hit the trail at 8AM and it was -2 degrees. Base layers weren’t cutting it. Sometimes smart hiking is knowing when to turn around. We took our time driving home and stopped at @wildcenter and @fccbrewery. Still an awesome trip.

1 month ago

Staring into the wintry abyss. ❄️❄️❄️ #nofilter 📸:Kathleen Brannon

1 month ago

This #GivingTuesday , visit the link in our bio and become a Wild Center superhero! Here are a few examples of how your gift today can make more people fall in love with nature: -$25 supports naturalist-led walks to identify animal tracks -$50 covers a week of creativity in the Art Studio by kids of all ages -$125 serves a whole year of meals to our frugal snakes -$200 keeps the owls, hawks and kestrels well-fed for 3 weeks -$350 provides the otters with a month of fresh fish and tasty treats -$1,200 gives a week of warmth with locally produced wood pellets Your investment helps us to help others be inspired by the natural world, whether it is out on snowshoe walks, at animal encounters, during school programs, or with the many other Wild Center programs and activities. Thank you for your current support, for any past support, and for everything you do to share your passion for nature. Happy holidays to you from your human, furry, slimy, scaly and feathery friends at The Wild Center.

2 months ago

Learning so freaking much. I came to Hustle & Flow hoping for the best, not 100% sure what it would be like. Day One down and I know the coming was the best decision I’ve made in 2018 for myself and my business. I’m blown away by @thehontourage and I can’t wait to start hustling for real. Pictured above ⬆️ One of my main reasons for knowing I need to kick it in gear and go get it!

2 months ago

“Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but just look what they can do when they stick together.” -Vista Kelly ❄️❄️❄️❄️ 📸 Kathleen Brannon

2 months ago

Once snow starts to fall, we can get a secret glimpse into the life of wild animals. The picture below was taken on a railing next to some of our ambassador birds' enclosures. Can you guess who the curious visitor was from the prints they left behind? #wildlifeinvestigator

2 months ago

Flight training with Zuma ✈️

2 months ago

Coming next Wednesday and Thursday, the 10th annual Adk @youthclimate Summit. Follow along with Summiteers as they take over our Instagram stories. Also watch live both days at the link in our bio 🌎❤️

2 months ago

Ventured to the Adirondacks to talk data and climate literacy with a great bunch of science educators. It’s not every meeting where you get to cross a suspension bridge into a giant tree and stand in a huge bird nest with panoramic snowy mountain views. #gmri #wildcenter #datanerds

2 months ago

I arrived in Lake Placid on a fittingly snowy Saturday to talk about diversity and inclusion in travel, not knowing what to expect from a region that I had never visited. I left Tupper Lake the next day having met a diverse, ambitious, progressive, and passionate cross-section of the community, who are ready to welcome visitors of all backgrounds to the Adirondacks. The North Country is more than stunning nature... there is culture, art, history, food, and a wonderful community. Thank you Adirondack Foundation, Wild Center, and I Love NY for being such gracious hosts, and of course Travel Unity for once again bringing us all together for such productive dialogue . . . . . #tusadk #thisissustainable #adk #adirondacks #iloveny #ny #nys #newyork #diversity #inclusion #tourism #travel #travelunity #nysdec #seeyourcity #wildcenter #wildwalk #iForest #hospitality #hospitalitymanagement #meetmeinlp #adks #diversifyoutdoors #culturaldiversity #equity @adkfound @iloveny @wildcenter @impacttravelalliance @travelunity

2 months ago

Early morning fall on Greenleaf Pond 📸: Kathleen Brannon

2 years ago

📍Semenggoh Wildlife Centre, Malaysia 這裡是紅毛猩猩的保護區還有研究中心這類的 每天會有餵食的時間 照理說會有紅毛猩猩來吃東西 但是呢我又沒看到半隻 只看到一隻遠遠的掛在樹上看我們像傻子一樣癡癡的等 feeding time 🍴 after one hour still no orang utan come, only found one hanging on the tree enjoy life 🙄 wtf you guys also fasting or what 😩😩 — #malaysia #kuching #semenggohwildlifecentre #wildcenter #feeding #nature #sallychangin 🇲🇾