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Started my new job this week and it has been CRAZY! I've hardly gotten any time to edit so after a long wait I've finally finished off the @thiswildlife shots from @joinerslive ☺️ 💖

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London 2014 - View from the Shard

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London 2014 - View from the Shard

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Thanks untuk feedback yang sempoi ni..memang nice kan gambar ada asap colour2 ni..xkan nak tengok saja kot,meh oder smokebomb rm10/stick.. .. for fast respon kindly wasap us..tq Smokebomb purple .. . Photo by @fikry_ibrahim ! Thank You support us🌸 . . #smoke #smokephotography #smokebombphotography #smokebombmurah #sayajualsmokebomb #smokebombmalaysia #smokestick #smokestickmurah #CreativePhotography #CreativePortrait #UkPhotography #CreativePhotographyIdeas #Prism #PrismPhotography #FairyLights #PaintPowderPhotography #TumblrPhotography #colourphotography #SmokePhotography #Smoke #colour #smokerun2018

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This Saturday, join London-based photographer Simon Terrill in conversation with arts writer Louise Martin-Chew as they explore Simon's large-scale photographic series, 'Crowd Theory.' Capturing communities, cities and neighbourhoods across Australia and the UK, 'Crowd Theory' is the culmination of 10 projects spanning 14 years with over 2000 people. . 👉 Artist Exchange with Simon Terrill 👉 This Saturday 23/2 at 2pm 👉 Get your free ticket via the link in our bio or at . . #qutartmuseum #documentaryphotography #ukphotography #crowdphotography #communityphotography #exchangevalue #exchangevalue19 #visitbrisbane #thisisbrisbane #brisbaneart . 📷 @loui_slim Artwork by @simon_terrill . @_artshub @artguideau

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#LFW highlights

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ One kid and his dog. Sometimes the odd messy one has something about it you just love & you don't know why. Maybe it's because it looks how it feels, late evening, a blur through town onto wherever next. Who knows, all I know is it makes feel understood & visually satisfied at the same time . . . #street_photography #streetlife #streetleaks #streetphotography #streetphotographer #dusk #city #town #cornershop #blur #urbanphotography #streetshots #ukstreetphotography #ukphotography #urbanlife #satisfying #bournemouth

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• There's just something about doors that I find so mesmerizing. Maybe its because each one is an entrance to a whole new place. Maybe it's because I ache to open doors, to explore the other side, to glean everything I can from every adventure. But maybe it's because deep down I know my present door will close, leaving me alone in the hallway...maybe I am too desperate to find the next best door, maybe I'm not content staying in the hallway - I want to explore every door - I dont want to settle for the easiest door to open or the easiest handle to turn... • Doors are mesmerizing. Doors are exciting when they open and sometimes painful when they close and I am not used to doors closing, I wish I could see all of them open at once. I wish every door would be a grand adventure that lasts forever but sometimes we need the painful endings, the closing doors. Sometimes the painful endings teach us something about the next door... • The trouble is, after all this time, after many closed doors and many ended adventures, I am still not good at goodbye.

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Little nooks and crannies around every corner. I love the history, the endless backstreets, the shop windows and the cocktails! ♥️

3 weeks ago

Have a good weekend everyone! x