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Let’s talk #colorado sun ☀️ and altitude 🏔! We have been in @beavercreek for a week now at approx 9,000 feet above sea level and @smartwater is key to surviving the extreme sun and altitude here! I drank so much water 💦 on this trip and still felt a little dehydrated at times. @smartwater has electrolytes that help speed up the process of hydration and helped my whole family avoid altitude sickness. TIP: For high altitude vacations drink lots of water 💦 prior to going and while you are there! #altitudesickness #beavercreekcolorado #vailcolorado #vailvillage #vaildaily #travelblogger #coloradotravel #travelcolorado #denvercolorado #coloradoblogger #mountaintravelers #smartwater #drinkwater 💧 #stlmoms #stlmom #stlblogger #intheshade #hikingcolorado #coloradorockymountains #coloradosun #denvergram #coloradomom #stlouismo #traveltipsandtricks #familyvacation #coloradosummer #boymom

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Piedmont is one of the most well known & respected wine regions in the world, but most are familiar only with names like Barolo, or grapes like Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto , or maybe Arneis. However there is a wealth of unique vino that most have never heard of, or let alone tried. Well you are in luck, we have 3 of these resurrected treasures available by the glass right now. Start with the full bodied, floral scented & very dry Timorasso. Then the light colored, elegant & savory complex Peleverga. Finally the rich, dark fruit & velvet texutred Ruchè.

3 hours ago

Five months ago, I was living in Panama on a sailboat. Two months ago, I moved to the mountains of #Colorado. Before and between those time markers, I knew I was afraid of mountains. My childhood memories of the Smoky Mountains include one of my younger brother running into the cabin, holding tight to this thumb that he had splayed open when his brand new pocket knife thrust straight into his soft flesh. A river of blood. I always felt hovering threats of life-altering danger. I felt very out of control. I also felt sad in mountains, and I never knew why. When offered a choice, “Beach or mountains?” I’ve always, without hesitation, chosen beach. And then I lived on beaches - literally on them, in a boat - for two years. But something told me it was time to reckon with mountains. At first, this meant forcing myself to go out into the mountains and sit there, overriding my fidgety impulse to run. But now, the mountains and I have a relationship. It’s just in its beginning phases, but I’m interested to see where it grows. Have you ever had to re-establish, re-wire your relationship to something?

16 hours ago

One last toast with the BrideTribe before heading to the ceremony.

17 hours ago

Just finished an hour horseback riding adventure through the Vail mountains. Definitely something I will never forget. (Also my favorite pose.. don’t @ me) #womaninthewoods

19 hours ago

I wanted to go on a hike today so I picked a random one and didn’t research it before I went. Turns out: it was 6.1 miles and rated “difficult!” That reality hit me halfway through but it was too late to turn around. I looked back behind me at the steep slope and thought, “I can’t go back now!” So, I went on. Step by step. Foot in front of the other. Moving forward. I stopped to rest by streams, splashed my face and kept going. DO HARD THINGS BY YOURSELF. It’s so important to remember YOU CAN DO HARD THINGS BY YOURSELF. You are strong and capable and smart and efficient. YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN do it!

1 day ago

Just some good ol’ fashioned CO chivalry

1 day ago

Do you love hip-hop?! You will love dancing with Mrs. Corinne! Grab your shoes and let’s gooo! #golddustdance

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The Willows is arguably one of the best locations in Vail Village as it is only a two minute walk to the center of the village, yet serenely quiet. Enjoy your summer getaway in Vail at this beautifully appointed 3 bedroom residence! Give us a call today at 888-617-3687, or visit us online. |  @vailvalleygetaway   #VailValleyGetaway   #VacationHome   #Vail   #Colorado   #Summer . . . . . #TheWillows   #summervacation   #summer2019   #vacation   #vailvillage   #vailive   #vailcolorado   #vacationgoals   #mountainviews   #vailmountain   #coloradotravel   #familyvacation   #familytravel   #visitcolorado   #themountainsarecalling   #familytrip   #luxuryworldtraveler   #hottub   #vacationrental   #luxurytravel   #mountains   #vacationrentals   #rockymountains   #mountaingetaway

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These gorgeous babes are coming up soon in my editing que! 🎆🧨🎆🧨🎆 In the meantime, this week has been packed with a ton of at-home work like editing and small-business tasks. Which makes me super pumped for Saturday as I kick off a long 2 weeks ahead of shoots!! Today's agenda: quarterly taxes due. ✌✌✌

2 days ago

When you find the coolest designed playground and want to live there. I think I could do it if I lived in a yurt! Aren’t these the coolest little pods?! Hendrix loves them too. Swipe left 🌞

2 days ago

the most dreamy weekend trip with my dreamy hubs; feeling so grateful & we’ve got the fullest hearts. Vail is incredible, we can’t shut up about it. Eat at @mountainstandard when you go, that’s where I’m runnin’ to ^. #drooling #dreamy #dazzling

2 days ago

WOW!!! Last leg of the trip has been AMAZING!!! ⁣ ⁣ Spent a night in Las Vegas 🌵🌞🎰🎲⛲️ and discovered it is a great town to experience with kids! Seeing it all through their eyes was sooooo fun!⁣ ⁣ 3 days of Glamping in the Grand Canyon 🏜⛺️🚿🚽🙌🏼 was a bucket list item for me and was even better than I had hoped! The in person view of the Canyon took my breath away 🙏🏼 every single moment I gazed upon it! It truly is a MUST experience for everyone! There is no picture in the world that does it an ounce of justice! The beauty of the Grand Canyon was made even better by our Glamping site, Under Canvas! WOW! Blown away by the site, tents, staff and services! 👌🏻💯 They have locations at many National Parks so make sure to check them out!!! ⁣ ⁣ We swung in to Vail 🏔🚠🎿🌲 for a day and night and we LOVED it! Vail Village is so freaking beautiful and full of life, culture and scenery!!! Zach and I will def be back for a couples trip at some point!!! ⁣ ⁣ Time for a quick night In Nebraska and then home tomorrow!!!! ⁣ ⁣ These longer family road trips are always a mix of chaos, unplanned moments (good and not so ideal) great adventures, laughs, new discoveries and TONS of new memories made together! So grateful that we live a life and choose a mindset that allows us to do this kind of family trip. ⁣ ⁣ We are all very excited to get back to our beautiful home, our sweet pups, our great friends and our routines... for a while at least! 😉⁣ ⁣ #roadtrip #makingmemories #sikichsummerroadtrip #lasvegas #glamping #undercanvas #grandcanyon #vail #vailvillage

2 days ago

Tahitian Keshi pearls and SLJ elements! Find the whole set at our brand new partner in Vail, @lanae_fine_jewelry !!

3 days ago

We are so grateful for our community and everything this valley has to offer! Check out our schedule online for all the times we can spend together bettering ourselves! ✨🦋

3 days ago

Unfortunately,I did not make note of who created this, but I love it. I’ll ask Our pal Connie to find out. She lives up there. #vailvillage

3 days ago

The Ocola Denim Snap Shirt is one of the many new products that are now available online and in-store! #Axelsltd // #Fall19 Shop & Discover - Link in bio

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A view from the top! 🏔 . . . It doesn’t get much better than this friends. . . . Sending love and light from the top of Vail mountain. . . . Linds

4 days ago

Tuesday tinis. Who is in?! 🙋🏼‍♀️🍸🙋🏽‍♂️