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1 month ago

I often scribble before bedtime. "The referential sketch serves as a visual diary, a record of an architect's discovery. It can be as simple as a shorthand notation of a design concept or can describe details of a larger composition. It might not even be a drawing that relates to a building or any time in history. It's not likely to represent 'reality,' but rather to capture an idea." ~Michael Graves . . #sketchesbyarchitects #sketchlikeanarchitect #whatthisarchitectdoes

2 months ago

The little things matter. . All of the #facade panels on this project are factory made. This means that they come #pre -assembled in large sections that are hoisted and mounted on the #structuralframe. . Every component has to work within a fine tolerance for ensuring the proper fit and finish of the facade. The #brackets mounted on the structure have some leeway to account for the minute surface undulations. The panels themselves interlock in place, and so must all be plumb & true. . The mounting of the first few panels is therefore key to getting things done right, which means you need to check (& recheck) the starting points. . #EvenGehryWouldDespiteWhatYouMayThink #IndianArchitecture #WhatThisArchitectDoes

3 months ago

“Don’t Let the Internet Design Your Project” New post today on LifeofanArchitect.com . It only happens a few times a year, but I felt the need to climb up on my soapbox and talk about the schematic design process and the relationship between the architect and the client during this period of collaboration. Some people just love to give their opinions whether they know anything about the project or not. After writing a site like mine for so long, I no longer criticize the work of others in a casual manner because I don’t know enough to pass judgement. . . . . . . . #lifeofanarchitect #whatthisarchitectdoes #drawing #design #sketch #architect #architecture #residentialarchitect

4 months ago

The need for our garage and granny unit remodel started right here, with the dark - shared entry into both spaces. Unwelcoming, and not belonging to either side. First thing I did was paint the room after buying our property last March. It helped so much but didn't solve the problem. I was testing out the garage as my office and we had a 6 month trial lease with a tenant in the unit. So this door, entryway, shared space was our catalyst and motivating factor for our garage and granny unit remodel. We've added several doors, and moved several walls. This is now a light filled hall leading to the granny unit's backyard. The dead space under the stair is intended as a washer / dryer closet, with a small storage closet next to it. The light filters all the way to the kitchen, adding a glimpse of an indoor oudoor connection. . . . #beforeandafter #inprogress #light #indooroutdoorliving #indooroutdoor #door #patiodoor #dark #paint #dogsofinstagram #architect #whatthisarchitectdoes #remodel #diy #construction #pasorobles #sanluisobispo #nofilter #hamblyhomes

5 months ago

The power supply will be cut off after the last worker has prepared for bed. After that, there will be no light besides the stars, no sound besides the crickets and a bleak December landscape is all you can see. Last night we lit a fire. A great way to loosen up from a day's work. Also a good alternative to Christmas lights. 😁 Going back to the city soon. Merry Christmas everyone! #whatthisarchitectdoes #christmasfeels

6 months ago

This is my afternoon until I fall asleep with a nap. Today we stood out in the cold for more than three hours to see our son in a holiday parade. I've worked most past weekends. Time to refresh. . . #whatthisarchitectdoes #architectbooks #modernhouse