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Sophisticated methods are not the only solution to sustainability says Dr.Sultan Ahmed Ismail . He is currently the director of Ecoscience Research foundation and has been an academician since 1972.He has been a pioneer in the practice and research of vermiculture and is the person who coined the term “Vermitech”.In his talk on Urban Ecology and Resilience held at Raman Auditorium , AC Tech he gave insights that is a fruit of almost 45 years of his studies and research. #urbanthinkerscampus2018 #urbanecology #sultanismail #urban #vermitech #aarde #lecture #annauniversity #workshop #unhabitat #pulicat #wetlands #pulicatlake #thesoakingcity #chennai #climate #weather #architecture #architectureevents #architectureworkshops #chennaievents #aardefoundation #chennaiworkshop #unhabitat #vernacular #native #monsoon #ecoscience #vermiculture #conservationist #vowelsindia

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We are starting another half barrel this week. We are using some of the soil we had in containers that now have very little nutrients in it and adding the 2 types of compost we currently make at home. We should end up with soil that is full of nutrients for the plants and maintains a good balance of air and moistue. #zerowaste   #waste #sustainability #environment #eco   #living   #lifestyle   #design #recycling   #world   #life #compost #foodwaste #food    #composting #soil #fertilizer #ecodesign #reuse #ecofriendly #sustainable #green #permaculture #wormfarm #wormcastings #worms #vermicompost #worms #vermiculture

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This is about halfway to my goal. Might be further along if my adorable beast of a pup would stop eating the garden every chance he gets 😊 Good thing he’s cute (but see, he won’t make eye contact...guilty!) The only bummer has been having to adjust to using soil out of a bag versus cultivating my own, but I believe I found a worm bin that is small enough to make some really good things happen in this space! #balconygarden #rescuedog #vermiculture #urbangarden #minimalist #crazyplantlady

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Two @4g_hill classes work to rescue worms from the #vermicompost and place them into the care of classrooms that will become worm #foster parents. The positive outcome to an unsubstantiated exit. A setback can be a startup. The courtyard as an outdoor classroom! #inquirymindset beyond #growthmindset Follow the journey at

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Our display space has been transformed! Come see us between 10am & 5pm this Saturday and Sunday at Perth Science Festival at Claremont Showground. You will find us in the Robinson Pavilion (right in the entry!). Get your tickets online at: #PerthSciFest @perthscifest

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Amy melons 💚

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#FunFact In a study on the efficiency of household composting, researchers had a series of households compost for an entire year and tracked the waste they avoided. They found that, on average, composting saved 277 pounds of waste per person per year. Those scraps would otherwise have gone to a landfill or other garbage treatment facility. The results of the study, the researchers say, show that organic waste that would normally be placed in the garbage can be reduced by more than 80 percent. But if organic matter is always going to decompose, why does it matter if it does so above ground or under the cover of a landfill? When food decomposes in a landfill, it does so underground. That means that it doesn’t have any access to oxygen and undergoes a process called anaerobic decomposition. This releases methane, a greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change. When organic matter decomposes above ground (in compost), it has access to oxygen and thus undergoes aerobic decomposition, which doesn’t generate methane. If you think composting is a dirty, unpleasant activity, that’s far from the truth. It can be really fun, like one big science experiment. How to Compost? Composting is a great project to do because it uses food and yard scraps that would otherwise be thrown away to make a nutrient-rich soil amendment. In order to make compost, you simply need a location where you can do it and a variety of biodegradable scraps, preferably from both your kitchen and your yard. With simple things and a bit of ongoing care, you can make quality compost to use in your yard. Making compost correctly will allow you to feed your plants essential nutrients and make your soil more fertile, all while using items that would otherwise go into your trash. #Composter #VermiCompost #Compost #CompostMachine #WhatIsCompost #CompostingProcess #WetWaste #OrganicWaste #WhatIsComposting #VermiCulture #CompostingAtHome #CompostPit #CompostBin #BenefitsOfComposting #TypesOfComposting

