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farol da barra - the lighthouse of praia da barra it is the tallest lighthouse in portugal, with a height of 203 feet, 62 metres, overseeing the barrier beach and exposed to atlantic storms #praiadabarra

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Camden Town, Londres. Junio 2018.

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There is a sect of Orthodox Judaism that hits the streets of NYC at various times of the year to expose nonreligious Jews to their sect’s rituals. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ They famously approach anyone they think fits the ‘profile’ and ask, “Are you Jewish?” These inquiries are met sometimes with hostility, other times a polite “no” or “happy holiday!” Once in awhile, I see people praying with them on the sidewalk. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This so-called “mitzvah campaign” is also designed to hasten the arrival of their Messiah by completing more good deeds. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ They are usually seem cheerful. But it is the sheer optimism of the exercise that stands out to me. #religiousfreedom #americathebeautiful #nyclife

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Barcelona Spain July 2002

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First framed Motion Picture back from @griffin_editions , relaxing in the comfy chair while it waits for a spot on the wall.

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No Longer Eyes That See : Your driver's name is Willy. - When that Uber message dropped into Sarah's phone on Saturday morning as we were leaving the B&B for the first session of this weekend's Conscious Psychology training, it did provide an extra excuse for improbable titillation. As the subject we were about to head into: Analytical Models. First up, front and centre, Sigmund Freud. - If I'm honest, outside of the more widely [SEX] and pervasively experienced subliminal [SEX] knowledge of the man ... [e. g. Who, quite some time ago, once inspired my own tweet: 'Ahhh, that explains a lot. It's now widely understood that, as a boy, Freud was regularly beaten ... with his mother's cock.'] ... It was genuinely fascinating to learn, more broadly, of his extraordinary influence on psychotherapy. And, indeed, later in the session, that of Carl Jung and the complexities of his and Freud's notable relationship. - During Freud [SEX ... one of tutor, Emma's, slides simply yelled that single word in huge capital letters] midmorning break, Sarah's phone pinged. Uber. 'How would you rate your ride with Willy?' - It was like we were inhabiting a real life Carry On film script! Sometimes this stuff simply writes itself.

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I Love the People I Photograph ~Mixquix, Mexico • • “My face carries all my memories. Why would I erase them?...” ~Diane Von Furstenberg • • There is something about wrinkles that I just love. The stories they withhold, the pain they have endured, the joy they have experienced, the secrets that they hide...life, always full of the most amazing contrasts. How can joy prevail without despair? That is why I love portraiture, such great stories in one image...so easy to judge people from the outer cover...the truth is, we know nothing about the way others experiment their world. We are all, indeed and with no doubts, fighting our own battles. Lets be kind... ~PK • • Photo: @pattykl Editor: @faazers • • #portrait_vision #blooming_people #pinnacle_portraits #igersiztapalapa #peopleinthe_world #portraitmood #portraitexperience #raw_people #ig_mood #portraitvision_ #ig_bliss_people #theportraitpr0ject #mafia_portraitlove #ir_people #gallery_legit #portrait_drama #_fairies_in_dark #wearegrryo #portrait_phototrip #shared_bnw_moments #7bnwcreation_1day #thehub_bnw #bnw_exquisite #wearegrryo #stop_bnw #ig_photostars_bw #masters_in_bnw

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La fiesta de María SS Mamma Nostra es una fiesta católica que se celebra en #Bivongi , en la provincia de Reggio Calabria, donde la Virgen es venerada con el título de Mamma Nostra. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ El festival es parte del paisaje religioso y folclórico del sur de Italia, y más particularmente en el de Calabria. Se celebra dos veces al año, tradicionalmente el segundo domingo de septiembre y el 5 de febrero.

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that Douro light

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...where do all the dead gods go? from a series of pictures made at the banks of the river yamuna.

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Old school part 2

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Ya eres insomnio de otra noche... 🚶🏻‍♂️💭

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....the slow death of a fast river. from a series of pictures made at the banks of the yamuna. never has a goddess been less cherished.

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rainy colors☔️ . .

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______rainy fall

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Coming and going

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there so much more light and colour in this city #aveiro

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Today's featured photo of the day is by @thepg23 taken from this weeks Mobiography Photo Challenge. The theme this week is ‘Beautiful Portraits’. . Check out the profile of @thepg23 give this photo a like, leave a comment and share the IG love. . The theme for the next challenge will be ‘Beautiful Portraits'. For the challenge think about sharing your best mobile portrait photos. Think about portraits of people, friends, family, animals or candid moments that stir a strong emotional feeling or that make a connection between the subject and viewer. . Enter the photo challenge by tagging your photos with #mobiography_challenge_42. . All entries must be taken and edited with a smartphone. . WANT A CHANCE TO BE FEATURED . 1. FOLLOW @mobiography 2. HASHTAG #mobiography 3. JOIN the latest showcase challenge - make sure to use the latest hashtag #mobiography_challenge_42 . The best will be featured as one of our photos of the day or get featured in the Mobiography Magazine. . Check out @Mobiography Magazine ~ working to inspire you to better iPhone photography. . . . . . #mobile_phoneography #outofthephone #mobilemag #mafia_mobile #artmobile #icapturemobile #resourcemag #shootermag #youmobile #wearegrryo #jj_mobilephotography #mobileshotz_ #likesmagazine #theappwhisperer #mobitog #pixelpanda #mobile_phonography #iphone_photography #iphoneography #photooftheday #showcase #iphoneonly #outofiphone #jj_community #shootermag

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. The Model Little Rock, Arkansas 365/266

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#Culturazo en La Plata. Artistas se manifestaron durante la jornada de ayer bajo la consigna: "El arte callejero no es delito" y "La cultura no se clausura"

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End Of Day. Home Sweet Home series.

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[•] instrooecciones _ calles.d.santiago. pajaritos 7.5.18