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1 day ago

Navtech Radar's ClearWay solution has been installed in a number of #Norway 's tunnels, and provides automatic incident detection and situational awareness in all conditions, 365 days a year. Find out more: https://bit.ly/2Ec8qiB #TunnelSafety

2 days ago

Getting everyone involved with safety training is just as important as the training itself, which is why the Huxted Tunneling crew recently demonstrated and practiced tunnel rescues. Great teamwork! #constructionsafety

2 months ago

We closed out Safety Week on Friday with training & demonstrations for tunnel safety. It was a great day of learning and team building! #constructionsafetyweek

5 months ago

Navtech Radar project engineers have been busy commissioning, configuring and testing another Automatic Incident Detection system in a tunnel in #Norway. Visit the website to find out more about ClearWay tunnel safety https://navtechradar.com/solutions/clearway/ #TunnelSafety #AutomaticIndicentDetection

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2 years ago

Vandaag in #Utrecht opgetreden als dagvoorzitter op de Managementconferentie vd Landelijke Tunnelregisseur van Rijkswaterstaat (RWS). Het thema was de huidige Tunnelstandaard voor de nieuwe en bestaande Rijkstunnels in NL. De Tunnelstandaard schrijft een gestandaardiseerde uitrusting voor van tunneltechnische installaties (incl. bediening, besturing, beheer etc), in het belang van een adequate tunnelveiligheid, zelfredzaamheid en hulpverlening. Er waren zo'n 125 bestuurders, directeuren en managers aanwezig, afkomstig van RWS en de marktpartijen. Kernwoorden waren oa: samenwerking, deskundigheid, borging van kennis, ruimte en respect, leiderschap. Meer weten over de Landelijke Tunnelstandaard van RWS? Bezoek de website: https://www.rijkswaterstaat.nl/zakelijk/werken-aan-infrastructuur/bouwrichtlijnen-infrastructuur/aanleg-tunnels/landelijke-tunnelstandaard/index.aspx Meer weten over de diensten van MPB als dagvoorzitter? Bezoek de website: www.madernpublicbusiness.nl. #rws #lts #ltr #rijkswaterstaat #tunnelveiligheid #tunnelsafety #safety #tunnels

2 years ago

Fires related to electric cars conduct different from other fires. 3 hours after extinquishing the fire the batterypack can be at 150 deg.Celsius and still can ignite the car again. Full loaded batterypacks produce more CO than 50% loaded batteries. #feresor #feresorbv #electricvehicle #fire #tunnelsafety #tunnel

2 years ago

In many cases time based regulated dangerous goods traffic is a good risk management solution. Here an example of the regulation of the tunnels of the Öresund bridge-tunnel connection. No dangerous goods during day hours for every day of the week (cat.E). #adr #feresorbv #feresor #tunnel #tunnelsafety #oresund #öresund

2 years ago

In this tunnel the locations of the Emergency Exit Doors are being emphasized by green LED tubes which are placed on the ceiling of the tunnel. A simple way to indicate the locations, but I dare say in case of smoke the green light will not reach the wall and door. I rather advise to place the LED tubes between 0.5 and 2.5m, and have its light shining longitudinal in both directions. #Feresor #feresorbv #tunnel #tunnelsafety #emergency #tunnellight

2 years ago

Use of left (fast) lane prohibited for the "big cars". In many countries the sign doesn't mean camper vans, buses and/or transport vans are also prohibited. To restrict big cars to drive on the right most lane(s) increases the view of the operators via CCTV(camera system). #feresor #feresorbv #tunnel #tunnelsafety #tunneltraffic

2 years ago

Within 150m of the tunnel the ferry is waiting to pickup the cars. The queue's tail ends in the last curve of the tunnel. Max.velocity 50 km/hr in the last 300m of the tunnel. No queuing indicators in the tunnel. Information about lanes at the end of the tunnel is provided. #Feresor #feresorbv #tunnels #tunnel #tunnelsafety #traffic

3 years ago

#TunnelSafety first! Highway Administrator Tom Tinlin joins overnight tunnel light inspection team! Thank you for your service.

5 years ago

Improvised Barge Bow lights - Tring put your iPhones up #tunnelsafety