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Why Compost? • Healthier Plants Organic matter is known as the “soul of a healthy soil.” Adding compost to your yard or garden will help your plants grow bigger and better. The organic matter in compost helps soil hold on to nutrients and water, benefiting your plants while reducing the risk of pollution. • Composting Saves You Money Using compost as a soil conditioner or mulch reduces your need to purchase these lawn and garden products. Composting in your backyard may reduce your trash removal costs. Many sanitation companies charge customers by the bag. Your compost bin could decrease the number of bags your household generates. • Composting is practical and convenient No need to bother bagging leaves and other garden/yard wastes. Simply add them to your backyard pile or bin and watch these items turn into rich dark humus. • Composting is a good alternative to landfilling or incinerating convenient Our yard and garden wastes account for almost 20% of the total amount of trash thrown away each year. Your choice to compost reduces the need to burn or bury organic material and increases the quality of our precious topsoil. #Composter #VermiCompost #Compost #CompostMachine #WhatIsCompost #CompostingProcess #WetWaste #OrganicWaste #WhatIsComposting #VermiCulture #CompostingAtHome #CompostPit #CompostBin #BenefitsOfComposting #TypesOfComposting

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What Is Composting? Composting is nature's way of recycling. Composting biodegrades organic waste. i.e. food waste, manure, leaves, grass trimmings, paper, wood, feathers, crop residue etc., and turns it into a valuable organic fertilizer. Composting is a natural biological process, carried out under controlled aerobic conditions (requires oxygen). In this process, various microorganisms, including bacteria and fungi, break down organic matter into simpler substances. The effectiveness of the composting process is dependent upon the environmental conditions present within the composting system i.e. oxygen, temperature, moisture, material disturbance, organic matter and the size and activity of microbial populations. Composting is not a mysterious or complicated process. Natural recycling (composting) occurs on a continuous basis in the natural environment. Organic matter is metabolized by microorganisms and consumed by invertebrates. The resulting nutrients are returned to the soil to support plant growth. Composting is relatively simple to manage and can be carried out on a wide range of scales in almost any indoor or outdoor environment and in almost any geographic location. It has the potential to manage most of the organic material in the waste stream including restaurant waste, leaves and yard wastes, farm waste, animal manure, animal carcasses, paper products, sewage sludge, wood etc. and can be easily incorporated into any waste management plan. Since approximately 45 - 55% of the waste stream is organic matter, composting can play a significant role in diverting waste from landfills thereby conserving landfill space and reducing the production of leachate and methane gas. In addition, an effective composting program can produce a high quality soil amendment with a variety of end uses. The essential elements required by the composting microorganisms are carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and moisture. If any of these elements are lacking, or if they are not provided in the proper proportion, the microorganisms will not flourish and will not provide adequate heat. A composting process that operates at optimum performance will convert organic matter into stable

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Check out this awesome blog from on keeping your wormies warm through winter to insure your compost stays healthy. #compost #wormfarm #vermicompost #vermiculture #revolution

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Today we had the pleasure of teaching a group of young men about beekeeping. It was so fun to see lights switching on.

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❤❤❤ Kombucha

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Solo el día de hoy retiramos más de 400 kilos de #residuosorganicos desde los hogares suscritos en #Temuco y #PadreLasCasas . Si no quieres que tus residuos terminen en un vertedero contaminando. !Nosotros te podemos ayudar! Súmate a la solución, recicla junto a nosotros, y te entregaremos humus de lombriz cada 3 meses 🌱🌱, además de regalos y sorpresas para nuestro suscriptores. 🎁💝🎉🎉 #yoreciclorganicos #lombricultura #vermicultura #vermiculture #humusdelombriz #basuracero #zerowaste #reciclajeadomicilio #yoreciclo #reciclando #reciclandoando

