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1 hour ago

Growing in the garden.🍉 So satisfying.

1 hour ago

Despite being well into Summer now, the last of the purple cabbages is making a late surge! All the others formed heads a couple of months ago, but they went to seed as soon as it started to warm up. This one was in the shadier part of the garden, so perhaps that’s why it’s done so well? Either way, I can’t wait to chop it up and make coleslaw! 😍 . . #garden #homegarden #veggiegarden #veggies #fruit #seeds #seedlings #organic #organicgardening #urbangarden #urbangardenersrepublic #epicgardening #allotment #lovegrowsinthisgarden #growyourownfood #growwhatyoueat #growsomethinggreen #GardeningAustralia #myhappyplace #thehappygardeninglife #sustainablesprout #hydrovegan #vegetablegarden #homegrown #seedsnow #inmygarden #mygarden #cabbage #purplecabbage #waitingwaitingwaiting

1 hour ago

Happy Sunday! Mother Earth 🌏 energies with high vibe gardening 🐛🌱🌞 our vegetable garden & garden is starting to take shape! What did you do today? #gardening #motherearth #homegrownfood

2 hours ago

I was invited to a Christmas party that I needed to take a homemade gift to. We have an abundance of eggplant growing at the moment so I made pickled eggplant. I added a little oregano essential oil to this one. 🌿 The Christmas party got cancelled so now it's something I can look forward to eating once the flavours have infused a little more. Let me know if you'd like the recipe. 🍆🍆🍆🎅

2 hours ago

How many raspberries do you collect a day? Today we have approx 7 punnets worth 😋

3 hours ago

On the 4th day of harvests we have some serious Broccoli goals from @urbanfarmer2570 😱 Pretty sure that is some of the most perfect Broccoli I have ever seen! Don't forget to tag your favourite harvests with #12daysofharvests to be featured! 🌿

3 hours ago

Winterspinazie! Als het goed is in januari te oogsten en anders hopelijk in het voorjaar. Heb jij ook winterspinazie in jouw moestuin staan?

3 hours ago

Found these 2 rather gorgeous galvanised rhubarb forcers buried in the weeds on my new allotment. Too nice not to relocate to the garden so they are now sitting over my sea kale!

3 hours ago

Another month and Poppy will have all this from the garden again. Last summer Poppy dropped off containers like this to some of our elderly neighbors and checked up on them on the holidays. They respond with hugs, smiles and tears. We know they are ok and that they have fresh food in the house 👪. . #instagarden #nature #melbourne #karma

3 hours ago

Weekend harvest. Getting loads of tomatoes, despite losing just as many (if not more) to grubs and fruitfly 😣😣 Cherry tomatoes have always grown well in our garden but I've struggled with the bigger varieties. This is the first year I've had great plants with lots of fruit, but I was not prepared for all the accompanying pests!! 😭🍅🐛😡 . . . #backyardgarden #vegetablegarden #thehappygardeninglife #urbangarden #urbanfarming #growyourownfood #growwhatyoueat #eatwhatyougrow #potager #ediblegarden #gardenersofinstagram #homegrown #growfood #veggiegarden #inmygarden #lobotany #urbanorganicgardener #urbangardenersrepublic #growsomethinggreen #sustainablesprout #epicgardening #urbanhomestead #permaculture #hydrovegan #harvesttime

3 hours ago

Banana passionfruit yes please #Repost @eatgrowlovemarlyse ・・・ Some of our banana passionfruit were ready the other day so I made a plum & banana passionfruit sauce that we drizzled over a homemade coconut cake - it was delicious! ❤️ The banana passionfruit vines are so vigorous that they completely smother the plum garden fence so I've started to cut them back hard to try to keep them under control. Considering how big the vines are we aren't getting many fruit so hopefully a really hard cut back pays off next season. 😋👌🏻

4 hours ago

How satisfying is this! I cannot WAIT for them to ripen. These are the Beams Yellow Pear variety. Some things I’m learning about growing tomatoes this year are: . 🍅 The stake that you thought was an optimistic height is not tall enough. Whatever you think you’ll need, add a couple of feet. . 🍅 If you forget to check your plants for a week, expect to have fully formed suckers that feel too big to break off. They might even have their own flowers. If you’re going to de-sucker, be diligent. . 🍅 Determinate varieties grow quite differently to indeterminate. Not sure if less sun is partly responsible, but determinate varieties do not produce fruit nearly as soon as the indeterminate. Actual yield is yet to be seen. . 🍅Letting the tomato plants get to a fairly large size in their pots first worked well for transplanting. Waiting the extra few weeks has paid off. . 👩🏼‍🌾 They are my learnings to date - what are some things you’ve learned about tomatoes this year?

5 hours ago

It's beginning to look a lot like GRAPE TIME! They're getting bigger and closer to being eaten every day! 🤤🍇