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Honestly my boyfriend is so amazing and sweet. He is so kind and gentle with me. He's also real funny but i don't let him know i think he's funny . He's so fuckung hot and cute and handsome 🥰😍. #wholesomememes #wholesome #wholesomeedits #wholesomekermit #heart #heartedits #edits #memes #meme #memesdaily #memeaccount #wholesomebfmemes #wholesomegfmemes #wholesomebfmeme #wholesomegfmeme #wholesomebffmemes #love #Iloveyou #wholesomeculture #lovememes #explorepage #happyedits

2 days ago

fuckin hug me bitch😔😔😔

2 days ago

ik we argue over pointless stuff but we’re going to make it :) 10 months in 10 days

2 days ago

i should start saving money every time i say i love you to my bf (i’d be rich)

2 days ago

this insta is starting to be less active and idk what to do about it and it’s lowkey making me sad. my views went down by 700 in like 3 days :)))

2 days ago

i’ve been feeling a lot better with my whole situation lately and i’ve started to fall more in love with my bf but i haven’t told him ._.

2 days ago

@ me waking my bf up at 4:00am because i can’t sleep then getting mad for no reason and him trying to stay calm because he loves me. then me waking up an hour later to tell him i’m sorry for being grumpy and i was just tired :)

2 days ago

ily bb

2 days ago

am i the only one that thinks this snake is adorable 🥰🥰

3 days ago

:3 💖