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・・・ Hey everyone! On SATURDAY, AUGUST 18th We will be hosting three gardening workshops from 4pm-8pm at @deliciouspizzahq Lead by #UCMASTERGARDENERS 🌱, come and learn how you can start growing your own herbs, vegetables and flowers.. anywhere in #LA ! RSVP before AUG 18 and get a free drink! ✨ LINK IN BIO! Workshops will be 45 minutes and cover: . 4:00 - 4:45pm Composting + Zero Waste . 5:45 - 6:30pm How to get healthy soil and the importance of good soil . 7:30 - 8:15pm Small space + Container Gardening
 @vidas_unidas for full event schedule! We will also be giving away composting worms so that you can get started on your own vermiculture set up at home. Take come seedlings after your workshops and celebrate LA's creative community with live music, local vendors and guest speakers! Delicious pizza, horchata, micheladas and aguas frescas will be available for purchase. We can't wait to see you there! * Free Admission * . . . . . . #grow #garden #learn #listen #community #losangeles #freeworkshops #compost #vermiculture #plantgiveaway #losangeles #zerowaste #goodsoil #healthysoil #containergardening #smallspacegardening #growgood #lagoodfood #lafoodpolicycouncil #garden

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On SATURDAY, AUGUST 18th L.A. Vida Es Bella will be hosting three gardening workshops from 4pm-8pm at @deliciouspizzahq Lead by #UCMASTERGARDENERS , come and learn how you can start growing your own herbs, vegetables and flowers.. anywhere in #LA ! Workshops will be 45 minutes and cover: * 4:00 - 4:45pm Composting + Zero Waste * 5:45 - 6:30pm How to get healthy soil and the importance of good soil * 7:30 - 8:15pm Small space + Container Gardening
 @vidas_unidas for full event schedule! We will also be giving away composting worms so that you can get started on your own vermiculture set up at home. Take come seedlings after your workshops and celebrate LA's creative community with live music, local vendors and guest speakers! Delicious pizza, horchata, micheladas and aguas frescas will be available for purchase. We can't wait to see you there! * Free Admission * . . . . . . #grow #garden #learn #listen #community #losangeles #freeworkshops #compost #vermiculture #plantgiveaway #losangeles #zerowaste #goodsoil #healthysoil #containergardening #smallspacegardening

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From ‘The Formation of Vegetable Mould through the Action of Worms, with Observations on their Habits’ by Charles Darwin 1881 #vermiculture #naturalsize

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You can download maps from the AGA Facebook page or pickup in person from Reed’s Local, DMen Tap, or Belmont Feed & Seed on August 19th. This FREE event includes 12 stops in the East Avondale neighborhood. At every stop you’re entered to win awesome prizes! This event is kid friendly! Join everyone for a party at 5PM at Metropolitan Brewery where there will be more demos, prizes, and freebies! #chicagofestivals #freestuffchicago #urbangoats #citychickens #herbgardening #vermiculture #chicagoevents #avondale #avondalechicago #raisedbeds #community #mushroomgrowing #pollinators #allarewelcome

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These sweet, Kinder egg-faced children were very excited to meet our new pets 🤣 100 red wigglers to be exact. Meet Coffee Bean and Charlie....even though Little Miss has decided she doesn’t care for them 😊 We just added them to our Garden Tower along with 4 lbs of worm compost🌱 I can’t wait to see what these new additions do for our vertical garden🥕🥒🍓 #verticalgarden #urbangarden #gardentowerproject #vermiculture #compost #igotworms #socal

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Royal Crest is a family owned and operated farm and our dogs are huge part of that family. This is Huckleberry teaching his new little sister, Adaline, how to keep an eye on this Blackberry Fire and of course how to look good for the camera. #cannabiscommunity #california #prop64 #indica #sativa #hybrid #dontbullymybreed #family #love #weed #ganja #dog #puppy #farm #royal #nevadacounty #420 #grow #green #organic #nectarofthegods #vermiculture #horticulture #permaculture #agriculture #holistic #medicine #canecorso

