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Skiing 6-10 hours every day is tiring, so by the end of the day you need more energy for the last session. Powered by @realturmat of course

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Småjentene holde hender på tur 👧🏼 #utno

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I want to talk about something really important - Trash in nature🌲 As a nature Lover I want to use my Instagram and the influence I might have to enlight this important issue. Maybe the trash was dropped or forgotten or maybe it was left on purpose - but I think that everyone that loves nature and go out hiking could help out with picking up trash they see on the path. This is not a lecture to people, but more a suggestion - because in the end it is up to us all what we want to do. So! My tips on a litter free nature: 1. Bring extra trash bags to pick up litter you might find in the forest. You might not find anything, but then at least you are prepared 🙌🏽 and if you think it is gross - maybe you can bring some latex gloves 🧤 I don’t use that thou.. 2. When you go to the toilet and use toilet paper - bring the paper with you in the trash, burn it in the fire or bury it deep. Real hardcore nature lovers don’t use paper, but plants instead. I can’t say I am at that level 🙈 I usually take it with me in a trash bag or a small biodegradable bag. I think people believe that the paper will desolve after some rainy days - but it won’t. It stays there longer and other hikers have to “enjoy” the sight if it...... 😑 3. Always scan for trash in your camp before you leave 🌲 It can be very easy to forget something, so scanning the ground is the last thing I do before I put on my backpack and leave. Nothing should be left behind, not even a used fire match. 4. I am astonished that other people that does fishing can leave so much fishing line behind next to the lake/river/ocean they have been fishing. I get really angry when I see this left behind because it is really dangerous for animals and birds. So when fishing, bring the leftover fishing line with you. 🌲🌲 So those are my tips - and I want to know: Do you have any tips on having a more litter free nature? 🤗♻️ Please share ❤️ . . . #liveterbestute #mittrevir #mittfriluftsliv #mittnorge #hiking #hikingwoman #norway #utno #dnt #villmarksliv #outdoors #hiking #naturvern #wilderness #outdoorwoman #forest #bushcraft #holdnorgerent #planetearth #natur

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Finaste utsikten 👌, Sunnylvsfjorden... #skaret #utno

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Little boy on big mountain ⛰ ☀️👶🏻 Steinkorsen 750 moh⛰

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Amazed by the green water of Lovatn Lake 🌸 . . . 'Fun' fact for those interested: The Lovatn lake is green because it contain clay particles and rock dust, carved out by glaciers and swept along by rivers. The glaciers are continuously crushing up rocks and stones. When the glacial water reaches the lakes and fjords, it looks green, especially when the sun shines. #spamalert #visitnorway #loen #kjenndalsbreen #placestoseebeforeyoudie #placestovisit #mittvestland #utno #glacier #bestofnorway

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Watching the ships sail on the sea at Mølen. This one on its way from #herøyaindustripark

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I prefer the air up here, it’s just better☀️🍃 #liveterbestute

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Vi arrangerer dugnad på Vikerkoia til helgen 25.-26. mai! Kanskje du har lyst til å bli med oss en eller begge dagene? 😎 Det vil bli vask av begge hyttene, sengetøy skiftes, vedkløyving, beising av yttervegger, rydding ute, samt tilsyn av hyttene. Kontakt Erik Lunde på mob. 93439324 for påmelding. Hjertelig velkommen! #dntringerike #dnt #turistforeningen #utno #vikerkoia #koie #dugnad

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Vi elsker norsk natur, og Bymarka er nå på vei inn i sommer med grønne blader og fugler som lager nydelige melodier.🐦 Derfor lagde vi en liten filmsnutt for de som ikke har vært der enda.😊 Se og hør på hva marka har å tilby akkurat nå🌿🔈 • • • • • #trondheim #bymarka #skog #visittrondheim #visittrondheim #trønder #adressa #nrktrøndelag #birds #green #utpåtur #trondheimturistforening #turisme #norway #mittnorge #utno #trøndelag #nature #travel #photography #hiking #norway2day #utpåtur

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Nyter livet i hengekøya☀️🤩 #utno

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Happy Monday! 😃We hope all of you had a good weekend and a wonderful 17th of May🇳🇴🥳. Despite the rain today, everyone was happy and playful 🌧🐶💕 . Ps: We recommend to leave a towel next to the door! The forest is getting muddy & some of our furry friends loves to get dirty 😅 . #dagensbilde #hverdagerenturdag med Vennensin