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1 day ago

Check out our gardening update live videos on our Gardening Vegans Facebook page! We have run into some small snags but that’s the life of a gardener!!! You can also show us some support by subscribing to our YouTube channel The Gardening Vegans! Here’s the link to our update video today! #gardeningvegans #vegangarden #vegangardening #yellowsquash #planting #seasonalplanting #knowyourseason #growfood #lifesagardendigit #gardenlife #foodgarden #foodgardening #backtoeden #mulch

3 days ago

Garden of Eden 🌿

3 days ago

Green Houmous This is a mouth-watering take on traditional houmous. Flavoursome and healthy, it’s the perfect addictive accompaniment to almost any dish. A vegan staple! 400g fresh chickpeas (or 1 tin of cooked or 150g dried chickpeas) 3tbsp tahini 1 large lemon 2tbsp extra-virgin olive oil 2 small cloves garlic (or 1 large) 3tbsp fresh parsley, chopped 3tbsp fresh dill, chopped 3tbsp chives, chopped Salt 3tbsp water Paprika, olive oil and a few spare chickpeas, to decorate 1. If you’re not using tinned chickpeas you’ll have to cook them first. If fresh from the pod, you only need to simmer them in water for about 5 minutes. If dried, soak them overnight, then simmer for 60–90 minutes. Alternatively, you can let them sprout for a couple of days after soaking, and then blend them in this form to make the houmous – see the chapter Sprouting, page XX, for further information. 2. Blitz the tahini and juice from the lemon for a minute in a food processor or blender. 3. Add the cooked or tinned chickpeas (leaving a few aside), along with the olive oil, garlic and the herbs. Pulse until it becomes a coarse paste, then slowly add the water, keeping an eye on it until you’re satisfied with the consistency. 4. Spoon the houmous into a bowl to serve, decorating with a sprinkle of paprika, the chickpeas you saved and a drizzle of olive oil. From our new book: The Vegan Cook & Gardener: Growing, Storing and Cooking Delicious Healthy Food all Year Round. The publishers are currently offering 10% off with free delivery (UK):

5 days ago

🌿Hurra, unser Exemplar "Permakultur und Naturgarten" Nachhaltig gärtnern mit dem Drei-Zonen-Modell ist endlich auch bei uns angekommen. 🐝 Auch der kommt als einer der Gärten im Hortus Netzwerk vor. 🍃 Ein mega gelungenes Praxisbuch von @markusgastl für Menschen, die der Natur ein Stück Natur zurückgeben wollen - für alle Lebewesen. 🌿🐝🌱 #hortus #hortusnetzwerk #hortusaquaveganum #biovegangärtnern #vegangardening #wildbienen #wildblumen

6 days ago

Aquí os presento parte de mi #huertoecologico en macetas. Con algunos de los frutos, preparo las recetas del blog. Tengo berenjenas (aunque no se ven en la foto), albahaca, #habaneros , lechugas, #okra , Pimientos, #chiles de tailandia, calabacines y tomatitos #cherries. Muchos están aún creciendo, y empezando a dar algunos frutos. 🌿 🍃 🍒🍓 #huertoecologico #vegan #huertoenmacetas #huertoencasa #gogreen #govegan #growingmyfood #growinglife #growingvegetables #planetahuerto #huertourbano #huertos #huertoecológico #misplantas #jardinvegano #vegangardening #greens #macetas #jardineria #jardinecologico

1 week ago

Picked the last of the chillies a few days ago.. had previously picked a huge basketful that got chopped, dried in the dehydrator, then ground in the electric spice grinder to make a jar full of fresh chilli powder. This lot will be dried whole. Have now pulled up the chilli, sweet pepper and cucumber plants to make way for winter salads and greens in the greenhouse. The melons are still in there. Just waiting to see if the five melons left on their vines will ripen in this lovely hot sunny weather. ☺☺☺🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶

1 week ago

Winter squash harvest! The Uchiki Red Kuri did the best. Need to find a better producing butternut squash for next year... one that ripens earlier and sets lots more fruit. The Green Hokkaido didn't produce that well either... May look for another variety of small to medium sized winter squash to grow next year. These squash are now spread along every sunny windowsill for their skins to cure and harden in the sun. We lift and check them throughout the winter to make sure none are beginning rot. Most years they last in storage until March... if we havent already eaten them all before then! They are delcious in autumn and winter soups and stews and in roasted veg tray bakes, as well as roasted and stuffed. When you're harvesting winter squash, remember not to cut through the stalk.... instead cut the stems above the stalk (swipe for pic of this).