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Life, death, and everything in between.... This "terrarium" is just a few feet from my bed--I imagine my room has some of the highest biodiversity of bedrooms anywhere! 😂 There is something therapeutic about helping other living beings thrive, watching them go through their cycles of birth through death, while no single organism defines the state of the larger ecosystem....individual organisms come and go, but the collective is eternal in a way, in constant flux. Just some of my morning reflections watching my plants and worms... #soilfoodweb #livingorganicsoil #organiclivingsoil #homegrown #growyourown #beyondorganic #organic #permaculture #vermiculture #biodynamic #dusttodust #lifeinthesoil #life #puravida #bedroomterroir

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To many people this is nasty 🤢 but those are the same people who don’t grow their own food!! Here we have chicken 🐓 shit, egg 🥚 shells and hay from neighbors that raise chickens. What I need is a chipper/shredder to get it fine minced but a hand rake will work for small batches. Every thing needs a little top dressing as mulch right now in this scorching heat 🔥🌞☀️ . . . . #compost #lifecycle #gardenofthegods #gardeningislife #vermiculture #gardengang #healthysoil #growfood #growthineown

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🍉🥑🍌🏠♻️🚚 Durante el mes de julio logramos evitar que 1.246 Kg de residuos orgánicos domiciliarios terminarán contaminando napas subterráneas y generando gas metano en vertederos y rellenos sanitarios! Con este mes llevamos 13,4 toneladas de residuos reciclados desde que comenzamos este proyecto de emprendimiento en mayo del 2017. Si quieres ser parte contáctanos! Dejanos tu correo o teléfono y te contactaremos. Buen miércoles! #reciclajeadomicilio #yoreciclorganicos #lombricultura #vermicultura #vermiculture #basuracero #zerowaste #bolsacompostable #residuosorganicos #reciclajeorganico

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Tough job today. Had to go in and fix the #vermiculture bin...chopping up compost, mix it with hay, and shoveling it in to the bin. Jobs like these sure kill the idealized and romanticized aspects of gardening, and bring me back to the reality of #growingorganically. It’s all worth it in the end but certainly remains me to #thankyourfarmer 🙏✨💕

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We are highlighting our partner @healthysoilcompost for National #FarmersMarketWeek ! Healthy Soil Compost aids our vision for a sustainable food system by diverting all of our food waste from landfill and returning it to the earth by making it into healthy compost that we use at The Edible Gardens. This year, we diverted 4,700+ lbs of food waste from our markets and events (so far)! If you're interested in composting, you can drop off compost at #GCMLincolnPark and #GCMWestLoop for $3 (up to 5 gallons per drop off) or sign up with Healthy Soil Compost for home pick-up.

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จำหน่ายมูลไส้เดือนแท้ 💯%!!!!!!! 🌱9ถุง(ถุงละ1โล) = 300 บาท(รวมค่าขนส่งแล้ว) 🍏มีจุลินทรีย์ช่วยย่อยสลายอินทรียวัตถุและปลดปล่อยเป็นธาตุอาหารสำหรับพืช 🍄เพิ่มธาตุอาหารในดิน 🍊บำรุงดินที่เสียให้กลับมาดีขึ้น 🍉ทำให้ดินร่วนซุยเกิดเป็นเม็ด ง่ายต่อการช่อนไชหาอาหารของรากพืช 🍐ไม่มีพิษเป็นมิตรกันสิ่งแวดล้อม ใช้ได้กับพืชทุกชนิด 🍀🌷มีบริการเก็บเงินปลายทาง🌳🌱 ท่านที่สนใจสินค้าสั่งมาทางinboxนะครับ >>> และ 🚚มารับของด้วยตัวเอง 🏠 โซนบางบอน1 พระราม2 บางขุนเทียน บางแค 🚴ซ.เอกชัย66 แยก1-2(ตลาดบางบอนตรงข้ามจัสโก้เก่า) แขวงบางบอน เขตบางบอน กทม. เบอร์โทร : 0830502144(เต้) Line ID : taeyah Facebook Page : Lumbricมูลไส้เดือนbyเต้หญ้าฟาร์ม #ม ูลไส้เดือน #ม ูลไส้เดือนราคาถูก #Lumbricม ูลไส้เดือน #Lumbric #ไส ้เดือนAF #เต ้หญ้าฟาร์มไส้เดือน #เกษตรอ ินทรีย์ #ร ักษ์โลก #การเกษตร #SaveTheWorld #Vermicompost #Organic #Agriculture #Worms #AfricanNightCrawler #Vermiculture #ปร ับปรุงดิน #เพ ิ่มผลผลิต #อ ินทรียวัตถุ #ป ุ๋ยหมัก #ต ้นไม้ #ด ินดี #ร ักษาสมดุลระบบนิเวศ

