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So back when I was in the navy a 24 hour rat pack or rat pac had a cold sausage and beans breakfast pack a chicken and mushroom or beef stew pack and maybe if you were lucky a sticky toffee pudding a chocolate bar and bran biscuits so it came out the other end a milk powder a tea bag or a coffe sachet , so I've been given one of the new and improved ration packages as this doesn't deserve the name rat pack , a tomatoe and basil soup , chicken jalfrezi , the stick toffe pudding is still there but chocolate has gone as that's not healthy and neither are the biscuits they're now swapped with dental mints ( we used to bring our own tooth brush with us if we were in the field ) and alcohol free wipes to clean up with ( again we used to wash in a stream we could find and use that water to shave with ..... in February , now I can see what my oppo means times have changed ... Soups ok though 😉 #veteran #armedforcesveteran #royalnavy #ratpack #whatisthis #notinmyday oh and not being able to have WiFi at sea is not the hardest part of being in the forces oh my god can't believe someone actually said that

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Know what?

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Buggo people needed - feel like when I left the flat I accidentally landed in the Amazon. What the hell is this?! Never seen anything like it

1 hour ago

Dear Walmart, like...what the f*** is this? It says Wizard but 1) it looks like something my kid made with left over fabric scraps and a hot glue gun, and 2) it’s awfully “Klanish”, don’t you think...like, Merlin wasn’t a neo-nazi... #whatisthis #walmartfinds #isthishowcapitalismworks

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Idk what this is 💀

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Good morning @natgeo , What is this?

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Sometimes you have to be happy,because it's important for your health :D _________________________________________ ♡Dont forget to follow me(≧∇≦)/ _____________________________________ ♡Wanna be my friend?o(^▽^)o _____________________________________ ♡And dont forget my friends tooヘ(^o^ヘ) - @razzacraft - @azurehenta.i - @kagamiartz._ _____________________________________ /"-TaGs-"\ #cyanwolf #newlife #whatisthis ? #helloeveryone #imstillnewhere #wow #thisisamazing #hmmm #whatcaniwritehere #ohwell #wannabemyfriend ? #X3 _____________________________________ Cyaaa!!!

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World's ugliest kitchen? Forgive me for not being able to speak... I'm not used to doing manual labor like I did and it was super exhausting. Shout out to all the people that work out in this heat and do manual labor. 👏👏👏 Y'all are the real Rockstars. Anyways, weird kitchen - with 2 sinks. 🤔 I still can't figure that out. I mean I could see it if the space was huge... But. 🤔 We have a sketch of the floor plan that we're playing around with to see what layout might work best. Throw your suggestions in the comments. The kitchen has access to one of the bedrooms, hallway that leads to side yard and bathroom, cased open to living room, and doorway to laundry/utility room. Lots of things to consider for the flow of the kitchen. This is what a real home renovation looks like. They ain't pretty and they sure do take a lot longer than those shows make you think. #ugliestkitchenever #kitchendesign #kitchen #designhelp #whatisthis #gross #homerenovation #brrrr #fixandhold #craftsmanbungalow #suggestions #commentswelcome

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Goodbye @kampgroundsofamerica we had a great stay! While we packed up we finally let the kids in on the fact that there was a tv/game room. 😂😂 One of our best purchases this summer was a koa membership! We'll be back,weather it's pop-up camping, primitive or maybe even one of those fancy cabins! What a great way to unplug and unwind without being cutoff from reality! Get the koa app, you won't regret the look see. 🌲🚐🏕 #koacamping #koa #camping #popupcamper #gurumemaw #momlife #whatisthis #lifeisgood #fightlikeagirl #ohio #breastcancerwarrior #fuckcancer #naturalmedicine #family #love #myeverything #ilovemyhusband #Leo #beautywithinthefight #ZeusAlexanderLee #AndyRoo #vacation #jerseyshore #camden