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Futuro House

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Dietzgen iron table with removable legs for easy transport for field work

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Low, light, agile, and easy to ride with big ass wheels that will roll over anything. You might have 15 boards in your quiver, but these are the ones that get picked up the most often. You might have no other boards. This is likely the one that gets you hooked on soft wheeled skateboarding. What is the most ridden board in your quiver?

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The Everyday is a personal project. A curatorial experience to collect what define us. A constant conception of our lifestyle and cosmovision. Are we creating an urbanvision? A homevision?

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Ordinarity is a rebellious act in a world of prefabricated extraordinary lives projected massively in the free media around us. ⠀⠀ It has become indispensable to stay ordinary. True to who we are and how we live. Connect to the past, that perpetual longing for what we left behind once we moved to the big cities. ⠀⠀ It is not time for shame. Our past and the ordinarity we long for without understanding why, is ready to reborn from the eclectic vision we have of life. The one we’ve crafted along these years of chosen exile in the city but that stills claims to incorporate the remembrances of that youth abundant of the easy, the straight forward, THE ORDINARY.

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Our everyday life has been toned down by the glorification of glamour and style flashing around in every inch of the city. ⠀⠀ The Everyday is hidden, covered, unseen. Nothing to share. It is plane. Our lives are supposed to be lived to the outside. Stories from places, activities, events, people. But what are we without the daily tasks we perform at home? What are our lives without the tools we use to perform them? ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀

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Weaving, trellis, and palm leaves... Such an universal language! These pics have been taken in Ajman. We don't know the exact purpose of the basket on the left, although because it is hung above ground it must be to contain food. If anyone can update me on its name and purpose, please do write on the message slot. I found particularly attractive in this open trellis basket, the shadow it made on the walls. #basketweave #baskets #shadowhunters #basketsoftheworld #basketsofinstagram #craftsuae #wprldcrafts #artisanat #palmtrees 🌴 #palmtreesweaving #utilitarian #recipient #canastos

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Nesting bowls from an aerial view. This series was made in my last few weeks during residency at @starworksnc. Progress photos are in my feed! Here they are making their debut in finished form with a sultry Korean celadon - inviting hospitality and summer refreshment within the rippled rim. #hospitality #refreshment #summertime #celadon #wheelthrown #handmade #local #maker #wildclay #starworksceramics #thecarolinas #gvl360 #ceramics #keramica #utilitarian #nestingbowls #creechceramics #buddabowl #intheround #greenvillesc #debut

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This is a charming little late Georgian to early Victorian drop leaf pembroke table. The table is sturdy and well designed, with a hidden drawer to the side and the supports for each "leaf" being sunken into the table's frame. The table has brass casters on each leg which allows it to be moved around easily. I'm asking £245. - #vintage #midcentury #furniture #utilitarian #antique #dealing #forsale #ercol #style #contemporary #modern #wooden #houses #interior #interiordesign #chair #chairs #table #tables #georgian #victorian #decor

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Gun store Me: Can I check out that gun? Clerk: Sure! Gotta ask you two questions first. Me: ok. Clerk: Are you over 18? Me: yes Clerk: Have you ever been convicted of a felony? Me: No. Clerk: (shakes my hand) ok, you can check it out. (Hands me the gun) Me: can I ask a dumb question? Clerk: there are no dumb questions. Me: ok...what if I was lying? Clerk: Well what you need to understand is, the gun trade has been going on for centuries and we've always operated under a handshake deal. When you shake my hand, it let's you know that you can trust me...and when I shake your hand, it let's me know I can trust you. Me: Right...like the Indians. Clerk: Get the fuck out! #guns #comedy #standupcomedy #utilitarian #control #idaho #williamsport

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Ohh happy dayyy! The sun finally decided to come out. Cherish every second of today and everyday. - Oh dia feliz! El sol finalmente decidió salir. Aprecia cada segundo de hoy y todos los días.