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This is what it looks like when 100 bags of Castings from The Worm Shed are put to work! This Toona ciliata (Red Cedar) is under stress and has lost 3 major limbs in 12 months. The recommendation following the Arborist's tree health report, was to add Worm Castings around the base of the tree to 100mm, to encourage microorganisms & mycorrhizal fungi activity in the soil. #wormcastings #thewormshed #perth

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Black gold... Gardener style! I've left my worms for a while, letting them do there thang... Now I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with 20 ltrs of juice and not enough bottles!

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Hoy, luego de la jornada de retiros domiciliarios, recibimos la visita de @sebadominguez y @pierocampos6 , ambos jugadores de @deportes_temuco_oficial Sebastián es cliente del servicio de reciclaje a domicilio que ofrecemos, y junto a su amigo Piero, ambos concientes de la problemática detrás de la basura y de los beneficios de la lombricultura, quisieron conocer nuestra experiencia en el manejo de residuos orgánicos que realizamos en Temuco y Padre Las Casas. Como buenos albiverdes que somos, les deseamos lo mejor a ambos, y esperamos ver pronto a Sebastián de vuelta en las canchas y ojalá jugando la Copa Sudamericana #deportestemuco #vamostemuco #reciclaje #lombricultura #vermicultura #vermiculture #lombricompostaje #humusdelombriz #eiseniafetida #basuracero

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Juicing = #1 -FUEL Ones Being(the juice its self)- #2 -giving back 2 nature(the scraps seen in pic above in the pitcher for composting)- #3 -Feeding Pets/wildlife THE PIC above on green plate, watermelon rind, for the chickens and Tortoise/wild birds/bugs ect- #4 -Feeding the WORMS, the pic above of juice fiber/fruit rinds in the pitcher, WORMS PRODUCE worm castings which FEED OUR EDIBLE FRUITS/VEGGIEZ WE GROW BEYOND ORGANICALLY, then consume again either by JUICING OR EATING, btw #2 #3 and #4 are the same but are DIFFERENT performed functions/tasks- #5 -FIFO(FIRST-IN-FIRST-OUT=FIFO) FAMILY all food not fully consumed the day before JUICE THE FOLLOWING DAY=fifo ALWAYS USE EVERYTHING/NEVER WASTE/ROTATION IS KEY, check pic above of left over watermelon in bowl/skinned carrots and half an apple! I'VE said it before and I'm gonna say it OVER and OVER and OVER until BEING the change MAKES the CHANGES NECESSARY for WORLDWIDE SUSTAINABILITY=CIRCLE OF LIFE Family-oh and check how much WATERMELON is left over for all day energizing consumption on this blazing hot day in SOCAL-while still producing a FREAKING HUGE PITCHER OF hydrating/nutrient dense LIQUID-fo yo boy and his LEGACY=the DUDES-YAAAA BUDDDYYYYYYY-GET U SOME-STAY FRESH-Love and LIGHT FAMILY!

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Happy Jorge worm grower showing off his ladies. We've got a little spot on campus outside where they keep to themselves and are steadily increasing in number. A little shelter and some good air circulation and moisture. It's just a container lined in plastic with a metal screen on top, keep it off the ground, and don't forget to feed them. These ladies are easy to multiply, just a little food compost every week or so and they are happy.

