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5 days ago

Exploring does the soul good

1 week ago

My 7-minute twist on self-care, tenderness, differences and responsibility towards others. I love the moment when I’m about to discover something big about myself. No one has it all figured out, but when you love learning and changing, you can enjoy these reflections quite a lot. The world is filled with wonders, and so is everyone of us. ____________ #themostpowerfulimageisinyourhead

1 week ago

A few days of #summerinbristol visits. I’ve enjoyed discovering some new to me places in my home city. Bristol is a brilliant place, I feel really lucky to live here. It’s a joy to share the bits of the city (and beyond) that I love and to discover some new aspects. Thanks for having me on board @visitbristol. Really hope I’ve inspired some Summer in Bristol adventures in other people. My summer in Bristol doesn’t stop here, I fully intend to keep enjoying the best of Bristol across the summer. Just one more week of school! #visitbristol #swisbest #visitengland #gloriousbritain #prettycities #pathport #instatravel #whpexplore #thisismycommunity #thisismykingdom #inspofinds #distractionsandinspiration #wondermore #mybeautifulstories #botanicalpickmeup

1 week ago

Together is my favorite place! 🥰 Tag your bae ❤️ . . Follow @glamssy for more posts like this ✨ . .

2 weeks ago

If you’re like me, someone who is paying more attention to small things, someone who “zooms in” on their daily life, daily conversation and daily behaviour, it’s sometimes good to take a step back. Yes — life doesn’t happen on the big scale, it happens in infinite daily revolutions. But it also means, sometimes you loose sight of where you’re headed. ____________ #themostpowerfulimageisinyourhead

2 weeks ago

It’s Sydney Bitch.

3 weeks ago

Today’s video got quite long (go to 1:40 min to skip my boring personal anecdote), because I’m talking about how I came to be happy with myself. However, my aim is to give you the same tools I discovered, in order for you to see yourself in a different light. I am simplifying psychological and neurological concepts to prove that you can use the way your brain is wired to feel better about yourself. Of course there is more depth and exceptions to these concepts, so I urge you to read more about the Mere-Exposure-Effect as well as Neural Facilitation. ____________ #themostpowerfulimageisinyourhead

3 weeks ago

Wishing to stroll through Paris in the heat, with a Pistachio Ice Cream in hand and absolutely no plans for the day whatsoever. ____________ #themostpowerfulimageisinyourhead

3 weeks ago

Life is better when you’re eating 😋 🍽🍷 Love this photo? Double tap and tag your bestie 💕 . . Follow @glamssy for more posts like this ✨ . .

3 weeks ago

Hey! There's no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this 🌺 Love this photo? Double tap and tag your bestie 💕 . . Follow @glamssy for more posts like this ✨ . . #visititaly 🇮🇹 #visiteurope

3 weeks ago

If u think I’m gonna stop posting travel pics just cus I’m back in toronto u are terribly, terribly wrong 🤷🏻‍♀️

4 weeks ago

As life goes on and troubles inevitably pile up, it is sometimes hard to maintain a positive attitude in your day-to-day. It’s too easy to fall into negativity and complaining why you’ve been treated unfairly by the universe. Last week I shot some videos for a different project and as the filming gear was already set up, I decided to just leave the camera running and sit down and talk about something that makes me happy. Because the only way to counter negativity is by focusing on the small, everyday things. The ones that cost nothing and are worth everything. It is fully improvised, so please excuse that the only thing I could think of was... the weather. For the full video, check my IGTV. If you like it, “Discussing: Happiness” might become a series. Let’s see! ____________ #themostpowerfulimageisinyourhead

4 weeks ago

The world is a strange and wonderful place 🎈 Love this photo? Double tap and tag your bestie 💕 . . Follow @glamssy for more posts like this ✨