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🇸🇰 Ani dnešok nebol nudný na fotografii 👏 trošku dramatický pohľad do diery v nebi 😉 a moje obľúbené #krepuskularneluce ... Dúhu som nestihla 🇬🇧 Not a day off for my phone camera 👏 a bit of drama look watching hole in the sky 😉 and my favourite #crepuscularrays but I missed a rainbow #sky #obloha #zamracene #cloudy #beforetherain #holeinthesky #dieravoblohe #sunrays #slnecneluce #poprad #slovakia #slovensko #pocasie #weather #maj #may #unusualsky #velkolepapriroda #arenapoprad #fanzone #hockeyworldchampionship2019 #majstrovstva #20thofmay

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🌗🌍⭐️ When your mind is full of thoughts You can listen how my heart beats When your burden is heavy You can take refuge in me ⭐️🌍🌗

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To voltando pra casa tem muito stories para subir e foto para postar me aguentem 👏🏼

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Did you listen to our latest episode? In this week's episode we talk about our old faithful and our woes over the years! Find the apiside on our website (link in bio). This Lil guy has put us through the ringer but he's still with us! Follow us for more adventures! #downnoparticularroad #dnprpodcast #podcastinglife #podcasts #podcast #podcasters #rvliving #rving #rv #rvlife #campingintherain #camping #campground #campingseason2019 #campingseason #weather #rain #spring #springrain #tow #towvehicle #traveltrailer #dodgeram1500 #ram #ram1500 #oldcar #keystonerv #traveltrailer #rhodeisland #ri

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Quando nell’orizzonte della propria vita non si hanno linee fisse e serene, simili a linee di monti e di boschi, la stessa volontà intima dell’uomo diventa inquieta, distratta e bramosa come la natura del cittadino: egli non ha felicità, non dà felicità. #palermo #mondelllo #sea #orizzonte

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Surround yourself with people that challenge you and make you better 📷 @imthedean15

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So...been a bit slow going lately! We’ve had a bit of severe weather, and I was out of town yesterday, so haven’t gotten much other than last touches on outdoor bench finish done in the past few days. It is very humid out right now — front door is totally saturated with condensation. Possible tornadoes nearby, and actual tornadoes...also sort of nearby.

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This morning's sunrise peeking out from beneath the trees. 🌞 Good morning! Tuesday is one day closer to the weekend than Monday was. 👍

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I’ve wanted to talk about something for a while.. First off, social media is a facade, a fucking mirage. No ones life is really what it seems to be on here. We are all fighting some kind of battle,myself included, but all we post are the highlights or fake happiness of our lives. It’s no coincidence that studies are now coming out that show that mental health issues are as bad as they’ve ever been with teenagers and young adults. Young women facing self esteem and confidence issues because they see perfectly photoshopped people that don’t even look like that in real life, people feeling inadequate because their life might not be as fun and exciting, or have the material things their fav celebrities and influencers do, and peoples “worth” being based off likes and followers. It’s all bullshit. Social media really has turned into some kind of monster and has warped reality in that it makes people feel they have to always present themselves in a perfect way in order to get “validation” from peers. I wish more people could be candid and vulnerable on here. You aren’t weak for being depressed or having doubts, or fears. You are not alone, and if more people could have honest dialogue and be authentic, it would help tremendously in feeling closer to one another compared to the distance that this platform is actually bringing. This is supposed to be a community and at the end of the day, we’re all in this together, or at least, we should be.

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Цените каждый момент ♥️ . . . А закат просто волшебный 😍

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Весна, май, расцветай 🌸😌

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