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CALL TO ACTION !!! . Icelanders will hit the streets this coming Sunday to protest the government's decision to continue commercial whaling. . Please voice your support, share and invite people (who will be in Iceland during this time) to this important event. . LINK IN BIO 🐋🐋🐋

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Whales are climate warriors! ✊🌎 Whales are most valuable to the world in the ocean where they prevent species over-population, regulate food systems and actually combat climate change. ▪️ Whales act like carbon sinks. By being massive creatures that dive deep depths, migrate, poop and die in the oceans, they increase marine primary production as well as biodiversity and biomass of the marine ecosystems. This mechanism is called the Whale Pump and it's extremely important for the health and balance of the ocean. Without a healthy ocean we cannot have a healthy planet. ▪️ The Minister of Fisheries in Iceland has recently approved the continued hunting of fin whales and minke whales until 2023. He made the decision alone, without any vote nor public consultation and based his decision on a biased economical report widely criticized. If you are in the Reykjavík area I'd love to see you at the protest against whaling in Iceland that will be held this coming Sunday (24.03.2019) at Austurvöllur at 12PM. We will be insisting that the government stop this anti-environmental, unethical, barbaric, toxic and completely unnecessary activity! ✊

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Catch a whale of a deal now at

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Day 23: Monday March 22, 1880: Fog and haze is back...”but we have drifted among a few saddlebacks with their little fat yellow offspring. Got the quarter boats out, and the rifles. A long time to wait yet, though, til April 3d, Saturday week. Fog lasted all day so that we lay to. Boxed in evening. Finished Boswell Vol I. Dreamed of G.P.” No idea on the identity of G.P. #onaboatwitharthurconandoyle #onaboatwithacd2019 #arthurconandoyle #whaling #March221880

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The Wake of the Whale: Human and Environmental Implications of Whaling in the Caribbean and North Atlantic by Dr Russell Fielding. Live Streaming of this @gmit_official - IWDG Seminar today from 2pm. Link will be posted just before start. #whales #whaling #environment