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🌾🌾🌾 From what we meet and get to know in our lives, the most important thing for us is the notions embodied in our valuable world. 🌾🌾🌾

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Centre of Amsterdam ➡ ~Capital of the Netherlands~

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Nature definitely needs no photoshop! Look at this surreal and dramatic sunset. Who else loves watching the sun go down? 📸: @phil.s.1002

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Brooklyn Bridge ✅ Being adventurous is one of my favorite things lately. I just can’t stop traveling because I love to to things I’ve never done before and go places where I’ve never been before. 🌎

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impossible is just an opinion

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Since the day of our second personal meeting, our days became ordinarily sweet. It felt like our banter plateaued at some point. “Last weekend, Tita cooked okoy for me. Puso.”, I was referring to an okoy made from a banana blossom. . “Puso ko, gusto mo? Ayiiiii!”, you replied. You’re corny. But since it seemed that we’re no longer at that stage when I was still blocking all your pick-up lines, I conceded. . “Hahaha, gagawin nating pagkain?”, I was trying to go with the flow of this cheesy exchange. . “Bopis. Haha!” . “Favorite ko ‘yon.”, I answered. “Sige akin na lang puso mo.”, I added. . “Iingatan mo ha.”, you appealed. Is this a serious plea? . “Iingatan kong hindi masunog habang niluluto?”, I replied. Waley! Hahaha. My line wasn’t funny. “Sige na nga iingatan na.”, I continued. . Why are we so kind with each other all of a sudden? I miss the energy and fun of our old exchange of messages. I told you I’m not sweet. . . . #astoryillneverwrite #excerptsfromastoryillneverwrite #astoryaboutlove #writingcommunity #spilledinkn #discovermnl #wheninmanila #wheretonext #goodmorning #banter #travelstories #adventure #nature #travelgram #iphonephotography

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Set amidst 100-acres is untouched forests🌲, this century old home is a great escape for the ordeals of urban living - spend your days exploring the unbound wilderness and your evenings snuggled up in comfy blankets with a good read. 😇 . . . #StayPlush #Uttarakhand #RoomWithAView #Mountains #WinterGetaways

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Ho due cuori. Uno è del nord, indipendente e impegnato, libero e incasinato. Si sposta in metro o scansa, in bici, i binari dei tram. Profuma di spritz e pioggia, di libri e piatti caldi. L'altro è terrone. Sa di salsedine e arance, profuma di gelsi, di fichi e di uva. Ha il colore dei pomodori maturi e la consistenza del pane cotto a legna. Batte lento perchè non ha mai fretta di arrivare, perché chi aspetta può aspettare. Ho due cuori che non si amano tanto. Quando uno batte, l'altro tace. Quando è il momento di partire, Nulla batte Ti senti morire. Prima o poi faranno pace. Ciao Benevento ❤️ #instatravel #travelmemories #lifeofexploring #travelingram #travelgram #travelstories #passionpassport #travelgo #wanderlust #mytravelgram #lifeintravel #comeandsee #travelinspired #travelblogger #beautifuldestination #travelbloggerlife #travelstyle #travelpics #travellingthroughtheworld #igtravel #vacaymode #traveltips #travelfriendly #wheretonext #mytinymoments #littlestoriesofmylife

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Back in the ocean again by end of this month. No better way to almost end the year than being near the water. @thewanderingnut & I spent the last new year’s at the Andamans & Nicobar islands. This time it’s  a special celebration with the family. . By the way I learned swimming only last year, mostly because I have always wanted to swim in the ocean. It’s going to be sweeter because I have been wanting to visit this island country for a few years now. . Can anyone guess which country we are going to? . >Pic was taken on our honeymoon, at Aao Thalane , a tiny island in the south of Thailand almost 4 years ago. . #beachready #islandgirl #oceanlove #wheretonext #throwback #bestplacestogo #travelawesome #stayandwander #tourtheplanet #passionpassport #travelingpost #travelgirl #tlpicks #adventuresawait #sheexplores #travelstoke #wandermore #darlingescapes #wildandfree #surfergirl #letsgosomewhere #brazentraveler #gltlove #indiantraveller #savourlife #lebujournal

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I know, I know... Another temple picture from the Grand Palace complex in Bangkok but I LOVE this photo! 📸 You're going to be hearing me say that a lot 😆 ⠀

