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2 hours ago

Four fresh ‘butt nuggets’ from the gals today 🐓 🥚 👩🏼‍🌾 🍃

2 hours ago

Brisbane. The only place you can grow tomatoes in ‘winter’!? 😂 I’m hoping this bout of rain doesnt have a damaging effect on these bad boys 😖☔️🍃👩🏼‍🌾🐛

6 hours ago

I wasn’t sure which of the courgette varieties had survived, so I’m stoked to see these little yellow protrusions. For a plant that usually grows like a weed for me, I’ve not had a great season for squash. Fingers crossed there will be a few more happy surprises as the month progresses 🤞🤞🤞 . . . #ediblegarden #growyourfood #greenfingers #potager #growwhatyoueat #allotmentlove #growfoodnotlawns #londongardens #kitchengarden #allotment #allotmentlife #ediblegarden #homegrown #vegetablepatch #homegrownvegetables #veggiepatch #growyourownveg #vegetablegarden #inmygarden #sustainablefood #urbangarden #thehappygardeninglife #gardeninspirarion #cottagegarden #gardeninglife #gardeningideas #raisedbeds #raisedbedgardening #allotments #inmykitchen

6 hours ago

Technically these are not my first strawberries of the year as I couldn’t wait and popped the first 3 straight into my mouth and boy they were so deliciously sweet 😊 this year I’m growing from terracotta pots. I dug up 30 from my old veg patch to bring with me but later in the year I will get and dig out an area for them and get a whole bed going again. Misty here this morning but sun is promised for later so fingers crossed. Enjoy your day x #vegetablepatch #homegrownisbest #homegrown #homegrownfood #strawberries

7 hours ago

Growing your excuse to have no speed food if you can pick it from the bottom of the garden ! #vegetablepatch #speedfood

9 hours ago

My Easter Egger just tasted Yoghurt for the first time. Picture blurry cos she was SOOO excited she was doing a happy dance! I know exactly how she feels cos I am the same with chocolate! 😂🤣😂 . #greekyoghurt #happydance #goodforchickenstoo

13 hours ago

Today doesn't look like a very productive day! I'll hopefully be able to squeeze in a little bit of work on the aquaponics setup when there's a break in the rain... at this rate it might even fill up before I'm finished!

13 hours ago

After work garden check! I think I’ve said this a bunch of times, but for real though ... these damn white alpine strawberries are STRAIGHT PROLIFIC!! All year long. . . As an added bonus, my #padronpepper plant, from last year is coming back green! I just added some fertilizer and pruned the bad leaves and Boom 💥! 🌱💪🏾🍓🌶😉😁

14 hours ago

Hey guys, not only have we started our indoor plant adventure this year but we also began a vegetable and herb garden! FINALLY- we have sprouts, with this season of cold and rain I never thought I’d be here. 🌵 We have 3 variations of peas, cherry tomatoes, heirloom/Beefmaster tomatoes, radishes, lettuce, spinach, peppers, and habanero peppers in buckets/tires or the raised beds. Then there’s squash, cucumbers, pumpkins and zucchini plants on the black fabric! 🌵 Does anyone have tips or tricks for growing tomatoes and peppers? EmC #vegetablegarden #vegetablegardening #vegetablegardens #vegetablepatch #vegetableplants #raisedgardenbeds #raisedbeds #raisedbedgarden #gardening #homegrown #homegrownveggies

16 hours ago

I dag har jag planterat sex sorters squash och pumpa, rakt ner i en gödselhög.💩Det ska bli intressant att se hur detta experiment utvecklar sig. Efter att ha kollat bilder från förra året kan jag också konstatera att jag ligger efter ungefär tre veckor med squash och gurkor. Den här bilden togs den 5 juli, och då kommer jag inte ha några skördeklara zucchinis i år. #squash #zucchini #summersquash #cucumber #lettuce #wildstrawberry #mint #menthe #odla #horticulture #growyourown #growyourownfood #homegrown #organic #vegetables #veggies #vegetablegarden #vegetablepatch #kitchengarden #garden

17 hours ago

YAY! The first flower in my blackberry plant 🌸 I saw lots of flower buds, can’t wait to taste the berries! 🌿

