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1 month ago

Sesje narzeczeńskie - lubimy bardzo i robimy ich zdecydowanie za mało. A to fajny czas kiedy mamy okazję lepiej się poznać z przyszłą Młodą Parą! Martyna i Krzysiek pobierają się w tą sobotę! Będzie zjawiskowo! 💍 #palmiarnia #palmiarniapoznańska #sesjanarzeczenska #narzeczenska #sesjafotograficzna #enagement #couplesphotography #couple #natural #naturalbeauty #photography #wtb #whiteberry #whiteberrycompl #engaged #love #fotografiaslubna #fotografiaslubnatorun #weddingphotography

2 months ago

Although today it’s still fairly warm I bet you won’t regret casting on for Beyul. Once you finish it it will be ready for the autumn chilly evenings. It’s 20% off with code SUMMER2 until tomorrow (the previous code for Este still works today till midnight CEST). Happy knitting! #letesknits #knitting #knitstagram #whiteberrycompl #summersale

2 months ago

Evenings are starting to feel a bit chilly now. That means the end of summer is on. I don’t regret that - I think I love each season (for different reasons though). In 20 days September will start and during those 20 days I will offer a promo code for a design. Let’s begin with Este - my favorite summer top. Well, summer, fall, spring... regardless of the season it’s still comfortable and easy to wear. Use code SUMMER1 in the cart (I’ll put the link in my bio) to enjoy sweat 20% off. Runs till tomorrow midnight, when I turn on a new code. Happy knitting! Are you waiting for Fall too? #letesknits #knitting #knitsagram #summersale #martinslabyarn #knitting_inspiration #whiteberrycompl

3 months ago

Przedwczoraj mieliśmy mega ślub i współpracowaliśmy z super "ekipą do zadań specjalnych"! ;) Najpierw poznaliśmy kamerzystę z @weddingwolf.pl , który przyjechał z Krakowa. Michał zdradził nam sekret jak zdobyć cenne kryształy (tylko dla wtajemniczonych) i jeden z nich nam podarował <3 O wygląd Ani w sobotę zadbała Marta (włosy) i @kajasmieszek (makijaż). Ania wyglądała zjawiskowo w sukni od @pardykap i biżuterii @bizuteriaapart . Wesele odbyło się w @holeinonerestauracja , gdzie poznaliśmy Jurka i Anie z @annapanter.getlight . Od Ani była też industrialna ścianka! Byli też @licencjonowanibarmani , niestety nie było czasu żeby stanąć w kolejce po drinka. Wszystko pod czujnym okiem koordynatorki Agnieszki z @justlove.pl . Ania i @grzechugorecki , dziękujemy, że mogliśmy być z Wami! <3

4 months ago

I have WiFi ✨ and that means Chonita Top is live for you to enjoy! The top is a spin-off of Hanke Dress I made a couple of years ago. I finally graded it again with a different fit, different numbers and charts, and new inclusive sizing (up to 5xl!) which I plan to spread on my other old designs (time permitting). ✨ The name is also special. I met Chonita last year and completely fell in love with the sound of her name and promised she’d have “her own” shawl. No shawl, this top suited much better. Beautiful like Chonita’s heart and name ❤️ ✨ The pattern is 20% off till Sunday. No code needed, it applies automatically in the cart, so more of you can enjoy the sweet price 🙃 ✨ I’ll have both versions of the top with me in @martinslab booth (no. 10) during @woollinnyarnfest . Come over and try it on this weekend. ✨ Ok, now we’ll drive to our Airbnb to check in ;) see you soon everyone! #letesknits #knitsagram #knitting_inspiration #whiteberrycompl #martinslabyarn #welthase #woollinndublin

4 months ago

This month I’ll be self publishing some of the designs I submitted a while ago. Calla Lily is the first one ✨ it was originally published in Making Magazine and today you can get it 20% off as a single PDF. There’s no code for the discount, it applies automatically and is valid till Friday. Happy knitting! #letesknits #knitsagram #whiteberrycompl #knitting_inspiration #makingmagazine

6 months ago

Thank you so much dear knitters! Thank you for coming to say hi, for your purchases, for your warm words and support. Thank you Jo&Mica @edinyarnfest for creating the festival and having us. Thank you dear designers for sharing your talent! It’s been a blast. Now we’re taking Sun off (got to celebrate my birthday properly now), and on Mon we’re going home. Miss that small village of ours now ❤️ #edinburghyarnfestival #martinslab #martinslabyarn #homecomingcollection #whiteberrycompl

6 months ago

“Homecoming” collection is very dear to me and I’m truly grateful for your wonderful reception. This book cherishes the bliss of a home in the colors of Mother Nature 11 gorgeous designs by 10 talented designers. Make sure to visit our booth today to see the samples and the new base, and from 1.30 to 2.30pm Julie Dubreux @julieknitsinparis , Bristol Ivy @bristolivy and my wife @letesknits can sign your copy. ⚫️ The book is available in my online shop too. #edinburghyarnfestival #yarnspiration #martinslab #homecomingcollection #martinslabyarn #whiteberrycompl

6 months ago

Bezel is my first contribution to "Homecoming" collection curated by Martin's Lab @martinslab It's a unisex striped cowl knit on the bias. I made it from two contrasting colors of Aubrey Sport and I must say I loved every stitch - not only because of the pretty yarn, but also because it's so much fun! The pattern right now is available in Homecoming book and it's only in print. You can grab it through MLY shop. The digital version will be available in about 3 months. pics @whiteberry.com.pl #letesknits #knitting #martinslabyarn #knitsagram #whiteberrycompl #homecomingcollection #knitting #knitting_inspiration

6 months ago

Whoop whoop, just one more day and see you everyone at EYF! As usual I’ll be helping out in @martinslab booth. What’s more, this year I made two contributions to his gorgeous “Homecoming” collection and I’m in very good company, I tell ya. On Fri at 1.30pm come over his booth E2 for meet and greet (and sign your book) 🙋🏼‍♀️ ⚫️ The patterns will be available as a printed collection for 3 months through @martinslab shop. ⚫️ The photo was taken in my village. I can’t believe how lucky we are to live in such a pretty place. The gorgeous model is Klaudia @eadllyn #letesknits #knitting #martinslabyarn #knitsagram #whiteberrycompl #homecomingcollection #aubreysport

6 months ago

I've a design in this new collection from @martinslab which launches at @edinyarnfest ! And I'm in mighty good company. ○ You'll be able to find me at the #martinslabyarn stand - E2 - on Saturday between 1.30pm & 2.30pm. I'll also be loitering around for most of the show but deffo come find me & the new collection then 👍 ○ Reposted from @martinslab - Last time I curated a collection was almost 2 years ago. This year a group of 10 super talented designers (tap the pic to see the names) agreed to collaborate and Homecoming book is the result of that. We’ve been working on it for a couple of months now and I must admit it’s GOOD! ✨ It will have its premiere at @edinyarnfest , there will be samples, book signing and something special that’s featured throughout the pages 😎 Stay tuned! #edinburghyarnfestival #martinslab #martinslabyarn #eyf2019 #homecoming #whiteberrycompl - #regrann