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🍔Relationships these days, most built on only food and sex. Sometimes for Netflix accounts. The worst modern women is one that leaches off a bunch of men because she feels she deserves it somehow. The attention she gains justifies whatever she wants to take from anyone she can. I call it the princess dilemma lol. The worst of the modern men are the white knights or those that say these women are pure and innocent or deserving of all the pleasure they get but torment they bring. I’m talking about whores lol the world has too many. Yet these fellas are emptying their pockets just for pictures now, used to be some slim chance of sleeping with them🍔

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Facts 💯😤 - MemeHokage

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The one with the electric guy was so 🔥🔥

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What class y’all in

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I love u

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whoops 😂