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Nicolo Giacometti @forchetta.chile , cocinero de profesión 👨‍🍳🔪 decidio que era monento de hacerse cargo de sus residuos orgánicos y para ello confió en nuestra propuesta. 🏠♻️🚚 Hoy tempranito pasamos por su departamento a realizar la inducción al proceso y a dejarle el contenedor y bolsas compostables para su primer mes de retiros 🗑️🚮 Si quieres ser parte de la solución contáctanos al +569 96596595 o déjanos tu correo en los comentarios! #reciclajeorganico #residuosorganicos #yoreciclorganicos #lombricultura #vermicultura #vermiculture #zerowaste #basuracero #bolsacompostable

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We had such a good time at the e4 Life Summit at the @sfsciencecenter that I am still following up on connections I made there over 2 weeks ago! Please forgive us for taking longer than expected to get back to all the AMAZING #environmentalwarriors we met that day! If you met us and are still expecting to hear back please dont hesitate to email us @ info ! #letitrot #wormqueen #thetrashywoman #permaculture #nomorefoodwaste #reducereuserecycle #zerowaste #permies #staywoke #wormfarming #wormfarmer #vermicompost #vermiculture #blackgold #wormcastings #wormcompost #wormfarm #sustainable #sustainableliving #regenerativeagriculture

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ZOOM IN! YA yo BOY is a vermiculture MANIAC Lol! FOR REAL tho I DO RAISE(BREED-PRODUCE) WORMS(RED WIGGLERS/and a few night crawlers) I DO NOT SELL WORMS lol-I breed WORMS for there Castings aka POOP-WHY? THE CIRCLE OF LIFE-FAMILY! Meaning worms break down ORGANIC MATTER(all left over veggie scraps, fruit scraps(all nitrogen related ORGANIC matter)-as well all Carbon related non-toxic matter -cardboard,leaves, sticks, paper and so on) after eating the carbon and nitrogen ingredients I feed them-the WORMS PRODUCE castings(poop) the castings are NUTRITIONALLY/organicainally/DEBATABLY lol the Best type of ORGANIC FERTILIZER(FOOD) u want to feed your Edible PLANTS-or all plants! THE CIRCLE OF LIFE FAMILY-hense my prior post showing u a pic of the juice I consume and the JUICE POOP(FIBER) excreted from the Juicer as WASTE-now that waste is the FINEST FOOD for your WORMS-why? because the leftover fiber is mushed/broken down and easily consumed by WORMS vs having to slowly break down a Banana peel ect(which they will do,but just takes longer) GO GREEN=LESS WASTE FOR OUR LANDFILLS=FREE ORGANIC FERTILIZER FOR YOUR EDIBLES(btw check your local nursery on prices of WORMCASTINGS-FREAKIN EXPENSIVE)=GROWING BEYOND ORGANIC a product(FRUIT/VEGGIES) that cannot be purchased in stores=THE CIRCLE OF LIFE FAMILY! OK now what do I do with the CASTINGS specifically-i do many methods(ORGANIC FERTILIZER) for my in ground FRUIT Trees- but the CASTINGS I specifically use on my raised veggie beds-why? Because I DEEP MULCH/COMPOST in place around all in ground Edible trees allowing the beneficial bacteria/nematodes/WORMS/ect-all LIVING organisms are already hard at work creating an ENDLESS SUPPLY OF CASTINGS ect around my in ground FRUIT Trees-therefore adding castings is not necessary(basically my whole land is a worm farm under the MULCH) SO I add all the castings my WORMS bins create to my Rasied beds-as I rotate out a harvest from a raised bed-when I replant either in spring or fall-that's when YO BOY GETS DOWN AND DIRTY WITH MY WORM INFESTATION lol=harvesting the worm bins! Btw I built these worm bins-any questions lemme know! CIRLCE OF LIFE FAMILY! PEACE/LOVE/LIGHT.