17 hours ago

Things been super hectic and worked over the weekend so a bit behind on #mymonthontheplot so two in one post today. Here's my #giant harvest from today that went into a risotto. Broccoli, broad beans, onions, garlic, mango tout and the first courgettes. Was planning for it to be veggies only but the chorizo needed eating and it's just too delicious! Also, ski boots #repurposed they need something in them now the bulbs have died back. And some strawberries too. They've been so good this year! As have the sweet peas and the cucumbers! . . 🌷🍆🍅🥕🌱🍃💚👩‍🌾💚🍃🌱🥕🍆🍅🌷 . . #myhaven #plot52 #allotment #growyourown #flowers #vegetables #homegrown #gardening #vegetableplot #vegplot #vegpatch #vegetablepatch #inmygardentoday #sustainablesprout   #gyo #kitchengarden #girlswhogarden #grownnotflown #everyonecangrowtheirown #growyourownfood #humanswhogrowfood

17 hours ago

It's almost broccoli time 🥦

18 hours ago

It’s a dull evening out there but it was lovely to have a half hour to just walk about (and weed🙈) the new bank terrace is starting to look great. working 7 days a week at the moment hence no updates or much happening.

19 hours ago

Not gonna win any prettiest veg competition, but it's my first decent harvest of the year. They are snowball turnips that survived being neglected indoors and repotted, roots disturbed, neglected and having their leaves feasted on by creatures. A different variety to the ones I grew last autumn/winter, and not as tasty sadly. I'll use them in a batch of shepherd's pie this week, that I intend to freeze. Exciting to be harvesting! Going to dig up my over winter garlic this week too and dry it in the glorious sun ☀️☀️☀️

21 hours ago

This was our strawberry haul last night. So happy 🍓🍓🍓

1 day ago

I am sure this question has been asked 1,000,000 times before but what are some natural ways of protecting my brassicas that don’t involve manual extraction of 🐛!? I cannot keep up with how many there are and I am almost about to admit defeat 😖👩🏼‍🌾🥦🍃

1 day ago

Here is some Tuscan Kale that I grew from seed and planted in my parents garden. Honestly the easiest ever! I raised these from April, kept them covered until they sprouted but they stayed outdoors the whole time on the eastern side of my house #grow your own

1 day ago

This part of the garden is what I refer to as the salad bar - all you can eat greens (with a couple of other things thrown in for good measure lol). Whilst these beds get full sun in Summer, they are part-shade in Winter so a perfect spot for greens in our climate. We are picking from it daily now and not putting a dent in it which reminds me why I love Winter greens so much! 🌿

1 day ago

My next door neighbor lets the back of his garden grow wild like a meadow. So many bees and butterflies must be thankful 🦋 It is a strong contrast to his front garden which is full of old cars and short yellow grass..Today I’m going to try to convince my man and my daughter that deep fried squash blossoms stuffed with mozzarella and anchovies is delish and so is fried black cale, onions, garlic, pumpkin seeds and Parmesan. I guess we’ll have to have bacon on the side to lure them to the table. #ilovemygarden #ilovegardening #vegetablepatch #cooking #squashblossom #grapevine #chillies 🌶 #peppers #beetroot #peas

1 day ago

Bah, hier bahnt sich ein paar Tage vor der Freilichtbühnenpremiere eine fette Erkältung an. Darum versuche ich mir mal einen Tee zusammenzubauen. Und #Brokkoli für die Kolleginnen. Kann man aufgeblühten Brokkoli noch essen?

1 day ago

I've started building a little aquaponics set up but got rained out... the bottom tank will hold fish which I'll be able to eat, the water gets pumped up to the top section where veggies will be growing. The veggies and bacteria in the top purify the water which then goes back down to the fish. I'll be putting a little solar panel on so it will be an off grid aquaponics setup :). It's been super simple to build so far and I'll make a little time laps of it all once I've finished.

1 day ago

It was below freezing on our little farm last night. This morning, we had to break the ice on the horse water troughs and the duck’s pond (she was furious!) 😂 I’ve just finished the copyedits on my new young adult novel for @harpercollinsaustralia. After MUCH brainstorming, we have settled on a title - HOW TO GROW A FAMILY TREE. Thanks again to everyone who suggested possible titles - it’s been a very tricky one. So looking forward to it being released in March! Now it’s time to sling baby on my back and go and plant some bare rooted blueberries👌

