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shopier hesabından bütün ürünlere göz atabilirsiniz 🌼

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Chỉ cần bản thân thấy vui vẻ, một mình hay hai mình đâu phải là vấn đề...

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Dear Peanut @nessyyytorres I just want to say how nice you are for: -accepting me for who I am -putting up with all my crap -caring so much about me -never leaving my side -helping me with anything I need help with -being there for me -making me smile because of your lame jokes just like Jin -being my taehyung to my jungkook and -mainly just being my best friend/sister It makes me mad and worry when someone insults you or misjudges you. They dont know the you that I do. You’re wonderful and a blessing to me. KAEPJJANG! 💜 I wanna say 3 more things: Happy birthday, thank you so much and I love you 😘❣️❣️To @jshabenoja , For all the times I didnt thank you either because I was too busy or I just couldnt find the words, today I thank you for every single thing youve done for me. Youve been there for me through the good times and bad times. Thank you for lending me a shoulder to cry on to when I was broken. I thank you with all of my grateful heart, I love you and Happy birthday 💜 you both are my forevs ❣️ ———————————— use my code (AMNR98081220) to get a 20% off from #halifornia

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Ну чё, за что душу продашь? 💀 ⠀ Спасибо @galyamigel и @nsackles за возможность поработать на таком ярком карнавале как Santa Muerte и почувствовать латиноамериканский вайб, а превоплащаться в такой образ было одно удовольствие @a.m.prjct ❤ . . . . . #vsco #vscoua #vscoedit #vscodaily #vscocam #vscofilter #vscophile #vscorussia #vscogirl #makeup #skull #santamuerte #carnival #mexico #art #style #fashion #fashionista #fashionlook #artzavodplatforma #vscospb #kyiv #kiev #ukraine #photography #photoshoot #makeupartist

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Çiçek gibi bir gün.

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Staring at you.

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Un momento para apreciar TODO

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09:37pm Saat org lain menjatuhkanmu yakinlah allah punya rencana yg lebih indahh,teruslah melangkah krna hidup tidak sesimpel membalikan telapak tangan -widya #lfl 💛lfllflfllffllflflflflflflflflfllflflflflflflflflflflflflflflflflflflflflflflflflflflflflfllflflflflflflflflfllflfllflflflflflflfllflflflflflllfl #vscofilter #vscoedit #vscofullpack #vscoindonesia

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flat iron