1 week ago

I'd never even heard of cucamelons before they popped up in my Instagram feed sometime last year. I was so interested to find out what they tasted like that I knew I had to grow them. They're like citrusy cucumbers and so very moreish. 🥒 ___________________________________________________ #gyo #allotmentlife #allotment #homegrownveggies #nationalallotmentweek #homegrownvegetables #growyourown #veggiepatch #gardengram #growyourownfood #vegangardener #knowwhereyourfoodcomesfrom #growfoodnotlawns #homesteading #mygardentoday #allotmentlove #ediblegarden #gardenersofinstagram #allotmentgirl #vegetablegarden #vegangardening #thevegankitchengarden

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Ratatouille is a classic late summer dish, useful for using a glut of courgettes, aubergines, peppers and tomatoes. Make loads and store it by bottling or freezing. Serve with hunks of crusty bread or some vegan sausages. To serve 4: 1 large or 2 medium aubergines 3 courgettes 2 red peppers 2tbsp light olive oil 8 tomatoes (or 400g tinned plum tomatoes) 2 red onions 3 garlic cloves 1 red chilli (optional) if you like it hot! 2tbsp tomato purée Handful fresh basil 1tbsp mixed herbs 1tbsp balsamic vinegar 1tsp date nectar (or agave nectar or brown sugar) Salt and pepper 1. Chop the aubergines, courgettes and peppers into bite-size pieces. 2. Skin the tomatoes (cover with boiling water for 1 minute then slide the skins off). 3. Heat 1tbsp oil in a large frying pan over a medium/high heat and fry the chopped aubergines, courgettes and peppers for 5 minutes, along with a good pinch of salt, stirring occasionally before spooning into a bowl and setting aside. 4. Heat the remaining oil in the same pan and fry the chopped onions for 3 minutes. 5. Crush the garlic and add to the pan, along with the finely sliced chilli if you fancy a fiery ratatouille! Fry for a further minute. 6. Add the chopped tomatoes, the purée, herbs, vinegar and date nectar. Stir and cook for a couple of minutes. 7. Add the aubergines, courgettes and peppers and cook for 10 minutes, pouring in a little water if the mixture seems too dry. 8. Season with salt and pepper. From our new book: The Vegan Cook & Gardener: Growing, Storing and Cooking Delicious Healthy Food all Year Round. The publishers are currently offering 10% off with free delivery (UK):

1 week ago

'maters 🍅🍅🍅

1 week ago

My dream of having my garden beds laid out in the back yard are almost here. Using whole foods and making great tasting food high in nutrients is always been what I enjoy 😍 Also, growing plants 🌱 has a less negative impact on the environment 🌏 When you’re legit serious about your garden beds and fruit trees back there 🤩...... My hubby asked his friend to bring his tractor over to level the dirt so we can start fresh😍😍😍 Bye bye giant tree stump *grind, grind* 💩. Time for a legit wall, more cutting of trees and some serious landscaping and better sprinklers. Downside too much grass to water, good thing there’s a lot of cement in our backyard too😂. #momlife #honeytodolist #marriedlife #gardening #gardenbeds #friends #landscaping #tractor #irrigation #homestead #homesteading #vegan #veganlife #veganlifestyle #vegangardening

1 week ago

Everyday I walk past my peppermint plant and enjoy it's upbeat scent. Today I couldn't resist myself and ate my precious plant. I mixed it with lemon and raspberry. YUMMM! There's nothing like eating food that you grew and loved! Yep, I'm that chic who talks to her plant. My aloe plant better watch out, he's next, lol😁😁 #blackgarden #blackgardener #blackgardeners #blackfarmers #blackfarming #vegangardener #vegangardeners #vegangarden #vegangardening #veganfarmers #veganfarm #veganfarmlife #veganfarmer #gardenersofinstagram #gardener #gardening #gardens #garden #gwinnmichigan #gardenlove #gardenlife #growyourown #farming #healthy #healthyeating #healthylifestyle