1 day ago

So after so much flooding in the last few weeks, some things have taken a bit of a battering and aren’t doing so well - however, they are still growing a pushing on. Pumpkins looked so sad but are showing signs of life!!! Come on pumpkins!!!!! Do people use hay under their pumpkins? I have a frame ready to support the pumps 🎃 #pumpkins #pumpkinplant #beerosalierose #allotment #allotmentlove #allotmentlife 🌱 #vegetablegarden #vegetablepatch #growyourown #gogreen #plants #flowers #gardening #gardener

1 day ago

Ah it’s the time of year when the berries ripen when my back is turned for two minutes so I manically pick half of them in the half light to stop them all rotting/birds getting them all, then top and tail them all into the night then realise I’ve no time to do anything with them for weeks, then defrost the freezer so I can store them to make jam in about December when I could have saved myself the palaver and bought a jar of Robertson’s instead. But. They are pretty #berries #summer #growyourown #vegetablepatch #jam #conserves

1 day ago

Old picture of my little veggie boxes. I really need to pot stuff up as they have grown now and they boxes are not they best thing to grown my veggies in. Swipe to see seed bombs and how to make them ➡️ think I will have a go at this at the weekend if I have some time. I started my new job today and time went so quickly. I really enjoyed it and got stuck in, even though I was nervous. . . . . . #grainfree #wheatfree #glutenfreefood #glutenfree #glutenfreeandketo #keto #ketodiet #ketolifestyle #ketolife #fitness #health #organic #singleuseplastic #savetheearth #savethesea #savetheforest #healthandfitness #greenlife #goinggreen #reuseable #sustainable #recyclable #goinggreen #greengoals #couplegoals #healthgoals #greenfingers #vegetablepatch #vegetablegarden #newjob #newchapter

1 day ago

Veg patch growing by the hour! Harvested some pak choi for stir fry this evening. There's nothing like spending an hour in the patch in the evening. We brought my mother back to the hospice this morning. She has a view of a beautiful garden right outside her room so gardens are endlessly therapeutic all around. 💚

1 day ago

Wow!!! A super hot evening but me and @victoriagwilkinson managed an epic 9.5k!!! 🏃🏻‍♀️ 🏃🏻‍♀️ Was warm and long but WE DID IT!!! ☀️☀️ Came home to a lovely garden harvest for dinner too! 🥬🍅 Can’t wait for the summer to really kick in and to run more, harvest more and enjoy more. There were times I didn’t think I’d be walking anywhere let alone running!! 🎉 #yay #wedidit #thisgirlcan #thesegirlscan #vegetablepatch #harvest #summertime @nikerunning @thisgirlcanuk

1 day ago

240619 - De gele courgette is de eerste van mijn bijna 14 courgetteplanten die al vruchten heeft.. Wauw! Eind deze week schat ik zo, kunnen de courgettes er af. Op de barbecue als we de weersvoorspellingen van dit weekend mogen verwachten. 🥒 🥒 🥒 🥒 #allotmentdrama #allotment #allotmentlove #beesplease #bio #courgette #courgetti #environment #growyourown #growcookeat #healthyfood #moesje82 #moestuin #nodig #okedoei #organic #plot #potager #proudofmyhusband #raisedbeds #squash #teachyourkids #vegetablepatch #volkstuin #zucchini

1 day ago

Squash,melons, gourds and sweet potatoes in this section of my garden. This raised bed is about 1.5 feet higher from the lawn. I don’t have to worry about vines growing wild all over. Melons here are - Honey rock, Charentes, green flesh, and crimson sweet. Squash varieties are: Acorn, Indian pumpkin, butternut, Kabocha, spaghetti and rounde de nice. I’m growing sweet potatoes as land cover which I’m not sure is a good idea since it’s taking over the whole bed. I think I have orange flesh, white flesh and Japanese purple skin sweet potatoes here. And the monster vine is Chayote of course on its second year. First year was mostly unsuccessful due to sunburn or frost. This year its looking great so far. There is one Ash gourd plant as well. Most of the plants here are from seeds or kitchen scrap saved from store bought melons,squash and sweet potatoes. Few are from @seeds_now and @bakercreekseeds. This are is uncovered against hot wall. I mulch with grass clippings, compost and other yard wastes. It’s hooked up to drip system but come September not much will survive here due to excessive heat. I need to add a row of fruit trees to provide some shade and create a microclimate in this area. . . . #vegetables #growfood #gardening #backyardgarden #losangelesgardening #californiagardeners #socalgarden #raisedbeds #vegetablepatch #diygardens #growfoodnotlawn #vegetablegarden #planterbox #spices #tropicalplants #backyardorchard