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2 hours ago

I’m so blessed to have this sweet #Turnip fur friend in my life! 💜💜💜

2 hours ago

Happpppyyyyy Flipppppinnnn Mondddaayyyyyyyyyy gang! What’s up, who is excited for another week to become a better human!? I hope the caffeine is kickin on full blast at the moment #turnup or for you whole 30 peeps #turnip lol. Anyways we got a fun week this week (aren’t they all you ask?) but this week we are taking part in some of the team series workouts presented by @crossfitgames. These look absolutely fun! We have been working hard developing our technique and work load for both the gymnastic movements and Olympic lifts that we are building to some touch n go work. As described before, touch n go when done correctly can allow us not only to get through workouts easier and more efficiently, but can also build reps and volume for a lift while maintaining proper form. For this we LOVE working with EMOMs. It was something we took from @opexfitness to use them not as a fatigue drill but to build reps in a controlled environment. EMOMs are also an excellent way to warm up as well! From a coaches standpoint they can serve as a way to move around more efficiently and be able to get eyes on everyone’s lifts, make corrections and use the down time to talk shop. We will continue to add reps and keep working on our overall health and strength with the workouts and activations. For the team events, they can be: male/male, female/female, or male/female! This is gonna be fun, so tag your partner in the comments below and make sure they get their butt to class! Motivational Monday will be hitting tonight (before MNF of course) #wod #wodchallenge #team #series #snatch #clean #jerk #handstand #pullups #muscleups

5 hours ago

嘻嘻😜你哋影到我嘅月餅好靚呀 大個咗之後中秋節就冇乜感覺 直到今年第一次親手整月餅 除咗客人之外佢哋嘅屋企人都可以一齊品嚐 今次真係一個好有意義嘅企劃 係我賣甜品整得最開心嘅一次呀😇 個人開心就浮現左好多新作品idea na🤤🤤 一年一次嘅中秋節 你們過得開心嗎? 有咗今次嘅經驗之後 下年可以接受更多嘅預訂 同埋會將新鮮榴槤加入企劃中😝😝😝 敬請繼續支持😘😘 #msdooriya #mooncake #midautumnfestival #macha #weddinggift #marblepattern #marbleicing #realisticmarble #iwilltakethemall #thisissummeroflove #macao #macaofoodie #flowercake #buttercream #buttercreamcakes #kfca #hkfoodie #practiceforperfection #practicebymyself #澳門美食 #澳門網紅美食 #原創蛋糕 #turnip #peony #climbinghydrangea #puglovers #sakura #cherryblossom #rose

6 hours ago

Ingredients for feel-good soup!

13 hours ago

Mjum! De eerste raapsteeltjesstamppot van het najaar. Zo simpel om te maken en oh zo lekker. Binnenkort vind je het RECEPT online. Oh en wees gerust, dit is niet de portie die ik normaal eet maar volgens mijn vriend de fotograaf kun je voor de foto écht niet de portie erop kwakken die ik normaal eet. Dan zou je het mooie randje van het oude bord ook niet meer zien;-) Vinden jullie de pijnboompitjes er niet prachtig bij gedrapeerd? 😂

15 hours ago

Today I learned that maple syrup is indeed produced on Vancouver Island, and the process of grafting Japanese maple twigs to root stock. Also rode bikes 40+ km, got lost in a hedge maze, declined an offer to join a cult, and narrowly avoided being pooped on by a duck. A good day. And look at just some of the amazing things available RIGHT NOW, grown in the Comox Valley! #comoxvalleyfarmcycletour #comoxvalley #squash #kholrabi #cayanne #maplesyrup #blueberrywine #turnip #plums #dhalia #sunflowers Not pictured: things like soup and snacks and fresh apple juice provided by the various participating farms.

17 hours ago

Took the next step toward my future today. I’m scared. But happy.🤗🎋 featuring my new sweater.❤️ #turnip

18 hours ago

Today's misoshiru. In miso sauce, the effect of suppressing irritation is also known. It can also expect mental stability and blood pressure depression and has a sleep effect. Miso soup which has been made since long ago at each family in Japan, but recently, bread meal has become larger. Miso is a fermented food made from soybeans. It contains a lot of isoflavones and has the effect of making female hormone work properly. It is a soup that you want us to take for women and men who have less hair. The field to be introduced here is miso soup which is a traditional Japanese soup. #Japan #misoshiru #misosoup #miso #dashi #soup #fermentedfoods #isoflavones #wakame #turnipleafs #turnip #shiitakemushrooms #healthyfood #beautyfood #delicious

21 hours ago

I make a meal plan every week...well, MOST weeks if I’m being honest 😉. I challenge my wellness group friends to do the same. . We repeat a lot of meals or food concepts in our home, cause let’s face it, it’s just SIMPLER, & I’m not about to win any awards from The Food Network for my cooking abilities. . At the same time though, we all need variety, not just for the nutrients, but also because having the same thing over & over gets boring! . When is the last time you’ve tried something new? So many people are quick to say, “I don’t like ___________”, but then come to find out they haven’t tried __________ since they were like 8. Our taste buds change with time, & if you are willing to venture out again, you never know what you might realize you actually like!! My picky husband is living proof of that (LOL). . . What’s the one food you still can’t stomach no matter how many times you have tried it?? . . . . #comfortzone #trynewthings #sundaymealprep #mealplanandprep #turnip #healthmatters #pickyeaters

1 day ago

One thing I love about fall? Well, and Thanksgiving?? Root vegetables go on sale! 😉 . . I learned a very valuable lesson this weekend. I, in fact, have never eaten a turnip even though I've been eating it EVERY Thanksgiving for as long as I can remember. . . No, friends. I've, apparently, been eating rutabagas! 😲 . . I was looking forward to trying a turnip recipe for making fries but couldn't find any turnips (so weird🤔). I ended up just getting the rutabaga. My mom comes over and says, "oh, you're cooking some turnip?" No, mom. I'm cooking rutabaga 🙄 lol . . Anyways, they turned out a little softer than I'd hoped BUT, they still tasted great! . . . . #thanksgiving #rutabaga #turnip #rootvegetables #healthyfoods #cleaneating #falleats

1 day ago

Always keeping a lookout for innovative food 👀 This is not just any chicken burrito 🌯. It's a POPIAH chicken burrito 😏 Such an interesting combination of roasted chicken with the usual popiah's ingredients like turnip, carrot & peanuts. Specially requested for no sauce cos #eatcleannotdiet 😝 They warmed up the burrito before serving so the popiah is crispy & together with the crunchy greens make it such a hearty & satisfying meal 😋 Definitely will be back for more!

1 day ago

More views from my plate! Disclaimer I could not finish all of this! Amazing chicken breast from Misty Knoll Farms we soaked in red wine and sauteed with garlic before finishing in the oven... mashed Gilfeather turnips (the Vermont state turnip?) from the garden with the AMAZING cultured butter from @vermontcreamery -holy crap I could probably eat the entire log in one sitting no problem- and sauteed cabbage also from the garden. A totally local meal, and delicious!! We got an abundance from the garden yesterday, so thankful!!! . . #eatlocal #vermont #localvore #vt #fresh #vermonting #lucky #garden #homegrown #mistyknollfarms #chicken #localchicken #cabbage #turnip