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5 minutes ago

Although this is only my 2nd year of Straw Bale Gardening I can tell you I’m hooked! I love that I don’t ever have to get on my knees!! My entire garden is elevated right off the ground. Weeds are minimal to none! And it seems like everything grows better in a Straw Bale due to the aerated roots. But just to be sure ask my opinion again at the end of the season 😂

8 minutes ago

Now for outdoors. The driveway. Lots of #bromeliads and salvias and lavender in pots waiting to be planted out in spring. 💚🌿

36 minutes ago

Our backyard is filled with the heady perfume of jasmine. The vine is in full bloom and it’s filling my house with its intoxicating fragrance. Speaking of blooms... my pineapple guava (feijoa) buds are beginning to bloom!!! The older of the two plants is heavily laden with buds and I’m ready to help pollinate with my little paint brush to ensure the fruit sets.🐝 . . . #feijoa #pineappleguava #organicgardening #urbangardening #raisedwellpdx

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43 minutes ago

Guys look at my GORGEOUS ASS lettuce flowers. 🤷 Fucking nature right. Wild. Swipe to see some beauts. Did you know, you can grow LETTUCE all year around? And I'm not talking freaking cabbage. I am talking about don't, leafy, delectable varieties which people pay $4.50 for in a plastic bag at the supermarket. Honestly, doesn't need to be the way, ya know?? What kind of salad should I make with these bad boys?? Hmmm...... I'll whip something up and post on me stories I RECON.

45 minutes ago

I have a couple of visitors to our yard this afternoon. I think they’re Cardinal Meadowhawks. Stunning red-orange and very much on the prowl for insects. I love that one was perching at the top of my pineapple guava (more about them in my next post). Amazing to think they’re pretty much living relics of the dinosaur age.🦕 . . . #cardinalmeadowhawk #dragonfly #organicgardening #urbangardening #raisedwellpdx

1 hour ago

Nicht nur im Garten wächst bei uns so Einiges sondern auch auf dem Balkon. Gerade die Sachen, die viel Wasser benötigen wie Tomaten und Gurken und was man öfter mal benötigt wie Gewürze, sind auf dem Balkon wesentlich praktischer als im Kleingarten. Auch eine Säulenkirsche steht seit diesem Jahr auf dem Balkon und dient hoffentlich bald als Sichtschutz...Blumen für die Insekten wachsen dazwischen übrigens auch noch...was pflanzt ihr alles Essbares auf dem Balkon? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #nachhaltig #nachhaltigkeit #urbangardening #urbanjungle #urbanjungleblogger #sustainable #sustainability #balkon #balkongarten #balkonpflanzen #gemüsegarten #gemüseselberanbauen #gurke #gurkenblüte #gurken #balkonliebe #gemüseanbau #gemüseliebe #essbar #naturliebe 💚

1 hour ago

Finally got to potting my Caribbean Avocado today. Its been growing like a weed In water so I'm hoping it doesn't rot and does just as well in soil. I started this project with my kids at school and as the year is winding down it was time to take it back to it's permanent home. Tips: I have literally failed before at this seemingly "fool proof" propogating project.. - I find Caribbean #avocado #seeds grow better... - Maximum lighting and warmth. Cold water will not stimulate good rooting systems in any plant. - Leave them in the water as long as possible to develope a strong #trunk and #leaf arrangement before #potting. - They need very well draining soil when potted otherwise they will rot fairly quickly, even though they were sitting in water for so long.. crazy I know. - Like other plants they are insect prone... You'll see in my story my battle against mealy bugs using rubbing alcohol.. Swipe ➡️ to see the process...

1 hour ago

My garden lunch today: fried blue corn mush (corn from 2018), on sautéed radish greens (from the raised bed, earlier today), with a dollop of Louisiana style pepper sauce (from 2017).

1 hour ago

Zur Zeit wimmelt es heftig vor unseren Bienenhotels. Nachdem die dicken Mauerbienen scheinbar ihre Brut gesichert haben, sind nun die Schmalbienen dran. Wobei ich mir nicht sicher bin, ob es sich hier vielleicht doch eher um parasitäre Bienen handelt. Manche der verschlossenen Brutröhren haben plötzlich kleine Löcher. Ich werde sie morgen mal genauer fotografieren. Hat jemand zufällig eine gute Quelle zur Bienen-Bestimmung? @wildbienen_lueder 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 #selbstversorger #garten #wildbienen #biofürdiebienen #safebees #instagarden #kleingarten #biogarten #schrebergarten #bienenhotel #insektenhotel #kuriositäten #organicgardening #diekleinendinge #gartendeko #urbangardening #zerowaste #gartenchallenge #nachhaltigleben