2 weeks ago

I can't get over the colour of this kale, so tasty too. 🌿 I have however, had issues with whitefly. Anyone else had this problem? Any tips would be so greatly appreciated. ___________________________________________________ #gyo #allotmentlife #allotment #homegrownveggies #nationalallotmentweek #homegrownvegetables #growyourown #veggiepatch #gardengram #growyourownfood #vegangardener #knowwhereyourfoodcomesfrom #growfoodnotlawns #homesteading #mygardentoday #allotmentlove #ediblegarden #gardenersofinstagram #allotmentgirl #vegetablegarden #vegangardening #thevegankitchengarden

2 weeks ago

Vegan Paella with Artichoke Hearts – this colourful feast is as delicious as it is adaptable in that you can include any vegetables you desire. We like to use brightly-coloured peppers and artichoke hearts, but you could try it with various combinations of carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, leeks, asparagus, squash, mushrooms and any type of beans. The bright yellow colour can come from saffron, but we prefer to use turmeric, known as one of the most healing spices on the planet! One of the differences between paella and risotto is that paella is not stirred as the rice cooks, ensuring it doesn’t become too creamy. From our new book: The Vegan Cook & Gardener: Growing, Storing and Cooking Delicious Healthy Food all Year Round. The publishers are currently offering 10% off with free delivery (UK):

2 weeks ago

Diese schönen und suuper leckeren Feigen wachsen bei @aromaatelier im Garten. In Berlin ist ein eigener Garten zur Selbstversorgung nahezu unmöglich. Daher schließen wir uns zusammen und nehmen unsere Lebensmittelversorgung gemeinsam in die Hand 👐 #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

2 weeks ago

LINK: . Please check out this crowdfunder! For years now @thenaturallyveganplot has been a haven of truly veganic gardening for the local community growing numerous plant and edibles and creating a beautiful safe haven for nature. . Unfortunately they have been told the land they are renting can no longer be used and now they need help to try and secure a permanent spot to relocate. Obviously this is not a cheap or easy task. . Please click the link and find out what's it all about and drop a donation. They also have a ton of awesome perks for you to choose from including books, plants and much more so totally worth it! . Places like this are few and far between so it's essential to keep places like this running to continue to educate people on how we can work with the earth and not against it. Please give generously <3 . If you have any questions I'm sure they will be happy to help! . Thanks everyone xxx <3 . "With funds raised we will secure land, plant out our hundreds of delicious edible and other useful plants, create a safe haven for nature, learning, health & leisure, whilst putting vegan organic principles into practice, permanently!" . #BestofVegan #CrueltyFree #AnimalRights #VeganFoodShare #GoVegan #VGang #Vegansofig #Vegan #VeganMovement #VeganCommunity #VeganUK #VeganLife #veganfood #veganism #bevegan #friendsnotfood #compassion #vegana #vegano #veganaf #veganic #gardening #vegangardening #nature #crowdfunding #help #kickstarter #indiegogo #devon #plymouth

2 weeks ago

We still have a lot to do but I’m SO ecstatic about how it’s coming along!! These windows date around 100 years old and were sourced from an old apple house barn in North Carolina. Even though I loved the natural wear and tear, I decided to paint the frames to preserve the wood long term. The horizontal panels were found out near the edge of our land. They are beautifully weathered from being out in the elements with no shelter for 2 years. This will be the most gorgeous and historic cold frame ever, don’t you think! Who was able to guess the project? 🙊💕 . . Next, I want to apply a very light stain over the wood supporting the windows. Nature can do the rest. 🌧 We then need to add the remaining panels / sides. I can’t wait to show you all the little details we have in mind. 🌿💕 . . Bonus: look at Grey and that side eye 😩💕 . . . . . . . #vintagecoldframe #coldframe #wintervegetables #fallvegetables #historicwindows #vintagewindows #gardening #vegangardening #est2018 #plantbaseddiet #plantbasedlife #growyourownfood #vegan #veganlife #enjoylife #happylife #veganlifestyle #tinyhouse #simplify #tryminimalism #lessismore

