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10 hours ago

This double wall vacuum sealed bottle features a wide opening at the top that makes it perfect for ice cubes. And those ice cubes combined with the copper insulation will keep your drink cold for 48 hours!

1 day ago

Sampling a milk oolong from @oolongteacollective here in the lab this morning. There’s a certain satisfaction when you open a vacuum sealed package🤓

3 days ago

today laney and camryn tried some vacuum packed non gmo corn on the cob (only $2 at dollarama!!). although reluctant at first, the critics conquered their fear of vacuumed sealed vegetables and took their first bite. like expected, the corn was not up to their standards (which are not very high). overall, the corn was mushy, pushy, and slushy. it was truly wack. cam gave the corn a 3/10, but mag was feelin generous and gave it a hefty 4/10. stay tuned for more critiques coming soon. #corn #vacuumsealed #nongmo #tookmeout

4 days ago

Anyone have ideas for using frozen avocados? Our neighbor gave us 102 avocados 🥑 that had dropped from the tree during the hot weekend. We have added lemon juice and vacuum sealed them in our food saver. Luckily there was room in the freezer. I know I can make guacamole, pasta sauce maybe, or in my smoothies. Any ideas? Oh and did I mention we have four trees too? Ours are younger so they don’t produce as much. Gotta love free food! #avocado #freefood #guacamole #organic #organicfood #organicgarden #vacuumsealed #foodsaver #urbangarden #urbanhomestead #urbanfarm #eathealthy #growfood #growyourownfood #growfoodnotlawns #backyardgarden #mygarden #mybackyard #permaculture #foodforest #instafood #greenthumb #fruittree #orchard #socal #sandiego #zone9b #blossomvalleylife #ilovemygarden

4 days ago

What’s in my gym bag? Delicious, healthy, lightweight, and filling dehydrated peaches! The cubed peaches are especially easy to carry and allow for a chewy burst of sweet and juicy peach flavor. Can’t beat this on-the-go sweet treat: 80% less calories than gummy bears! Stores for years. Learn how to do it in the comments! -Dr. Steve

4 days ago

Workout✔️ Shake✔️ . Now wish me luck blanching, vacuum sealing, and canning all of this goodness from the garden🤣

5 days ago

Vacuum sealing deprives food of oxygen preventing the growth of bacteria and preserves it up to 5 times longer than food stored in containers or plastic bags.

5 days ago

Nos aspirateurs en production 👌👌

5 days ago

What if we told you we were planning a giveaway?!🎁🐕 #makeityours #wanttowinfreetreats #giveawaycomingsoon —————————— •Ps! We’re going to do a separate one with a guessing game on Facebook so make sure to look for ya & follow us there too for 2 chances to win! —————————————— #doggiveaway #dehydrateddogtreats #dogtreatbox #k9kandyboxes #allnatural #premiumquality #realmeat #vacuumsealed #handpackedfresh #feedyourdogrealtreatsandrealmeats #dehydratedproteinsandorgans #locallysourcedmeat #doglife #207coastalcanines #dehydratedtreatboxes #yourk9willthankyou #dogspam

5 days ago

Our golden inside bags are now vacuum sealed! We’ve been working on perfecting the seal for quite some time now, and we finally got it. All of our coffees are roasted and ground fresh, and now they are packaged to preserve complete freshness! Thank you to all of our customers that continue providing us with constructive feedback! ☕️🙏

6 days ago

I wasn't planning on dealing with all this meat this week but this morning I realized I had to if I wanted to do what I wanted to with it. For a girl who lived the first 25 years of her life a vegetarian this is a whole latta meat! But broken down its 2 whole chickens and 6 packages of tenderloins from Costco that made 15 meals! I'm only 1 week into my goal and already have 20 meals!!! I'm still not a huge meat eater but when I do eat it, I like it to be full of flavor. Marinating the meat and letting it sit in the fridge for 30-60 mins before freezing gives some beautiful results. - So here I am with tip #2 : vacuum seal! My father bought me a vacuum sealer and a number of different sized bags and rolls at the beginning of my freezer meal journey. For something I wasn't going to buy for myself it is now something I highly urge anyone wanting to freeze meals to get and something I couldn't go without now. So let's get started. 1. Don't be afraid of non name brand sealers and bags. I love my off brand sealer and these bags I bought off Amazon in a huge pack have been just as good as the name brand ones. Just read reviews 2. These quart size bags are my favorite. I can fit a whole casserole for 4+ and even cut them in half to make mini bags. 3. While I strive for a low waste home when it comes to space saving these bad boys allow me to utilize the valuable restate in my deep freeze 4. Forgot to pull out your meal this morning? No problem you can just pop a bag in a tub of water and it thaws in no time. 5. It's like anti freezer burn! Did you know that air is what causes freezer burn and that nasty freezer taste to soak into your food? Well say goodbye freezer burn! 6. My favorite things to put in these bags are casseroles, meats, prefrozen baked goods, vegetables, mashed potatoes, and basically anything with 10% ish or less liquid. I have done soups and chili's before but honestly it's just a mess, its difficult and the liquid creates an air barrier for the contents already so for any of my soups, beans, or sauces I use jars and containers 7. Lastly. Read your sealers instructions. They can get fussy but 99% of the time it is user error.

