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Just leave the man alone smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

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I‘m really scared to lose anyone:( but the thing is that i don’t care about it and I don’t understand that. Weird flex but ok

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☆ Song: Bitter Choco Decoration ☆ • • • ☆ Producer: syudou ☆ • ☆ Vocaloid: Hatsune Miku ☆ • ☆ Illustration, video: Amazu ☆ • ☆ Translation: Hazuki no Yume ☆ • ☆ Subbing: TheBlackCero ☆ • ☆ Requested by: @kurumines ☆ • • • ☆ I knew about this song when it was first released by syudou, but I never took the time to listen to it or post it on this account. However, my good friend Marcey requested for me to post it so I gave it a listen, and I love it! The PV is absolutely stellar. The artwork and animation are amazing, and I love how the protagonist's orange color slowly turns to black by the end of the song, which I think is a pretty neat touch (especially regarding the song's apparent theme). The synthetic instrumentals are pretty simple, and they kind of remind me of Kikuo's instrumentals in regards to random sounds being put together, but I really like them and they sound great. The lyrics are pretty interesting, as it seems to be about how society's pressure to be extremely sociable and kind (to the point where it isn't genuine) can cause someone to lose their true selves and literally suffocate. I think that's an interesting and valid topic in general, and one I do agree with, and the fact that syudou was able to turn that concept into a fucking banger is pretty damn awesome. Respect 100. The only thing I was iffy about at first with this song was Miku's tuning. It sounds very whispery and kind of raspy, which I'm usually not a fan of as I prefer stronger and deeper tuning. But after listening to this song for a bit I now feel like it fits this song well (if this kind of tuning was in any other song I'd probably dislike it). Anyways, this is 100% my favorite syudou song now and it will definitely be on my radar for the best Vocaloid songs of 2019. Thanks Marcey for introducing this bop to me, you are the backbone of this account 😘😘😘 ☆ • • • ☆ Tags: #vocaloid #vocaloidsong #vocaloidsongs #vocaloidmusic #utauloid #utau #projectdiva #projectmirai #mikuexpo #magicalmirai #mmd #niconico #niconicodouga #miku #hatsunemiku #mikuhatsune #syudou #bitterchocodecoration #ビターチョコデコレーション #anime #manga #music #song #songs #weaboo #otaku

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انتِ عندي اغلى من كل مااس. انتِ اجمل مصير وغيرك ما ابي.

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Anime: Dororo Artist : Ziyoou-vachi FUCK YES

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