3 weeks ago

Look what my son found in our garden. My veggie's didn't grow so well but is still full of life. 😀 Birds, butterflies and all types of sweet little creatures that were not there in the past , now greet me everyday. Gardening rocks, even when my veggies are not a success! #vegangardener #vegangardeners #vegangarden #vegangardening #veganfarmers #veganfarm #familygarden #cute #nature_seekers #naturelover #nature #naturelovers #nature_lovers #gardenersofinstagram #gardenlove #gardener #gardening #gardens #gardeninglife #gardenlife #garden #animallovers #loveallanimals #animallover #gwinnmichigan #kisawyermichigan #marquettemichigan

3 weeks ago

Garden haul - golden egg, peps, japanese eggplant, green tomatoes 💚

3 weeks ago

Garlic butter fries, stuffed zucchini and fried tofu! Yum! 😍

3 weeks ago

Nectarine Delight – a lovely light dessert, perfect for summer evenings. Serves 4: 400g silken tofu 3 ripe nectarines 1tsp vanilla extract 1-2tbsp maple syrup or sweetener of your choice Chop the flesh from two of the nectarines and put in a blender with the tofu, vanilla extract and maple syrup. Blend well until smooth and creamy. Taste and add more maple syrup if required. Serve chilled in wine glasses. Thinly slice the other nectarine and place on top as decoration. From our new book: The Vegan Cook & Gardener: Growing, Storing and Cooking Delicious Healthy Food all Year Round. The publishers are currently offering 10% off with free delivery (UK):

3 weeks ago

Es ist echt immer wieder erstaunlich, wie viel der Garten mit relativ wenig Aufwand abwirft. Selbst in einem so trockenen Jahr wie diesem, wenn ich kaum zum Gießen komme, weil ich nur einmal die Woche in den Garten fahren kann. Ich kann zwar vielleicht noch nicht größtenteils aus dem Garten leben, aber ich befinde mich definitiv immer mehr auf dem Weg hin zur Selbstversorgung. Wobei - eigentlich bin ich da schon angekommen, denn Selbstversorgung ist für mich kein Fixzustand, kein Titel, den man erst ab einem gewissen Prozentsatz tragen darf. Wie seht ihr das? . . . #garten #gärtnern #vegan #vegangärtnern #biovegan #biozyklischvegan #bio #schrebergarten #selbstversorger #selbstversorgung #gemüsegarten #gemüseanbau #ernte #harvest #organic #veganic #gardening #vegangardening #growyourown #vegasmus #vegansofig #vegansofyoutube #vegansofgermany #vegandeutschland

3 weeks ago

Power Breakfast! Almond milk, Almond Butter and Chocolate Smoothie!

3 weeks ago

Peps gettin' weird. I love how towards the end of growing season we get a bunch of gnarly produce - with grocery store produce, everything is so perfect and boring! Give me the wonky ones any day!

3 weeks ago

backyard haul

3 weeks ago

I tried the Preserve toothbrush! This toothbrush is made from recycled yogurt cups! See my review. Link in bio!

2 months ago

Morning tomato harvest here in Tucson Arizona! First year growing tomatoes in the desert and we’re doing well. Wood chip covering is so important in your gardening process. It’s unconventional and people will tell you it cannot be done, but we are here to tell you that is so untrue! We’ve been using a wood chip covering since day one in our 7 year journey Of gardening fruits and vegetables and it’s been working wonders for us will ALL of our produce and even flowers, trees and shrubs. Covering your soil is protecting it. 🍅🥦🥒🌽🍆🌶 #tomatoes #summergarden #desertgarden #woodchips #mulch #vegans #farmer #growyourownfood #homegrown #backtoeden #lifesagarden #vegangarden #vegangardening #vegangardener