1 week ago

Un plancher propre grâce à Husky! 🙌

1 week ago

HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT VACUUM SEALING BAGS 1. Micro vs. embossed micro Micro channel bags and rolls are 85 micron thick which means they are perfect for vacuum sealing meats, vegetables, fish, nuts, seeds and much more. Embossed micro channel bags and rolls are slightly thicker (100 micron) and stronger and are perfect to use with sharper items such as bony meats or for extending the shelf life of food for longer. 2. Decide on quantity Decide how many portions do you want in each bag. Are you cooking for two or a family of five, are you business looking for ways to store your food or are you prepping meals in advance for a camping trip? 3. Do I need a bag or a roll? Micro Channel Rolls and Embossed Micro Channel Rolls give you the flexibility to create your own custom size bags. The rolls come in 3 widths: 150mm, 220mm and 280mm. Micro and Embossed Micro channel bags come in set sizes making it easier for you to just seal the food and store away, they come in 5 different sizes: 150x200mm, 165x250mm, 200x300mm, 250x350mm and 280x400mm. Shop for bags and rolls at:

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#ad As much as we all love to grill, we’d also love a little more time enjoying the backyard party. Right? These 3 new make-ahead barbecue recipes cut your time at the grill big time. So you have more time to show off your corn hole skills. —— Sponsored by @foodsaver ----- Sous Vide Potato Salad with Creamy Rosemary Garlic Butter Dressing ----- Sous Vide Cream Corn with Crispy Parmesan ----- Sous Vide Grilled Chicken with Molasses Barbecue Sauce ----- Recipe link in profile. ----- FoodSaver® Sous-vide Vacuum Seal Bags are on sale at @target now: ----- #FoodSaverSousVide #grilled #grilledchicken #barbecue #bbq #backyardparty #makeahead #girlscangrill #girlswhogrill #vacuumsealed #sousvide #potatosalad #chicken #creamcorn #recipes #foodpic

1 week ago

Game changer. Last year I learned the best way to freeze apricots is whole. This year, Google-fu revealed you can do the same thing with nectarines! All the fruit from the yard we couldn't eat fresh before it spoiled is now in our chest freezer to be rationed out til next year's crop. Our @foodsaver means these will last at least that long. Still have some apricots from last year in the freezer, actually. Oh, and I only cut up the two packages of nectarines on the bottom because they were the ones that had big scars or bruises.

1 week ago

Saviez-vous que nous concevons et fabriquons nos aspirateurs au Québec depuis plus de 50 ans? C’est ce qui nous permet de vous offrir des produits de haute qualité garantis et performants.

2 weeks ago

Thomas does it right -- when you spend time & effort selecting the perfect flavor woods, preparing the perfect brisket, dialing in the perfect time/temperature protocol, and then dedicate 13 hours of your day to your creation, why do just one at a time? Vacuum-seal and a deep-freeze = BBQ brisket on demand. BBQ season is NOW, but brisket season is all year long 👍 #firewood #bbqwood #smokingwood #texasbbq #mesquite #honeymesquite #mexicanplum #redmulberry #blackwalnut #pecan #pecanwood #hickory #oak #postoak #blackjackoak #camping #brisket #swedishtorches #firepit #foodsaver #vacuumseal #vacuumsealed

2 weeks ago

I love having a stocked freezer! Meal prep is done and i still have so much room. This is just the downstairs freezer. Upstairs I have more premade foods, meats, 2 prepped crock pot dump meals and more! Feels good to have so much ready to grab and cook! Buying in bulk and vacuum sealing helps us stay stocked while saving money. I have lots of ideas on my website for meal prep, just go over to my recipe page and enjoy! . . . . . #mealprep #mealpreplife #freezermeals #stockedfreezer #homecookedfood #vacuumsealed #mealprepmonday #stocked #fedfamily #buyinbulk

2 weeks ago

Terima Kasih kak @cainhanfei ats pembeliannya. Utk pembelian pempek beku kami menggunakan vacuum seal. Vacuum seal adlh cara mengemas makanan dgn menghilangkan udara di dalam kemasan. Dengan demikian bakteri makanan banyak berkurang sehingga makanan dpt tahan lebih lama. Dgn mnggunakan vacuum seal makanan bisa tahan 2x dari waktu normal. Jika disimpan di freezer bisa thn s/d 1thn. Utk stock / dikirm jauh makanan lebih aman. Ayoo order!!! #pempek #pempekpalembang #pempekbeku #vacuumsealed #snack #tahanlama #makanan #makananenak

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Sessions available in West Country up to three people at a time! Ask for info on #latex #rubber #vacbed. Slots from Late summer on. Are you coming?