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Here I am again, with some chronicles from my messy #travelbloggerlife 🗺️ SWIPE RIGHT to see more PHOTOS about last stop few days ago in #GLENWOODSPRINGS on this #USATRIP 🇺🇸 ----- TODAY, as you will see in the next stories, last tour exploring the beauties around SALT LAKE CITY, COLORADO and later this night back on the train, direction RENO, NEVADA... once again on her majesty #CALIFORNIAZEPHYR 🚞🚞🚞 ----- (Our 🇺🇸 COAST to COAST: NewYork✔️ Chicago✔️ Omaha✔️ Denver✔️ Glenwood Spring✔️ Salt Lake City📍Reno, Sacramento, San Francisco 🌅) ----- ➡️ Stay tuned for my live STORIES (activate NOTIFICATIONS) and you'll get constant live update 😍 ----- 🗺️ #CIAOWORLD tour - NEXT DESTINATIONS ⏬ 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹 ✔️ Tenerife (Puerto de la Cruz) 🏄‍♂️ ✔️ Morocco (Marrakech, Merzouga, Fes, Chefchaouen) ✔️ Portugal (Lisbon) 🏄‍♂️ ✔️ New York ✔️ Chicago 🚞 now 🚞 ZEPHYR - Interrail 📍San Francisco & California18.11 🏄‍♂️ 📍Perù (Lima & Cuzco District) 02.12 📍Ecuador & Galapagos 15.12 📍Los Angeles 21.12 📍Hawaii - Honolulu 25.12 🏄‍♂️ 📍New Zealand (or Philippines?) 05.01 📍Indonesia & Bali 25.01 🏄‍♂️ 📍South East Asia (somewhere) 25.02 📍Maldives & Sri Lanka 10.03 🏄‍♂️ 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹 Drop me a line if you happen to be somewhere at the same time: I'll be glad to meet for a beer🍺 or tasty LOCAL FOOD 🍜

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Crisantemi gialli. 💛

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her aura is what keeps me awake at night. made of rainbows. and poetry. and lilies. and stars. her thoughts. make me smile. while i lay foolishly. sharing into the dim lit sky. looking for my moon. knowing what to say. but having no clue how. like every other hopeless inept person. struggling coherently to express the nightfall in their heart. my scuffle for consistency. and promises. and authenticity. dies. as it races a snail. and i cannot resist. losing. and ignoring the rules i had ever set for myself. i tear down my walls one more time. letting myself exposed. and weak. and stray. letting myself drown. aware. knowing. that if i bleed. i know how to smile. conscious. that there will be no need to come out for air again. that black magic will make me sane again. #feetparadox

1 week ago

at times. even the odds are even. young and sleep deprived. old and tired. Detached. at times. the blues grey. ground zero. colourless. punctual. at times. i wake up in your shoes. feet intact. furious and firm. dry. at times. i do. you do too. hand in hand. asleep. #feetparadox

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DAY AND NIGHT. the cold currently biting my toes. warms my eyes with its warmth. and with it worms on trees with green leaves that looked black despite the snowfall all night. a dusty air vent blows dust out off my lungs. arching. making invisible scaffoldings for lids to the jar where i store my eyes as i listened to singers sing songs of unrequited love and look at you dropping pace into a reality of our dream. #feetparadox

2 weeks ago

the boy who drinks bottled water standing in the rain. curious. right. and being in the bright light. just like that. disappeared. #feetparadox

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holes. souls. nerves. and valor. grit. meetle. sky. and i. fibre. hue. snow and you. thorough. white. black. and us. #feetparadox

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darling. there's the sun. the loom. and twelve billion three hundred and forty five sparkling eyes in the sky. there's the voice in the beating wind. in the calm ocean. peace in the mountains. in the snow. beneath your feet. there's the joy in little things. and then, there's you. baby. people lie. cheat. run away from things and never settle in a seat. wait for things to fall in place, cowardly, searching for miracles. failing to see. they flee. people are mean. and menacing. pseudo self righteous. deceptive and cold. and then, there's you. sweetie. there's love and lust. and everything else in between. and then, there's you. #feetparadox #rooh

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what stories the sand holds. upon which. a drawn line is a puzzle. ciphered. and. a step taken is a life lived. #feetparadox

1 month ago

bethink of me at which hour am gone. nev'r at which hour am 'round. huggeth me once. bef're thee drowneth. if't be true thee've ev'r did look me in the eye. i promiseth thee. i've smuggl'd a smileth into thy bones and yond's how i intendeth to live f'rev'r. #feetparadox Shout-out to @chickooster for thy Shakespearean touch.

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FLUTTER. the blue lily shed it's petals. into the ground and blue silence followed. melting blue flowing into the sky. and blue conversations. about lost time and blues. staring at the sleepy stars. and finally crawling into a blue jar. for you. #feetparadox

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INDIGO. blood is red. sea sometimes is indigo. a jellyfish just bit me. you know the cure. now cover me in it. from head to toe. #feetparadox

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his dark fantasy was to sleep. into a menacing trance. away from himself. till the drumming stopped. his dark fantasy was to sleep. into absolute silence. slaying everything in between. sliding in into the mines. like smoke into lungs. but to stay. his darkest fantasy was to sleep. cold. like brothers in blood. everglow. #feetparadox

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it's always you not I. underneath the ground. and I. miles below. surrounded by abundance. of cheese. of tits. of the bickerings. of dicks. and you struggling to cry. #feetparadox

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words elude my mind. disappear. fly. let eyes wander. i wonder why? unaware of the sub rosa lives we shared upon the deep pungent red sky. i sigh. looking for the parallel yarn. to guide me back to the yurt shy. i see the white bricks melt into the berm. and then into the lake filled with broken arrows. stupid mistakes. and all of my sorrows. broken bridge and barricades and all the burnt up tarots. through the window pane as the wind of pain clutched me away from the inky tunnels. whispering. gently. "let the dark guide you back. home." #feetparadox #OneOOne