1 hour ago

Sydney and the whole coastline of Queensland, we are talking to you 🤗🍃 . It's quite warm in summer ☀️and mild in winter ❄️and there is really no 'bad' time for you to get out in that garden or at least pimp up that balcony you keep on wingeing about 😏 . For the rest of you there's our frost tolerant collection outdoor’s (frost being the biggest killer of new plants over Winter). . The good news for everyone is you can shop indoor plants all year round 👏🍃 & pot bigger ones into new pots and shop new brothers & sisters to add to your growing families any day of the week (we give 10% off to first-time family owners DIGIT10 👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👦‍👦👩‍👩‍👧‍👦) . Plant shopping really is an all year round necessity 🛍 📸 @sarah.slu

1 hour ago

We’re running a few weeks behind on our veggie garden this year, due to rainy weekends and putting in raised beds. (To give you an idea of where we are in the season, the lilacs finished a week or two ago and the peonies will be opening soon.) Here’s a bush bean sprout eager to get going! Also in the ground: more bush beans, beets (just peeking up), potatoes, and carrots. Tomorrow we hit the garden centre for tomatoes. #seedling #beanplant #canadiangardening

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1 hour ago

We can't think of a better way to add color and motion into the garden than with the Terra Gotta Green Leaf Mobile! Featuring four graceful branches and a sturdy hanging hook, this mobile makes a unique addition to any garden! 🍃💗

2 hours ago

Pulled out my first garlic plants ever and for this year. These babies were in the ground for more than 8 months. I'm happy and content with my first time planting them. I'll definitely will plant more 😁 . . . #pnwgardening #backyardgardening #backyardgarden #raisedgardenbeds #urbangarden #urbangardening #gardening #garden #gardeninglife #gardeningisfun #growyourown #growyourownveggies #groworganic #organic #gardenersofinstagram #vegetablegarden #freshfromthegarden #veggiegarden #veggiegardening #garlic

2 hours ago

Dieser Sommer steckt voller erster Male. Heute: Das erste Mal Johannisbeeren direkt vom Strauch gegessen. Die besten, die ich je hatte. Welche mit nach Hause genommen haben wir auch, die gibt es zum Nachtisch. Ungezuckert, weil: Wer zuckert denn Johannisbeeren? 🙄 #schrebergarten #schrebergartenliebe #schrebergartenglück #schrebergartenlife #kleingarten #kleingartenliebe #kleingartenverein #urbangardening #garten #laube #allotment #allotmentlove #allotmentlife #newtothis #gewächshaus #johannisbeeren #junguntalentiert

9 hours ago

If it was my choice I would convert our front lawn into a garden! But I can’t because we live in an HOA community and my neighbors would probably lose there minds, for fear of our lush garden bringing down their property value, Lol! With that being said, I do appreciate the look of a nice lawn, but because we garden we are unwilling to use chemicals in it for fear of runoff into our organic garden beds. . . We had this weed, white clover (1st pic), completely take over our front yard this year! It turns out clover is actually edible and in and of itself is not bad for the lawn because it gives Nitrogen, but it just looks bad. I tell you I am learning so much about weeds this year, mostly fueled by my desire to get rid of them! . . So what’s a homesteader to do? Well I don’t know much about lawns, but I do know gardening. So first we got our gardening cultivator (pic 2)) and pulled most of the clover up. The root system of clover is vine and runs horizontal across the soil bed. So by using the rake you can pull up the clover, without removing your grass. It took several hours to do this and we collected three full wheel barrows full (pic 3). One well meaning neighbor told me I should call the lawn control company and they can come in and kill it all for me. When I told her we didn’t want to use chemicals, she just shook her head! Lol! . . Also, another lesson I learned from gardening is that its all about the soil! Clover grows in nitrogen poor soil. So my task over these next few months is to build the soil quality up in our lawn using only organic methods. So after pulling the clover I threw compost on the soil and raked it in. . . I ran out of compost, so then I did a coffee ground and chicken manure mix and added that to the soil. Turns out I’m a freaking genius, because both are great ways to add Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium to the lawn, the ingredients of most commercial lawn fertilizers. . . Early next spring I plan to add corn gluten, which prevents the germination of weeds. Any other ideas? We are determined not to go the chemical route, even if it means a little extra work. . . #tiayonhomestead #blackhomestead

4 months ago

It's my rooftop garden ~ 아파트에서 뭘 키울수 있냐 물으신다면... 큰 나무 말고는 다할수 있지용 저희집은 특히 개인 옥상이 있어 더 편하게 할수 있어요~아래층에선 BBQ를 할수있는 발코니가 따로 있어 옥상은 저만의 공간이지요!!여기있음 하루의 노곤함이 싹~사라져요~ . . . . #instagarden #naturelovers #urbangardening #beautiful #plantsmakepeoplehappy #gardening #gardeninspiration #citygarden   #spring #gardenlove #instagood #photooftheday #gardner #greenthumb #growyourveggies #houseplants #greenhouse #vegetables #growyoyrownfood #urbanfarming #planting #hydroponics #mygarden #vegetablegarden #farming #gardenlovers #vegetables #seeds #blueberries